I don't think that Thomas Boleyn and his wife Elizabeth Howard dangled their daughters as bait in front of the King or forced them to be with the King, I think it was more of a case of them taking advantage of the King's interest in Mary and then Anne and encouraging the girls to welcome the King's advances.

I really don't think that the girls were "schooled" in how to please the King and that it was a grand plan by Thomas Boleyn and the Duke of Norfolk, as is often portrayed in fiction and The Tudors, but I do believe that Thomas Boleyn would have offered his daughters advice and taken advantage of the situation. I think it was more of a case of the girls not being able to say no to the King of England, rather than being forced by their parents. I can imagine Thomas tearing his hair out with worry when he heard that Anne was saying no to Henry, he must have been worried about his position at court and the status of his family.