Elizabeth’s and Mary’s feelings towards each other?

Full question - "What were Elizabeth's and Mary's (her sister)feelings towards each other? Was there ever any sisterly affection between them?"
Yes, it is said that they were actually quite close when they were growing up, particularly when Catherine Parr was Queen, and they were protective of their brother, Edward. Although some believe that Mary was antagonistic to Elizabeth from the start, most now believe that this is untrue and that she looked after her little sister and was very affectionate. Obviously this all changed later with all the plots to replace Mary with Elizabeth and also because of their religious differences.


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  1. Cookie says:

    In Alison Weir’s book, “The Children of Henry VIII” she insinuates that there was a sexual chemistry between Philip and Elizabeth. That later on Elizabeth even claimed that Philip had been in love with her. I think between the plots against Mary and religious differences, jealousy played a big part. Mary was trying so hard to hold on to her husband. Don’t you feel bad for Mary? She just wanted someone to love her, just makes me think how any of us would have handled her situation.

    1. laurna says:

      I have to say that I do feel sorry for Mary, not that I am condoning her actions when she became queen, but certainly, after the upbringing and life that she had, is it any wonder she became the person that she did. I am still learning about Mary Tudor so I don’t really have anything that lets me back up my argument just now, and my opinion may change in the future once I read more about her. x

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