Did Anne’s family push her into the marriage?

Was it Anne Boleyn's ambition or her family pushing her that led to her marriage with Henry? Such a tough question. In my opinion it was a combination of the two. I don't believe that Thomas Boleyn was as manipulative as "The Tudors" and "Other Boleyn Girl" make out but I don't think he was the angel that Joanna Denny portrays either, who tried to protect his daughter from Henry. I think Thomas saw an opportunity and made sure that his daughter took it.
As far as Anne is concerned, I do not believe that she was ruthless, cunning or had her eye on the crown. In my opinion, she was attracted to the King but did not want to end up just a notch on his bedpost and used and abused like her sister. Anne did not tangle her virtue as bait to ensnare the King but refused to give it up to him and was strong enough to say "no". Henry was infatuated with her and so proposed and then Anne acted on this and did all in her power to become his wife and Queen. Her family obviously supported her in this and "rallied the troops".
Perhaps I am alone in thinking that Anne was not ruthless and ambitious, but I just can't see it. Tempting the King and plotting could have so easily backfired and it was not as if the King had to look very hard for a mistress, and there was no precedent, Anne was the first "mistress" to be raised in such a way by Henry.


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