Did Catherine of Aragon lie about her virginity? I mean theres records that say Arthur said he was in the ‘midst of spain’ etc etc. Maybe she didn’t expect Henry to divorce her for that reason and because the lie was so great…maybe she convinced herself to keep lieing. Just a theroy.

We just don't know. As you say, there are reports of Arthur asking for a drink after the wedding night and saying that he was thirsty because "I have been this night in the midst of Spain" but that could have been bravado. Those who argue that Catherine didn't lie, say that she was too devout in her faith to lie and put her soul at risk but she may well have risked lying to save her marriage. In his book on Catherine of Aragon, Giles Tremlett writes of how while the Blackfriars legatine court heard how Catherine must have consummated her marriage to Arthur, another court in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1531, heard from witnesses who had travelled to England with Catherine on her initial voyage, and who argued that Arthur was a sickly young man “overwhelmed by his failure to fulfil the mighty, sexual and dynastic obligations present in that big, formal, wedding-night bed” - it had all been too much for him. We just don't know and never will. only Catherine and Arthur know what happened.


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