Do you think the Tudors Anne is an exceptional Anne? Like do’ya think they presented and showed her right. I want a resource that has Anne as right as can be. Do you understand what i’m saying?

I would not say that "The Tudors" presented Anne Boleyn "right" but they did a better job than "The Other Boleyn Girl". I think Genevieve Bujold, in "Anne of the Thousand Days", is closer to what Anne looked like, with her dark eyes and hair, but Natalie Dormer did a great job at showing Anne's intelligence, feistiness, charm, wit and magnetism. The main faults for me in "The Tudors" were:-
- They did not really show Anne's faith. She had a very strong religious faith with Reformist views.
- They still presented Anne as a "puppet" who was manipulated by her father and uncle when I'm not sure there is evidence to back that up.
- Anne was still presented as a woman who "trapped" Henry and dangled her virtue as bait, whereas there is no evidence that Anne did that. When Henry pursued Anne she actually rejected him and retreated to Hever.

I hope that helps but it all depends on your views regarding Anne as to whether you think it was a good representation of her.


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