Full question: I know Anne Boleyn was close to her brother but do you think that her and Lady Rochford got along? Before Jane got jealous that is.

That is quite a tricky question to answer. Alison Weir writes of how Jane Parker had been a member of Anne's cricle of friends for many years and a lady-in-waiting since 1533 so you would think that Anne would have got rid of Jane if the two of them had not got on. Jane had also been part of a conspiracy engineered in October 1534 to get one of Henry's mistresses replaced by Madge Shelton, a cousin of Anne, because Anne felt threatened by this mystery mistress. Surely Anne would only have chosen Jane to help her if the two got on. Jane actually got into trouble for this plot and was banished from court by Henry. I think we can conclude that at this stage the women were close neough for Anne to trust her with this mission.

However, it does seem that Jane did become jealous of the close relationship between Anne and George and Weir pointd out that Jane's father, Lord Morely, was sympathetic towards the Lady Mary and that this sympathy might have rubbed off on Jane. It may be that by 1535 Jane was not a supporter of the Boleyn faction but actually supported Mary. It is not known what turned her against George and Anne - jealousy? Being subjected to sexual practices that she did not agree with? Her family's friendship with the Lady Mary? Her father blaming Anne for the excution of John Fisher who Morley knew through his time at Lady Margaret Beaufort's household? Revenge on Anne for her banishment from court over the Madge Shelton plot? Or perhaps she just saw that the Boleyns were coming to the end of their "favour" and she wanted to distance herself from them.
The chapter "Unlawful Lechery" in Alison Weir's "The Lady in the Tower" discusses Jane and I know that Julia Fox has got a book out about Jane.