Could someone who speaks Latin please give my the translation of Anne’s motto, ‘The Most Happy’? Thank you

According to 2 visitors who answered this on another page, "The Most Happy" in Latin would be "Plurrimi Gauisus" or Plurrimi Laetissima".


5 thoughts on “Could someone who speaks Latin please give my the translation of Anne’s motto, ‘The Most Happy’? Thank you”

  1. Lucy says:

    I would like to know where I can find out more about Anne’s vandalization of Catherine’s barge. Anne’s supporters always seem infuriatingly sketchy about this interesting story.
    Many thanks :>)

  2. Claire says:

    Hi Lucy,
    In all of my research, I can’t remember coming across a story of Anne vandalizing Catherine’s barge. I know that a former barge of Catherine’s was used in Anne Boleyn’s coronation celebrations in 1530 and that it obviously had Catherine’s coat of arms removed, something which Chapuys was not happy with. Is that what you mean?

    1. Geoffrey says:

      King Henry was furious that Anne had tampered with what he referred to as “my wife’s barge,” even after his wedding to Anne. He felt it was an unnecessary insult.

      1. Chelsea says:

        Yeah the only place I have heard that is when I recently read Anne Boleyn by Evelyn Anthony…I love it. Probably the best interpretation ive liked thus far in my Anne Boleyn obsession.

  3. Tmithy Folkema says:

    Hi, I have done some research into the Latin words.

    “Laetissima” means “joyful”, “luxuriant” , “charmed”, “happiest”, etc.
    “Gauisus” is more directly “happy”, or “overjoyed”. Latin dictionary says “rejoicing, joyous, glad, happy”.

    “Plurrimi” is of course “[The] most”. With one ‘r’ [plurimi] it is “at the highest price, of the highest worth”, so, I guess “The Most” or former is a derivative if the other word…

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