Yes, they did speak differently and this is shown in Shakespeare's work where puns don't make sense if read in modern English and words don't rhyme properly. See for an interesting video on this.


1 thought on “Having read many letters and quotes from the Tudor period, I have been left wondering if people spoke in a very different way to us. Did they pronounce words that are spelt differently (to how we spell them) more like the way THEY spelt them? In films they are often ‘well spoken’ but in truth, would we acutally be able to understand someone from the Tudor period?”

  1. Sylvia Kaptein says:

    What a great video: it is much better to understand why they speek the OP in this theatre instead of modern day English. And the fact that they perform at afternoons gives sense too… There you have it: if something is exlained, better understanding of old things follow!

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