Full question: Did Anne boleyn really have six fingers? Wikipedia said she did not but then englishhistory.net said that she did.

Nicholas Sander, a Catholic Recusant who was living in exile during Elizabeth I's rule, was not a fan of Anne Boleyn and sought to discredit her and blacken her name by describing her as having a "projecting tooth under the upper lip", yet also describes her "pretty mouth", a large wen under her chin and six fingers on her right hand. This description must be taken with a large pinch of salt.

However, she may have had some sort of minor imperfection on her hand which gave rise to this myth as George Wyatt, grandson of Thomas Wyatt, sais "there was found indeed, upon the side of her nail upon one of her fingers, some show of a nail".

In my opinion, if there was some defect on her hand it must have been very minor because Henry would not have pursued her for so long and broken with Rome to marry a woman who could pass a defect on to his heir to throne or who had signs of being a witch.