Are there any surviving relatives of Anne Boleyn today or has her bloodline ended? Rich Jones

Unless you believe that Anne Boleyn had illegitimate children that we don't know about or that Elizabeth I had illegitimate children (Shakespeare, Earl of Oxford, Arthur Dudley etc.) then there are no direct descendents of Anne Boleyn. However, Mary Boleyn's wikipedia page states:-

"Mary Boleyn is a distant ancestress of many notables including Winston Churchill, John Davison Rockefeller, P. G. Wodehouse, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon [the late Queen Mother and therefore the Queen], Diana, Princess of Wales, Sarah, Duchess of York, Charles Darwin and Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr."

So there is still Boleyn blood around.

If we believe that the Carey children were fathered by Henry VIII then these people are also descendants of him.

Mary Boleyn's daughter Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys, had 15 children and Mary's son Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon, had 12 children (not all survived infancy) plus some illegitimate children, so that's a lot of Careys!


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  1. David says:

    I agree Claire, there is Boleyn blood lurking somewhere in the world, but Tudor blood, one can probably feet quite safe saying no way, but, always there is that infamous “but” who knows who was born to whom and if that be the case, then one would have to give in and say that somewhere out there is the diluted blood King Henry VIII, and for that matter why not go a step further and say King Henry VII, but then way should be leave Jasper and Owen Tudor out of the picture, same family, same blood……so..?? Leaves a mind to wonder and if it be true I would venture to say that those people with Tudor blood running in their veins today do not even know it!!!

    1. Alliana says:

      i’m anne boleyn direct desendent you see i was doing a paper on my family tree and my grampa sent me four pages of my direct descendents that are royal she was on there

      1. Claire says:

        Hi Alliana,
        Which branch of the Boleyns are you descended from? Anne only had one child, Elizabeth, who died childless so her line ends there, Mary Boleyn had children though.

        1. KaSandra Boleyn says:

          my family name boleyn came from anne we are her desendent

        2. Jim says:

          Elizabeth did not ie childless. I am a descendant of Arthur Dudley, her one offspring

        3. lilly says:

          I am a descendent of Mary Boleyn

        4. Craig Cowing says:

          I’m descended from Mary through her daughter, Catherine (Carey) Knollys. Mary has many descendants through her.

        5. Kim Vigil says:

          It sounds as if many of us are descended from Mary Boleyn through her daughter who married a Knollys/Knowles. My Knowles line is said to come from there through the male Knowles until my 3rd great grandmother Knowles who married a Johnson and that’s my maiden name. Mary Boleyn would be my 16th great grandmother. Is there any way to get dn a evidence? My brother has recently had a dna test through

        6. Michael says:

          Acording to my family tree we are related to Anne this way Relationship to me

              Alice Boleyn (1452 – 1501)
              mother of sister-in-law of 11th great-grandmother
              Johanna Fortescue (1440 – 1525)
              daughter of Alice Boleyn
              John Sir Fortescue van Whympston (1420 – 1481)
              father of Johanna Fortescue
              John Fortescue (1460 – 1519)
              son of John Sir Fortescue van Whympston
              Alice Cockworthy (1445 – 1492)
              wife of John Fortescue
              Lewis Fortesque (1506 – 1545)
              son of Alice Cockworthy
              Ann Fortesque (1638 – )
              daughter of Lewis Fortesque
              George Blackall (1652 – 1701)
              son of Ann Fortesque
              Elizabeth Blackall (1673 – 1725)
              daughter of George Blackall
              William Newenham of Coolmore in Co. Cork (1701 – 1738)
              son of Elizabeth Blackall
              Edward (Sir – Knight) Newenham (1732 – 1814)
              son of William Newenham of Coolmore in Co. Cork
              Robert O’Callaghan Newenham (1770 – 1849)
              son of Edward (Sir – Knight) Newenham
              Susannah Grace Ann Newenham (1797 – 1880)
              daughter of Robert O’Callaghan Newenham
              Thomas J Biggs Rev (1821 – 1881)
              son of Susannah Grace Ann Newenham
              ROBERT OCALLAGHAN BIGGS * (1859 – 1906)
              son of Thomas J Biggs Rev
              Allan Deane Biggs (1888 – 1963)
              son of ROBERT OCALLAGHAN BIGGS *
              Jervis Deane Biggs (1926 – 1998)
              son of Allan Deane Biggs
              Michael Anthony William Gerard Rodney (French)Biggs

        7. Theresa Rodriguez says:

          So glad to read about her relationship and cunn z family members .so dadhoe she waskilled.not Anne happy her blood still lives on Thur her family..she would be so please…

        8. Michael Carey says:

          I believe I may be related to Mary Boleyn Carey but need to establish a missing link between the father of the famous Irish American publisher Mathew Carey, his father Christopher Carey and his father whose name is not known for certain. If any relatives know the name and other details of the paternal grandfather of Mathew please let me know. You can find my research on ancestry under my name Michael Carey.

        9. Kimberlykleski9 says:

          Iam Kimberly My Father Was on of Cele Mercer Ruby Schafer West Vergina and Pennsylvania ect. I have all those Names going Back On both Mother fatherJane Boyld1728 1715 Charles BoylesDaniel Gilberton mothers she comes in from great grandmother Adda Lyons they just come all together thank you

        10. Diane Rosemary Puntar says:

          I am from Australia on my mother’s side through her mother’s side from the Russell’s, I am a 1st cousin 14 X removed of Anne Mary and George Boleyn, and a 2nd cousin 13x removed of Elizabeth 1st and Edward VI. And a cousin to Catherine Howard Catherine Parr and Jane Seymour.

        11. Sarah says:

          I am Mary Boleyn line…

        12. Jaylynn says:

          I am from Mary Boleyn and amberlyn is my great great great great great and so on aunt

        13. Jaylynn says:

          I still am leaning about my family history all I know is that amberlyn is my great great great and so on aunt and so my mom told me that I was from her sister so I searched her sister up so I think I am somewhere along the line of her but I don’t have the last name but I would like to learn more about my family history

        14. heather says:

          i come from Mary Boleyn.

        15. Carlyn says:

          Don’t bother. People want to believe they’re descendants of royalty, that their bloodlines are somehow special. My grandfather made a family tree as well. SWEARS were descents of royalty. But people make mistakes when forming family trees, particularly that far back. So without DNA evidence its all conjecture anyways.

      2. Barbara sharp says:

        I too am a desendant of the Boleyn line, my grandfather was Percival Austin Boleyn he too was from the English Royal line. My mother was Delores Marie Boleyn and she was an only child. My Grandfather had another brother named Alan and he had a son who was named in the House of Commons in London.

        1. Kate Walker says:

          Hi Barbara,
          How interesting so glad found this site.. Have just been going through some papers I was given on my Maternal side of the family and that my great,great aunt, Magdelene Dorothy McHugh ,born 1896 in Rockdale NSW (registered as Magdelene on birth certificate and spelt “Madeline”, on father’s death certificate, was married to Percival Austin BOLEYN. She married him in 1928 in Glebe. New South Wales Australia. He died in 1970 at his home ,236 Bridge Road,Forest Lodge. NSW.
          Percy’s occupation was a school teacher.
          Madeline’s inquest into her death was at 10am on the 24th September 1961 at Sydney Morgue .She was aged 59 years. The results were as follows:
          Upon examination I found surgical wound of the left side of the head with bone flap/Widespread injury to the left side of the brain with generalised subdural haemorrhage. The lungs were oedematous. The heart showed hypertrophy of the left ventricle. The pancreas was fibrous. The liver fatty. The kidneys granular .In my opinion death had taken place 12 hours previously.
          Direct cause. Injury to brain. I have these fact from the medical report upon the dead body of : Madeline Boleyn. Direct cause of death: injury to the brain.

          Percival obviously loved her very much as he was known to call her “The little Lamb”, don’t know if you probably have any or all of the above information but thought I would pass it on.

          I have been doing both my late dad’s family history Goodfellows,Hoey ,O’loughlin side and my late mum’s,Fetherston, McHugh and Muddiman side. am finding it fascinating most times but then frustrating when you hit the proverbial “brick Wall”.
          A lot of the information I have has come from Kathrine Ayres (McHugh side) am slowly working my way through the large amount of facts she has given me . If you would care to get in touch with me I would be delighted but if not ,it was wonderful reading about history. kind regards
          Kate Walker

        2. Robert Findley says:

          The Tudors were usurpers to the crown and the true heir is in NSW and their name is Hastings.
          One of my ancestors was a Margaret Stewart daughter of James 1V of Scots. and my ancestors were the sons and daughters of MacBeth MacFinley.

        3. Kathy Smith says:

          Barb Dolores not Delores though every -one called her Del and Kate Walker is our Cousin Aunty Katies Family

        4. Michael says:

          Relationship to me

          Anne Boleyn Queen of England (1501 – 1536)
          1st cousin 1x removed of sister-in-law of 11th great-grandmother
          Thomas Boleyn Sir I Earl Wiltshire and Ormond (1477 – 1539)
          father of Anne Boleyn Queen of England
          William Boleyn KB (1449 – 1505)
          father of Thomas Boleyn Sir I Earl Wiltshire and Ormond
          Geoffroy Boleyn Sir (1406 – 1463)
          father of William Boleyn KB
          Alice Boleyn (1452 – 1501)
          daughter of Geoffroy Boleyn Sir
          Johanna Fortescue (1440 – 1525)
          daughter of Alice Boleyn
          John Sir Fortescue van Whympston (1420 – 1481)
          father of Johanna Fortescue
          John Fortescue (1460 – 1519)
          son of John Sir Fortescue van Whympston
          Alice Cockworthy (1445 – 1492)
          wife of John Fortescue
          Lewis Fortesque (1506 – 1545)
          son of Alice Cockworthy
          Ann Fortesque (1638 – )
          daughter of Lewis Fortesque
          George Blackall (1652 – 1701)
          son of Ann Fortesque
          Elizabeth Blackall (1673 – 1725)
          daughter of George Blackall
          William Newenham of Coolmore in Co. Cork (1701 – 1738)
          son of Elizabeth Blackall
          Edward (Sir – Knight) Newenham (1732 – 1814)
          son of William Newenham of Coolmore in Co. Cork
          Robert O’Callaghan Newenham (1770 – 1849)
          son of Edward (Sir – Knight) Newenham
          Susannah Grace Ann Newenham (1797 – 1880)
          daughter of Robert O’Callaghan Newenham
          Thomas J Biggs Rev (1821 – 1881)
          son of Susannah Grace Ann Newenham
          ROBERT OCALLAGHAN BIGGS * (1859 – 1906)
          son of Thomas J Biggs Rev
          Allan Deane Biggs (1888 – 1963)
          son of ROBERT OCALLAGHAN BIGGS *
          Jervis Deane Biggs (1926 – 1998)
          son of Allan Deane Biggs
          Michael Anthony William Gerard Rodney (French)Biggs

      3. Tracey Farris says:

        I am a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn. She is my 14th Great Grandmother. Queen Anne Boleyn was my 14th Great Grand Aunt and their father Sir Thomas 1st Earl of Wiltshire was my 15th Great Grandfather. How amazing is this? I would truly like to find my living relatives and gather notes. Let’s keep the Boleyn Family going. 🙂

        1. Kim says:

          I to am the 14 Great Granddaughter to Mary Boleyn.

        2. Cheryl Davis says:

          Tracy, I just discovered our Mary Carey line (through her son Henry) and would like to make contact with you and others! She is a direct through my maternal line. Thank you. Cheryl (

        3. Leslie Caryn Harris says:

          My great Grandmother was Lucy Boleyn. I do not know her parents name. I was always told that I was related to Anne Boleyn. I now need to trace my lineage.

        4. Robin Smoot says:

          I descend from Mary Boleyn as well, this is the direct line,,

          Mary Boleyn
          1499 – 1543

          Catherine CAREY
          1524 – 1569

          Anne Lady De La Warr Knollys
          1555 – 1608

          Gov. Thomas West
          1576 – 1618

          Martha West
          1615 – 1723

          Martha Woodward
          1660 – 1723

          MARTHA MACON
          1687 – 1716

          Frances Orlando Jones
          1710 – 1785

          Mary Dandridge
          1725 – 1777

          Ruth Bowles
          1739 – 1798

          Joseph Thacker

          Elizabeth Thacker
          1762 – 1870

          William Adkins

          Hamilton S Adkins
          1829 – 1907

          Thomas Sheridan Adkins

          Andrew Franklin adkins
          1892 – 1938

          Rosalea Adkins
          1926 – 2000

          Elizabeth Goode

          Robin Hensley-Smoot

        5. Robin Smoot says:

          Mary Boleyn,,16th great grandmother,,Martha Washington was an aunt of mine,,my line is this:

          Mary Boleyn
          1499 – 1543

          Catherine CAREY
          1524 – 1569

          Anne Lady De La Warr Knollys
          1555 – 1608

          Gov. Thomas West
          1576 – 1618

          Martha West
          1615 – 1723

          Martha Woodward
          1660 – 1723

          MARTHA MACON
          1687 – 1716

          Frances Orlando Jones
          1710 – 1785

          Mary Dandridge
          1725 – 1777

          Ruth Bowles
          1739 – 1798

          Joseph Thacker

          Elizabeth Thacker
          1762 – 1870

          William Adkins

          Hamilton S Adkins
          1829 – 1907

          Thomas Sheridan Adkins

          Andrew Franklin adkins
          1892 – 1938

          Rosalea Adkins
          1926 – 2000

          Elizabeth Goode

          Robin Hensley-Smoot

        6. Cynthia says:

          Mary is also my 14th great grandmother! Her grand daughter, Anne Knollys, the Baroness De La Warr was married to Thomas West. Their grandson, Col John West had a daughter named Anne, whom married Henry Fox the first. His great, great grandson was father to Unity Fox. Unity Fox’s grand daughter, Florence, was my mom’ great grandmother on my maternal side.

        7. Pamela Brown says:

          Cynthia. We seem to match up, Mary is on my 14th great-grandmother . Anne would be a great aunt.

        8. Cheryl says:

          Hi Pamela,
          I am also related to Mary Boleyn through her daughter Lady Mary Catherine Carey, she is my 15th great grandmother. Lady Carey’s great great granddaughter came to the English/American colonies back in the 1630’s and we are related through her. It really is remarkable that we can trace these lines and I feel so blessed to have discovered it. My family literally had no idea. My father is literally dumb-founded! Thanks for sharing!

        9. Joy Byrne says:

          I have the same DNA as Anne Bolyn. I found some fascinating stuff about the history of haplogroup T. It seems like they were international traders going back thousands of years.

        10. Claire says:

          But we don’t have Anne Boleyn’s DNA. Her remains have only been exhumed once, back in the restoration project in 1876 and 1877 and then it was simply an examination of her skeleton.

        11. Robyn Johnsen Luscombe says:

          Mary Boleyn was my 13th (?) Great Grandmother and the lineage follows Thomas West (Lord DeLaWarr), Delaware was named after him. My Great Grandfather was Mahlon West. I would LOVE to connect with some of the West cousins!

        12. Martha Hardcastle Guthrie says:

          I am descended through Katherine Carey, Mary’s daughter.

        13. Ramona Ferraro says:

          We are decedent’s as well my family name is West. from the house of Grey.

        14. Sylvia Ogden says:

          Tracy are you on I am also Mary Boleyn’s granddaughter. She is also my 14 great grandmother. I live in the US and am very anxious to find other living relatives. Her great great grandchild Sir Thomas West, Baron De La Ware is my 12th grandfather. He came to Virginia and his line spread to the Fox family though Anne West, his grand daughter, who married Henry Fox II. I am the great grand daughter of Eliza Fox and my family is still in Virginia today.

        15. Ashley Baker says:

          Mary is my 16th great grandmother through her daughter Catherine and then her son Thomas West!

        16. Sara Rosenberg says:

          Hey there Cousin! I too can call Mary Boleyn my 14th great grandmother. I have checkmarks next to names of people in my tree that has DNA triangulation to confirm my data listed below.

          Mary Boleyn (the other Boleyn girl) (1499 – 1543)
          14th great-grandmother
          Catherine Carey LADY KNOLLYS (1524 – 1569)
          daughter of Mary Boleyn (the other Boleyn girl)
          Anne Knollys – BARONESS de la WARR (1555 – 1608)
          daughter of Catherine Carey LADY KNOLLYS
          Francis M West
          son of Anne Knollys – BARONESS de la WARR
          Joan West (1629 – 1676)
          daughter of Francis M West
          Joshua Coggeshall II (1656 – 1723)
          son of Joan West
          Capt Joshua (Josiah) Coggeshall III (1681 – 1727)
          son of Joshua Coggeshall II
          Sarah Coggeshall (1704 – 1790)
          daughter of Capt Joshua (Josiah) Coggeshall III
          Caleb Greene ✓ (1737 – 1813)
          son of Sarah Coggeshall
          Samuel Nathaniel Greene ✓ (1776 – 1843)
          son of Caleb Greene ✓
          David Green ✓ (1804 – 1882)
          son of Samuel Nathaniel Greene ✓
          James Braddock Green ✓ (1828 – 1911)
          son of David Green ✓
          James Franklin Green ✓ (1855 – 1922)
          son of James Braddock Green ✓
          Julia Viola Green ✓ (1891 – 1986)
          daughter of James Franklin Green ✓
          Elizabeth Louise “Betty” Hendrickson ✓ (1922 – 1965)
          daughter of Julia Viola Green ✓
          Shannan Kay Johnson ✓ (1956 – )
          daughter of Elizabeth Louise “Betty” Hendrickson ✓
          Sara Jo Rosenberg
          You are the daughter of Shannan Kay Johnson ✓

        17. H. R. Noles says:

          I am trying to discover if my Noles-Knowles line is connected to Sir Francis Knollys who married Catherine Cary. Does anyone have access to DNA testing of descendants of Sir Francis Knollys. My line is confirmed through Edmund “Old Silverhead” Knowles. Edmund was born approximately 1685 in Boulton-Le-Moors, Lancashire, England to Thomas Knowles and Agnes Horath.Edmund sailed from Liverpool on Nov. 19, 1699 to Virginia, on the ship Elizabeth and Judeth (Judith). My line goes through his son Richard Knowles born approximately 1715., . I would like to know if Edmund could possibly be connected to Sir Francis Knollys. All help would be greatly appreciated.

        18. Stacey Wright says:

          Hi Tracey. My name is Stacey. I, too, am a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn through her daughter Catherine Carey-Knollys. My family lineage has been traced thoroughly via my father’s line. My 2×great-grandmother was a Tilghman, and the Tilghman family has had a large volume printed of our ancestry. I may be able to provide you with some info, and I’d be happy to help!

        19. Sonya Packard says:

          I am related. My 15th great grandfather George was Anns brother.
          Want to chat…email me sonya.packard@yahoo.xom

        20. Jim Richard says:

          Hello Miss Farris :
          My Mothers father line goes back to Anna Carey my 10 Great- grandmother
          her father was Henry Carey 1 Baron of Husdon his mother was Mary Boleyn
          would like to talk.

        21. Cheyney Arters says:

          I am too a defend from Mary

        22. Diane Rosemary Puntar says:

          I am from Australia two if my 14th great grandparents are Lady Elizabeth Howard and sir Thomas Boleyn of Wiltshire on my grandmother’s side of the family the Russell.

        23. Tina says:

          Queen Elizabeth she is related to mary boleyn through her mom Queen mother… Mary boleyn would be Queen Elizabeth great great great and so on great grandmother

        24. Laurie Harris says:

          Hi Tracey, I too am related to Mary and she is a 14th GGM to me as well. Her son Henry Carey was a GGF to me and I believe he was actually Henry VIII’s son.

        25. Elizabeth Vander Lippe says:

          I’m a descendant through Mary Carey and Anne Knollys. The line runs through HER descendants, NOT the spouses, and ends with my dad’s grandmother Elinor Leslie.

      4. Faith Hagedorn says:

        I too am a descendant of Anne Boleyn maybe indirectly or directly I’m not sure. I am also a descendant of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. So I’m not sure what that would make me.

        1. AB says:

          If it’s indirectly, well you’re not descended from her at al! You are not a descendent, AB had only one daughter who died childless. You are a fantasist.

        2. david william tudor carter says:

          As you can see by my name (it is on my birth certificate) I have been told that i am a descendant of the Tudor period & Henry the 8th that an illegitimate child was born Henry could marry the mother so he gave her the name Tudor which has supposedly been in my family for god knows how long.

        3. Janne says:

          This is so cool! Do you know if there are any Boleyn descendants in Canada? I am a Canadian from Stratford, Ontario. I love history. My name is Janne (pronounced as Jan).

        4. Zedrick Bravo says:

          I’m a descendant of queen Elizabeth

        5. Diane Rosemary Puntar says:

          You could be a cousin to Elizabeth the 1st and related to Henry VIII as I am also I am from Australia it is worth in estimating your family tree.

      5. Zedrick Bravo says:

        Hello I’m a descendent from Queen Elizabeth the first but what troubles me the most if we are all family all of you guys who say we are the big question is how did most of us wind up in the U.S they were not able to pass down the money and the family member that we came from is Robert morral for some reason they did not have enough money to pass down so that how we wound up not rich so yeah it turns out I’m part of her family tree

        1. Kelly says:

          How? She had zero children.

        2. June Richard says:

          She had a few children dont listen to other people thier just mad thier not in her bloodline lol

        3. Rebecca says:

          You cannot be her descendant. She had no children. I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word. And no Elizabeth 1 had absolutely no children.

        4. Robin Conner says:

          First, you are not descended from Queen Elizabeth. Secondly, the non inheriting children of Royals were often given lands in the United States, thus on many a family tree, you will see the landed aristocracy. I.E. Martha Washington, The Goode family, Thomas Jefferson, etc. All descended from the non-inheriting children of noble families. If you weren’t the first born son, you kind of lost out.

        5. Tina says:

          Queen Elizabeth she is related to mary boleyn through her mom Queen mother… Mary boleyn would be Queen Elizabeth great great great and so on great grandmother

      6. Daviona says:

        My ancestor is King Henry the8th

        1. Casey Cole says:

          I’m related to multiple kings king henry being 1 and queens! Wish I could have some of the riches lol.

        2. Dawn says:

          Then you and I are related somehow because King Henry the 8th was my 12th great-grandfather

        3. Heather Russell says:

          King henry viii is on both sides of my family tree

      7. Eva says:

        My maternal Haplogroup is T2b. Below are the famous people, including Royal blood, that belong to the T Haplogroup. This is my proof of any Royal blood.

        Famous individuals

        Elizabeth of Luxembourg, Queen of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia
        Ivanov et al. (1996) sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of Grand Duke of Russia Georgij Romanov in order to establish the authenticity of the remains of his brother, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. They also compared the sequence to that of twi living matrilineal relatives. The mtDNA all matched and fitted into haplogroup T2 (with heteroplasmy at position 16169).
        Retracing the matrilineal genealogy of Nicholas II leads to Elizabeth of Luxembourg (1409-1442), Queen of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia, and daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.
        Her female-line descendants include a great number of European nobles, such as Charles I of England, George I, George III and George V of Great Britain, Frederick William I of Prussia, Charles X Gustav of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, Olav V of Norway, and George I of Greece.

        1. Patricia says:

          His exact mtDNA haplogroup is T2a1a and is on the NCBI database. This is the same haplogroup as Jesse James. The haplogroup is from their mother’s line.

        2. Linda says:

          Where is Queen Elisabeth I?

      8. Mustafa says:

        You serious omggg

      9. MIKE FARLEY says:


      10. Lauren says:

        Oh my gosh me too Alliana!!!!!!!

      11. Kayleigh says:

        My one wish would to be able to travel back in time to accurately report on anne. I would love to speak to any ancestors who have information about her. I don’t know why but i have this pull twords her, she fascinates me.

        1. Ann Mullane says:

          Ann Boleyn was the cause of the destruction of the catholic religion which started all the bloodshed during henrys realm, his sons realm (catholics burnt) his daughter realm (she killed the protestants in retaliation “Bloody Mary”) and elizabeth’s (back to killing catholics) which started all the religious wars in england, ireland and scotland and the discrimination by england of catholics in ireland and scotland
          her gold digger ways to get henry to get a divorce from his catholic wife caused millions their lives –she is not fascinating

        2. Claire says:

          Hi Ann,
          Thank you for sharing your views but how can you call a woman who rebuffed the king’s advances and who only gave into him after her relentless pursued her a “gold digger”? Catholicism was not destroyed, it is still going strong in the UK. What Henry did was break with the authority of Rome. Henry VIII died in the Catholic faith. It was his son, Edward VI, and his advisers who really changed things.

        3. Katherine says:

          Same for me…

      12. Jodi says:

        I am also related to Anne Boleyn. Her Aunt Anne Boleyn Shelton was my 14th great Grandmother. My Paternal Grandmother was a Shelton.

        1. Rhonda Jordan says:

          Lady Anne Boleyn Shelton is also my line, I believe. Would love to hear from you and compare notes.

        2. Wayne Shelton says:

          Hello Jodi Same here. How far back on the Shelton side did you go. I know that once the Sheltons got to the States that I’m related to the Daniel Shelton, who ended in Connecticut.

        3. Emily Shelton says:

          Wow, my son and I are working on our own Family’s lineage. We have found that a “Anne Boleyn” was married to Sir John Shelton, 20th Lord Shelton. I believe she would have been the Aunt or great-aunt to the Queen Elizabeth, 1st.. I too am a Shelton. This is fascinating.

      13. Jenna Benge says:

        I’m a direct descendant of the Boleyn line by not through Anne. My grandfather is the researcher and from what he found we either are descendants from her brother or possibly an uncle.

        It’s still kind of neat to be related to a pretty infamous family.

      14. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        My grandfather henry Thomas Sheldon had a daughter Mary Sheldon 1st cousin of Anne boeleyn n Anne also married my grandfather..vanessa Sheldon

        1. SMorris says:

          I am also a direct descendant of this Anne. But there are 2. Here is the first two lines of Lady Anne Boleyn Shelton’s life story from findagrave Anne Boleyn, aunt of a much more famous Anne Boleyn, was a daughter of Sir William Boleyn (d.1505) and Lady Margaret Butler (d.153….
          Another interesting story is Queen Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth’s missing 2 sons. I think Henry Oxford(Evans) is one of them. The Oxford house is where she grew up and Henry was the first two adopt the name Oxford. No one knows where he came from and assume he was a ophraned rescue boy who had many talents. One was music that records of him playing for Queen Elizabeth’s court exist. He was using the last name of Evans. It is assumed Henry Evans may have raised him. Raise her son, keep her secret and get her childhood home. There is an Oxford DNA project site if there are any Oxford gentlemen who may want to look into it.

      15. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        I also am Anne boeleyn greet …..grandaughter my grandfather henry Thomas Sheldon the Las henry Thomas died a yr before i was born 1970 i was born 1971 my mum died when i was 6 nearly 7 yrs old i went into care became ward of court til 21 my mum Christine pace her mum phlis England mum mums farther frnk pace his mother farther sir lord William and Henrietta ingaruim my grandmother on the other side Lillian may trealease her mum fanny garland brewers godels my grandmother was also called lillilian may same name az her mothers married henry Thomas Sheldon n his farther henry thoas Sheldon n again iv just recently found out my tree dates back to cottons and ursula servene n christian n more any relatives i look link with many thanks dnt normaly fo this mobile 07531163781 me loosing my mum that day i losf everything n didn’t know that’s family members n who exsisted bug i belive there royal bowed Lyon sheldons n ingarums Edward n more many thanks Vanessa Sheldon iv done family tree dating bk to 1300s please gt intouch …….

        1. Brian Parker says:

          Hi Vanessa

          I’m a descendant of Mary Boleyn and the Sheldon’s a family of Master Potters from Burselm near Derby


      16. Autumn says:

        Im interested to chat with you im dna verified match to Catherine of aragon as my 14th grandmother and directly through to each of her relatives. My lmaiden last name is Macy. And her mother Jane is my 15th grandmother.

        1. debra hudnall says:

          Catherine of Aragon’s mother’s name was Isabella-NOT Jane

        2. CASSIE NIPPERESS says:

          Would love to compare gedmatch numbers if u have any


      17. Kimberly says:

        My Grandmother was Ruby Schafer Before her Gorge Schaffer spelling is some different same Yes Elizabeth Schaffer 16%from King Henery Vll married Ann And she is in my family tree then things get more interesting because my Mother is a Lyons who each have put both bloodlines back together made all 5 of us Lady’s so iam Rich in Royal History Thank you Kimberly Sue Mercer Kleski

        1. Kimberly says:

          Now You can look that up threw My Father Schaffer L. Mercer born Fairmont West Virginia

      18. Mollie says:

        Oh my gosh that’s so cool!

      19. Stephanie says:

        She was my 6th cousin 14x’s removed.

      20. Don says:

        Henry VIII is my 13th ggfather. I also descend mowbray, Berkeley, Bartlett, Blount, Cornwall, and just about every English or French monarch from that past 1000 years. Mary bolyn bring my 13th gg mother is probably the most exciting find.

      21. Heather Spink (King) says:

        I have been running my family tree on and it says Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, is my 11th. Great Grandfather and the Uncle of Anne Boelyn and Katherine Howard. My family lineage is King-Noble-Stuart and Howard. It was so long ago so I question if it is even true but the dates,documents and children match along with professional geniology run by other family members

      22. Lexi says:

        You can’t be a direct descendant of someone who’s child didn’t have any children genius. If you’re related through Mary Boleyn then you’re a distant relative.

        1. The Writer says:

          Exactly. So many fantisists on here it’s so sad and most seem to be American.

      23. Chrissy says:

        Who was on there? Jane? If you feel up to emailing me some info that would be awesome. I’m frustrated with the confusion.

        My dad’s side somehow met up with my mother’s side with Agnes constable and again pocohonyas.. it confused me

      24. Sant Marie says:

        I’m related to Ceasar…

      25. Robin Hoard says:

        A lot of people say they are direct descendants but my family is Howard, and it does not get any closer than that. Most of the people who are related it is minimal unless you have a written document, DNA since the Trojan war, This is the Howard and also Stuart

      26. Sharissa Elliott says:

        Catherine of Aragon is my 30x great aunt I am desendnt from one of her nephews on my mother’s side.

    2. Marie says:

      I am also descended from Mary Boleyn Carey sister to queen Ann. I believe there are quite a few of us around lol. Her daughter Catherine Carey knolly born first and then Henry. I was in shock when I learnt of it. Actually I was in disbelief so I went and decided to dig thru census records and such which was a long studious task. As I went back looking at great grandfather’s and uncles etc I had to laugh because there were several Henry Tudors . Soo….you stop and realize how good it is to be alive and how lucky you are.; p

      1. Linda says:

        I too am descendant through Mary Boleyn.

        Apparently Mary is my 14th great grandmother. More accurately via Cathrine Carey’s daughter Anne Knollys &Thomas West, 2nd Baron De la Warr. This has been verified via uncles and such. I guess there are an abundance of Wests in the USA

        1. Brian E Scott says:

          Well, I suppose that we’re cousins then. Mary Boleyn was my 14th GG Mum too. Who the 14th GG Pop was is anyone’s guess…depends on who you ask. Could’ve been Henry, could’ve been William “cuckold” Carey. I actually think it was Henry because of the dates that he supposedly bedded Mary. Mary’s daughter, Catherine, supposedly looked like Henry.
          So I imagine there are plenty of us. My side trickled down from Boleyn to; Carey, Knolleys, Willoughby, White, Price, Scott. I’m missing a few but I’m going on memory, not looking at my tree.

        2. Andrea says:

          if you believe the conspiracy- both Catherine and Henry were the children of Henry VIII.

        3. Kayla West says:

          I’m from North Carolina I’m a West. I:) there are lots of West’s here.

        4. Martha Hardcastle Guthrie says:

          I am also of this line. My ggg grandmother was Mary Hogue of East Baton Rouge Parish and she was the daughter of Louvicy West and Alexander Hogue.

      2. Robyn Johnsen Luscombe says:

        Hello Cousin! Thomas West was my Grandfather as well so related through the West lineage.

        1. Lynne Shanahan says:

          I dont know where else to ask but our old family history records statws we are related to anne boleyn through the Hyde family…just wondered if anyone knows anything about the “common” hydes being related to anne

        2. Zedrick Bravo says:

          Hello my grandfather was Robert morral I’m also a descendant

      3. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        My grandfather s henry thomases vi vii viii all had the same name my other grandparents was Henrietta ingaruim n sir lord William grandfather Edward v iv just found i did ny family tree bk to 1300s Vanessa Anne boeleyn married my grandfather it is common for royals to marry counsin for royal trates Mary Sheldon was annes boelyns 1st cousin and was my grandfathers daughter king henerys so there al cousins but removed sort of thing Vanessa Sheldon .

      4. Tina says:

        Queen Elizabeth is also related to mary boleyn. Though her mother and Mary boleyn daughter

    3. Marie says:

      Most people are clueless about it I was one of them . Rich we are related I am also descended from Lord Del a warr of Jamestown and are related to the same people you are. Hello cousin

      1. Leslie Caryn Harris says:

        I am related to Anne Boleyn also. My great grandmother is Lucy Boleyn. I haven’t looked further. But now plan too.

      2. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        My grandfather was king Edward n henry tjomases vi vii viii Anne Boleyn married my great great great great grandfather in related to all kings via king lewi !

      3. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        Please contact ME 07531163781 many thanks Marie….. ….

      4. Riana says:

        Hello cousin. I’m also descended through Thomas West Baron of de la Warr through his son john through to Henry Fox and Anne West’s daughter Mary Fox. It’s not my only connection in relation to Anne through Mary, as both my mother’s parents were descendants of the Plantagenet line and my grandmother through James I. It’s amazing how many of us are out there. I recognize so many of the family lines here through my 5 years of research. The amount of relations separated over time and through moving across the US and the world has made reunions a little more difficult. Tis life.

    4. David Tutor says:

      Owen Tudor is actually a realitive of mine the moved to the Americas and changed the name Tutor.

      1. Anne-Marie says:

        I am decended from Mary Boleyn and Edward III both via legititimate lines, Mary Boleyn through her sons daughter Philadelphia Carey, and from Edward III through his son Thomas of Woodstocks daughter Anne of Gloucesters son John Bourchier, 1st Baron Berners 🙂

        1. Yonita Ward says:

          I have a connection through Thomas of Woodstock’s daughter Anne though another marriage of hers, and Mary’s other marriage interests me. Do get in touch if you would like to that would be great. thanks.

        2. Vanessa Sheldon says:

          Hi were the n related Edward was my grandfather Mary boelyn was henry Thomas sheldons daughter king vi Vanessa Sheldon my grandfarthers are kings n both sides …..

      2. I too am descended from an Owen Tutor (not Tudor) but I can find no records that he is related to any royals.

        1. Sabrina fehr says:

          So come to find out Mary Boleyn is my 14th GG. Through henry carey.Hudson. my father’s mother father’s line are all Carey’s from Plymouth mass and Pennsylvania. Im just starting my research., but to be honest I feel like this is actually quite the generational curse being in this bloodline. I started researching to get answers and now they just keep piling in. If you go further down the line you get to Charlemagne, Clovis , pepin and eventually Adam… So the patriarchal line of genesis leading to Jesus. How many of you are of th negative blood? If anyone wants to connect and talk. Reincarnation and biblical prophecy ideas…. Please email me.

    5. sonya says:

      I Sonya is 14 generations apart from Anne Boleyn. That’s a fact

    6. Tamara says:

      Yes, there are ‘people with Tudor blood,’ I married a Tudor! He was crazy just like his ancestor Henry! I gave birth to a Tudor, born on his father’s birthday in 1975. He now has two Tudor son’s. There are many Tudor’s in the United States. I do not know ‘which’ Tudor they are related to, but their looks, build, and personality speak of a undeniable relationship to Henry! In fact, as children, they had an air of royalty about them, only requesting the best of everything, stubborn, and that they were smarter, stronger, privileged above others. They were not raised like this, it was hereditary, inherent within their genes.

      1. Abbey says:

        Is this chick for real? Comparing your own “Tudor Children” to that of a 500 year old dead, sociopath monarch? Even by build and “looks”, right on down to their mannerisms? Because you were there? 1500’s England? That’s absurd. I mean honestly.

        1. melanie adams says:

          you took the words right out of my mouth! rofl! and all these people on here who keep insisting that they’re direct descendants of anne boleyn are killing me! elizabeth I never had any children so you can’t be descended from anne!!! what don’t they understand about that?

        2. Dejia Cook says:

          Actually “the virgin Queen Elizabeth” did have kids she is just called the virgin queen because she did not marry she was afraid to because of what happened to her mother and other wives of her father King Henry VIII. She also recognized that as a woman if she got married then her husband would have all the power and she could be cast aside as Henry did his wives. Elizabeth was NOT in fact a virgin. Also her half-sister “Bloody Mary” did not marry but had kids.

        3. J says:

          Actually, I find the same thing myself with all ancestors I’ve known, my kids and by the description of the entire west/sackville/bolyen/tudor line…. We all have very strong physical features that are somehow surviving natural selection and evolution… Also, our wild, ruthless, greedy manorisms are alive and kicking. How do you think genetics work? You think all of a sudden, your chin, hair, psychological chemistry, and learned values somehow appeared only in the last 50-100 years? Open a few history books, do some extensive genealogy and study anthropology…. Then come back and re-evaluate your uneducated opinion. Thanks.

        4. J says:

          Actually, I find the same thing myself with all ancestors I’ve known, my kids and by the description of the entire west/sackville/bolyen/tudor line…. We all have very strong physical features that are somehow surviving natural selection and evolution… Also, our wild, ruthless, greedy manorisms are alive and kicking. How do you think genetics work? You think all of a sudden, your chin, hair, psychological chemistry, and learned values somehow appeared only in the last 50-100 years? Open a few history books, do some extensive genealogy and study anthropology…. Then come back and re-evaluate your uneducated opinion. Thanks.

          that reply was meant for “abbey”

      2. Jenny Holman says:

        I assume this is a wind up!! Very good!!!!

      3. Katie says:

        Good lord you sound so stupid

      4. Kelly says:

        Personality is not inherited through genes….

      5. Rebecca says:

        Good lord give me a break…you are embarrassing yourself.

        1. Josephine Brewer says:

          Actually she never sais personality.. She saod mannerisms and yes mannerisms are passed down

      6. Lyndon P says:

        I walk with a very small limp on my right leg. Now Henry VIII also had a bad leg. Obviously, we MUST be related but I need to do more research to prove it !!!

    7. Angie says:

      Its true. Look at Henry “Carey”. He has the same name as Henry VIII and rumored to ne the Kings son. I have him as Henry Tudor on my ancestry tree. Im not direct through the Boleyns. They are my cousins & as are the Howards since he married Jocasta Joyce Vulpeper my 1st cousin 21x removed

      1. Angie says:

        Oops Culpeper. The Culpepers are my direct lineage as are the Despencer.

        1. My name isNicola Jayne are you reality to Anne Boleyn am inspired by Anne Boleyn family let me know

      2. anna says:

        If your ancestor is Henry Carey, then of course you are a descendant of the Boleyns as his mother was one.

      3. Elizabeth Blake says:

        I am also a direct descendant of Henry Carey. My mom’s family tree can be traced back to Battle, and my Ancestry DNA also places us there. No idea if Henry was legitimate or born on the wrong side of the bed from Henry VIII, but it’s fun to speculate. My mom’s name is Mary Carey (maiden), and my Grandfather was also Henry.

        1. Vanessa Sheldon says:

          Please reply Elizabeth 07531163781 my mobile or many thanks …

        2. James C Richard says:

          I also believe I’m a descendant of Henry Carey.
          on my 9th Great-grandfather was George Cleeve, His father
          was John Cleeves born in 1546 ? or 1550 -1591 his wife was Ann or Anna,
          maiden name Cary her father I was told and read was Henry Carey , ?
          his mother was Mary Boleyn 1499-1500 -1543
          can you confirm this on the Cary line..
          Ann or Anna Cary was born in Somerset UK back in 1550? – 1555 ? Died ? and have read she was supposed to be alive in 1618..?

      4. sam says:

        Hi Angie, I am from Australia and also my dad researched our family tree and like Dianne Rosemary Puntar on this site, am somehow descended from Lady Elizabeth Howard and someone Boleyn, and I saw your pic and thought” doppelganger ” from a distance. It appears that some genes are strong.

      5. Annabelle says:

        Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour are all related to the Howard’s..l( the Dukes of Norfolk). These are my ancestors

    8. lucy baker says:

      hello to answer your question there are still some family out there. I am related to sir john danvers who signed the death warrent of king charles the first. sir john danvers mother elizbeth danvers married edmund carey, edmund careys dad was henry carey who was the son of mary bolyn, so even though it is only through marriage there is still family out there

      1. Christine says:

        Hi Lucy that’s interesting you never know what your going to find next do you?

        1. lucy says:

          Yes it’s amazing and I would love to find out more

        2. Christine says:

          Are you in America or England? Such a lot of the Boleyn descendants are in America

        3. lucy says:

          I’m in England, most of my family came over with William the conqerer from France I think some may be in america

        4. Christine says:

          William the Conqueror is my 30th great grandfather it was a shock to me to find that out

        5. Zedrick Bravo says:

          It’s indeed a mystery of how most of us wound up in America but why is the question

      2. Isabelle says:

        Elizabeth, mother of Sir John Danvers, was the daughter of John Neville, 4th Baron Neville of Latimer, and his wife Lucy Somerset – Lucy was the daughter of of the 2nd Earl of Worcester and Margaret Courtenay.

        Margaret Courtenay’s mother was Catherine Plantagenet, daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

        This means that through your ancestry, you can claim the Somersets, Nevilles, de Veres, Beauforts and Plantagenets among your relations.

        I’m a descendant of Sir John Danvers’ aunt, Katherine Neville Percy, Countess of the 8th Earl of Northumberland.

        1. Heather D Story says:

          Elizabeth Woodville (Wydeville) is my 17X great Aunt, Her sister Katherine was my Grandmother.

    9. Ronald Grey Shaver says:

      I’m a descendant of Owen and Catherine of France-Jasper and Katherine woodville-Joan Tudor and William Williams-Morgan Williams and Katherine Cromwell-Richard Williams and Frances Murfyn-Henry Cromwell and Joan Warren- Frances Cromwell and Richard Whalley-Edward Whalley the regicide and Judith Duffell (Duffield)-Frances Whalley and William Goffe the regicide- Richard Goffe

      1. Kenneth Williams says:

        You are correct but if you look farther back on the Williams side you will find a big surprise they were family from the Bleeden tribe I am a direct descendent on a faturnell line the family keep great records . But that won’t get you a free beer in England . We all moved to the Indian Territory and were still here today my name is Kenneth Williams

        1. Bruce W. Cobb says:

          Kenneth, I nam researching the Williams line thru my gggrandmother Louisiana Williams Cobb 1831-1900. She was descended from Joan Tudor and William ap Yevan. I would like to share info. Please do not hold it against me that I live in Texas. I was stationed at Fort Sill when I was in the Army.

        2. Kenneth Williams says:

          I just saw your post Bruce, man you were just 20 miles south of the ranch . Now the secret to find the Williams line is through Walter , Morgan oldest son . Every one looks to the Sir Richard line to his great great grandson Oliver Lord Protector yes they were brothers and most writers were wrong about their younger brother his name was Rodger. The writers were calling him Richard , that was a problem Rodger was a famous soldier he wrote books on war , he stood before Queen Elizabeth on several occasions. But his line ended after his grandson died . So the line of Walter is the most believed because it is not as famous till Rodger Williams governor of Rode Iland . But most Americans are from his brother Sydrack . His son Rodger named after his uncle moved to North Carolina and his son John married Oliver’s granddaughter the two lines meet again. All this can be found on the Internet. But I was lucky the family keeps good records and wrote it down in books and wills . I was told as a child where my family came from and now I have been trusted with a family history .

      2. Anji says:

        Hi.Have recently discovered our family are descended from Francis Cromwell and Richard Whalley. We are in Australia, where George Hamden Whalley arrived after leaving England. He changed his surname to White.

        1. Anji says:

          Typo: * George Hampden Whalley (White)

        2. Corey White says:

          Hi Anji,

          I think I might be related to you. I’m the great grandson of Charlie Oliver Ivo White, son of George Hampden Whalley (White).

          Would love to touch base if you’re still using this website? My email address is

      3. Ross Mowatt says:

        Hi Ronald- Noticed your entry, I am a descendent also of Richard Whalley, Edward Whalley, does that mean that I`m related to the names you mentioned like : Owen and Catherine of France-Jasper and Katherine woodville-Joan Tudor and William Williams etc ?

    10. Mary Louise says:

      There is still Tudor blood around. The current Royal Family, and therefore most of the European royal families are direct descendants of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII. She married James IV of Scotland and was the great-grandmother of James VI of Scotland and I of England.
      Also Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk, Henry VIII’s younger sister has descendants among today’s aristocracy.

      1. Vanessa Sheldon says:

        Hi use iv just done my family tree and my grandfather henry Thomas Sheldon and also henry Thomas Sheldon daughter was Mary an Anne headdy and Alfred headdy they wer related to Margaret Sheldon was also daughter of another henry Thomas n henry Thomas married Anne Boleyn an Anne boeleyn also had a nice called Anne who doted on her aunt Anne Boleyn in also related to frank pace my grandfather mother was Henrietta ingaruim n farther sir lord willam and goes to Edward V my grandmother Lillian may trealese her mum also before was Lillian may trealese her mum before fanny garland then godels then brewers Lillian may trealese married my grandfather henry Thomas Sheldon n his farther henry Thomas Sheldon n agian henry Thomas Sheldon so i defo descendant from the queens side az all my relatives both sides lived ed vess institutions i completed my fam tree September an Lk forwards one day meeting family az mum died wen j was 6 i went into care became ward of court til 21 iv never gt adopted or married so im still very much Vanessa Sheldon granddaughter of henry Thomases Sheldons vi vii viii many thanks vsheldon any body that want yo gt intouch

    11. Mary Louise says:

      There is still Tudor blood around. The current Royal Family, and therefore most of the European royal families are direct descendants of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII. She married James IV of Scotland and was the great-grandmother of James VI of Scotland and I of England.
      Also Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk, Henry VIII’s younger sister has descendants among today’s aristocracy.

    12. amy says:

      I just found out iam from there blood line I have one amazeing family tree

      1. Heather says:

        I do too it is strange we should be rich in wealth but not yet maybe some day

    13. Gerald Borom says:

      I am a direct descendant of the Tudors through Joan Tudor and the Williams line. My great grandmother was Lucy Grey Williams. This was the mother of my grandfather. My grandmother was a direct descendant of Robert d’Bruce of Scotland. This was through connection with the Stewarts and Campbells.

      1. cecil says:

        If you are a descendant of Robert the Bruce, then you are probably connected to Henry II (Queen Catherine de Medici) line as well….through the illegitimate daughter of James IV. Her name was Janet Stewart (1502 – 1562). She had an illegitimate son by him…perhaps two. Catherine and her husband’s mistress (Diane dePoitier) sent Janet back to Scotland when they leaned of her pregnancy. She later brought her son back to France to be brought up with the royals. There is also a connection to Mary Queen of Scots involved. Also, consider searching through the Boleyns for connections (everyone has a connection to Howards and Boleyns. Those of you who are descendants of Catherine Carey’s line may also be connected through her brother, Henry’s line (as I am to both). If you have WEST in your background, then you have a connection to Pocahontas (Powhatan) Rolfe as well…..through her cousin who had an affair with Thomas West. Pocahontas was Chief Toby “Totopomoi” West’s great aunt. Then consider Lady Godiva (ancestress of Queen Elizabeth II and Mary Boleyn), William Wallace (“Braveheart”). The list goes on and on. Royal blood flows greatly, especially here in the Southeast where so many settled. Peregrine White, (born on Mayflower after it reached the shores of America). The Aldens, Standishes, Wadsworths, Longfellows, …’s addictive! The Bollings and the Lees are interesting, and everyone can find a connection, even if it is not direct.

        1. Jodi Young says:

          I have some of those people in my family tree, and I also have DNA Connections to other people through ancestry who also have some of them on their family tree. My connection is through Anne Boleyn Shelton, who was Anne Boleyn (Queen) Aunt. Who I also have read took care of Queen Elizabeth when she was a child, and helped hide her when Queen Mary was after her. This would be through my Shelton side. My paternal Grandmother was a Shelton, and my DNA Results say that I basically took after that side, Genetically. I know that some how Robert The Bruce is my 23rd Great Grandfather, some how William the Conquer, a lot of other famous names. I also have a several great grandfather who was one of the men who made King John sign the Magna Carta. I know that the family came over from England when Queen Elizabeth I was reigning. She gave them a lot of land in Virginia. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I would be interested if you know or can direct me in the right direction. I have an old family bible, some inherited information with several Coat of Arms.

        2. Kelly Hansen says:

          Cecil, I’ve been trying to figure that lineage through Pocahontas. That line for me goes to Jane Bolling, which i believe was the step-daughter of Pocahontas. John Rolfe was previously married with multiple children. One author refers to the step children line as “Blue Bloods”. I think i am a “blue blood”, no sure still researching. Interesting you bring this line up.

          I will reply separately for my Boleyn connection.

    14. Kristie says:

      Henry VIII is my 15th great uncle,thus, Elizabeth I is my 1st cousin 16x removed.. I suppose that makes Ann Boelyn my aunt.. Margaret Tudor was my 14th great grandma and Mary Queen of Scot my 13th great grandma.. Lord Darnley is my 13th great grandad obviously..King James I is my 14th great grandad and it goes on…Tudor blood is out there:)

      1. Michelle says:

        Kristie, you and I share a similar ancestry! Margaret Tudor is my 15th G-Grandmother, and Queen Elizabeth I is also my 1st cousin, 16x removed. Have you had your DNA evaluated? …‘cause that’s like, a “thing” now, right? I’m seriously onsidering it, ’cause I’m kind of blown-away by my ancestral history. I never would have thought my direct lineage would include any Tudors or Stewarts; everyone in my family is FRENCH! Well, everyone except my paternal grandmother; her family history is (CLEARLY) pretty amazing!

        1. cecil says:

          If you are connected to Queen Elizabeth I, then you are also connected to Mary Boleyn’s line. Her son and daughter (both of with whom I have connections, as they reconnect down the years) are first cousins of Queen Elizabeth 1st as well as her half-brother and half-sister. Then you are connected to Thomas West and he connects you to Pocahontas, whose nephew (a chief) was Thomas West’s illegitimate son. And check out your connection to “Braveheart”, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, Janet Stewart, King James IV, King Henry II, and King Francis I of France. And have you checked out Robert the Bruce…he connects to the Stewarts. Lady Godiva is back there also, an ancestress of Mary Boleyn and of Queen Elizabeth II. The Lees, Fleming, Randolphs, Daniels (Danyers), Whites of the Mayflower, Bassetts, Bollings, Spragues are all connected lines. Fun isn’t it?

    15. Micca says:

      I am a descendant of Anne Boleyn so there is the proof.

      1. Claire says:

        But Elizabeth I didn’t have any children so how can you be a descendant of Anne?

        1. Dejia Cook says:

          She did she just never married.

        2. Kelly Hansen says:

          For all these people who think the are descendants of Anne Boleyn Queen Consort, i think they are REALLY descendants of THE OTHER Anne Boleyn who was the Aunt to the Queen Consort. Everyone either doesn’t know or forgets about THE OTHER ANNE BOLEYN.
          I am a descendant of THE OTHER ANNE BOLEYN more commonly known as Lady Shelton.

      2. jenn says:

        Queen Elizabeth 1 never had children… so how can u be directly from Ann Boleyn??

      3. Brandy says:

        Oh well there it is cause you say so. Anne’s daughter Elizabeth never had children but forget what history tells us. Your the proof…lol..people

      4. Kelly says:

        Impossible. Sorry.

    16. Hi I have just found out that i am a cousen to Queen Elizabeth 1st via katherine howard shes my 14th cousen so im told.
      It all started last year when i received my family tree katherine howard kept popping up ,thanks to joan bulmer acworth whos my dads first cousen.On the clopton family genology it says we are cousens and are entitled to become a knight of the garter so yes i think im also anne b cousen through howard

      1. joan says:

        pity you can’t spell

        1. Lee says:

          No need to be rude.

      2. Liz says:

        Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine Howard were not blood relatives. Catherine was simply a short term step-mother to QE1 before HenryVIII had her beheaded for treason.

        1. Claire says:

          Catherine Howard and Elizabeth I definitely were blood relatives. Catherine Howard’s father, Edmund, was the brother of Anne Boleyn’s mother, Elizabeth. Edmund and Elizabeth were both children of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were cousins so Elizabeth I was Catherine’s first cousin once removed.

      3. Christine says:

        Joan, you must realise that some children post on here, mocking their spelling is rude and insensitive.

        1. Johanna Lawson says:

          I agree and even if it is an adult it is a mean thing to say. People struggle with all kinds of impairs. I am in fact dyslexic and I struggled writing for a long time and still do at times, so it disgusts me when I see someone making fun of others for their spelling.

    17. Shanna myhand says:

      I am a direct descendant of Mary Tudor queen of england through a great great great great grandma. She traced our bloodlines in the early 20’as, but I just found out. So is my family what’s left of it all there is?

      1. Claire says:

        It’s impossible to be directly descended from Mary I as she died childless, do you mean Mary Tudor, Queen of France, wife of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and sister of Henry VIII.

        1. Ho that’s so awesome to know thanks

      2. cecil says:

        There is Tudor blood flowing everywhere. It would be difficult to find anyone around the Southeast (but other areas as well) who cannot find Tudor connections as well as other royal connections.

    18. Sylvia Ogden says:

      Hi to anyone that uses my name is Sylvia_ogden52. Mary Boleyn should be my 14 great grandmother through Thomas West who married Lady Anne Knollys and came to Virginia. My great grandmother was Eliza Fox, who’s 4th great grandmother was Anne West who married Henry Fox in 1668 in Gloucester Co, VA. Anne West was Lady Anne Knollys granddaughter. My family is still in Virginia. I live in Chesterfield County and would LOVE to meet, speak, email any family. My grandma Marjorie passed away years ago when I was too young to appreciate the treasure trove she was. I do remember she always told me that we came from good stock and I was related to a president. Now in my 40’s and would love to get this down on paper for my kids. Sincerely Sylvia

      1. Diane Fox says:

        My three children are Fox descendants via the West/ Fox lineage from Virginia, USA. Their father was Lawrence Robert Fox (1943-2013)who was born in SC after his father, Percy, came here to work around 1936.”Larry” was a member of the Jamestowne Society. Appreciate info on West and/ or Fox reunions in Virginia.

        1. Like to reply to Lynda Hamilton she retaliate to the the six wives it’s unknown possible

      2. Michelle Edwards says:

        Hi Sylvia! I too am a granddaughter of Mary Boleyn and the West clan. I live in New Kent County, Virginia and would love to have a family reunion!:)

        1. Sylvia Ogden says:

          Oh my goodness! Yes! my email is– please write to me!!! Sylvia

        2. Sylvia Ogden says:

          Hi Michelle- please email me- I would love to meet you!
          I live in Chesterfield Cnty!

          Sylvia Ogden

        3. Cary says:

          I am M. C. Cary

          English line.

      3. Carrie Fox-Clark says:

        Sylvia, I am also a descendant of Henry Fox and Anne West. My line (Henry Fox and Sarah Harrell) came to Mississippi in the early 1800’s and spread out throughout the state. In fact, our family reunion is this weekend and a cousin and I were just talking about the West/Carey/Boleyn line earlier this evening. I noticed there were 2 other descendants of the Henry Fox & Anne West line earlier in this thread, but they didn’t have a reply button. One was Cynthia, the other was Sylvia. Was that you by any chance? I would love to talk to any of the Fox/West line, Fox Carroll, and Fox/Harrell lines. Please email me. My email is

    19. Ashley Baker says:

      I am a direct descendant of Mary, she is my 16th great grandmother.
      Through her daughter Catherine and her son Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr.

      1. Erica Anderson says:

        I am also, 14th great grand daughter of Mary Boleyn, down to De La Warr. Down to Colonel John Wests daughter Ursula Unity Susannah West who married George Thomas Martin and so on. Very exciting!!

    20. I’m also a direct descendant of Ann Boleyn from Sir John Shelton.My mother’s mother maiden name was Shrltin .Ann Boleyn was my 16 grandmother.Karen Yerby Murdock

      1. Rebecca says:

        No u aren’t a descendant of anne she only had one daughter who had no offspring. My gosh the stupidity of you people on her astounds me.

        1. Rhonda Jordan says:

          I think Karen Murdock was referring to Lady Anne Boleyn (Queen Anne Boleyn’s aunt) that married Sir John Shelton. This is also my line.

        2. Janice says:

          So many people are desperate to claim a link to a famous name. It just astounds me as to why they would cling to a line that so famously ended with Elisabeth 1st.

        3. Claire says:

          The Boleyn line didn’t end with Elizabeth. Mary Boleyn had two children who had large families and most people on this thread are talking about descending from them. The present British royal family descend from Mary Boleyn too. There are lots of people alive today descended from the Boleyns.

    21. My Name is Jared Palmer. My direct ancestor is john Palmer and James Palmer of nottinghamshire England. We are defendants of Henry VIII aka Henry Tudor. My ancestors were actually rumored to be The Robin Hood. This entire site is bogus. My family and immediate family have written several thousand books on genealogy naming several hundreds of families related to the Tudors. But nice try there ace!!!

      1. Christine says:

        Don’t you mean descendants? There are no known descendants of Henry V111 living today only speculation, as for Robin Hood he was merely the imagination of Sir Walter Scott sorry.

    22. Sherrie Stogdell says:

      The nanny Mrs Stogdell could possibly be the missing Link the king favoured her. He was a skirt chaser. This nanny may have not realizing the child she borrowed might have been Royal bastard. My proof is centuries of bipolar illness that is on the father’s line. There are other things to point.

    23. TA Stewart says:

      There is Tudor blood still around because Henry VIII’s sister, Margaret Tudor has thousands of descendants.

    24. Colleen says:

      Tudor blood is eradicated? Are you kidding? The current royal family is directly descended from Henry VII.

      1. Adrienne Soto says:

        My 9th Grandmother Is Anna Thockmoton Stout Bollen Her Father Capt James Bollen..Robert Bollen..George Bollen. 1559 wife Joan Buren…his father George Boleyn1535 1693 George Boleyn Lord Of Rockford 1510..Thomas Boleyn 1477 1538 Wife Elizabeth Howard There Daughter Anne Boleyn 1501 Englandd

        1. Deborah Varney says:

          I have many matches Dna to Anna throckmorton Bollen and believe she descended from George Boleyn Dean of Lichfield

    25. E.G.M says:

      I know to descendants of Bloody Mary. They are quite nice actually.

      1. Joan walker says:

        Mary Tudor (bloody Mary). Married Phillip 2 of Spain but they had no children. If they had Elizabeth would never have become Queen. Some of you may want to pick up a history text once in awhile

    26. Susan Youngs says:

      Just found out this evening that my mother, who’s held the office of president of the local ancestry group,has tracked our family to Ann

    27. Tori says:

      If Catherine Carey was indeed the King’s daughter, I am one of those with “diluted Tudor blood.” I had no idea until the last couple of months. I’m trying to find out if there is a way to find out with DNA. 😉

    28. kimberly says:

      getting my DNA test hope today my grandmother was Barbra schaffer West va. U.S.A hope to find my history,kimberly

    29. Austin Grimes says:

      I am decended from King Henry 8th & Boleyn. I have a copy of my family tree from the time, starting with Sir Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl of Wiltshire (1477-1539) & Lady Elizabeth Howard countess of Wiltshire (1480-1538).

      1. Christine says:

        You are not descended from Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn, they had one surviving child together Elizabeth 1st who died childless, you are however possibly a distant cousin of Anne on her father or mothers side.

        1. Barry Newsome says:

          My 13th great grandmother was Margaret Ormond Butler Anne Boleyn’s paternal grandmother

    30. My husband, Earl David Webb is a descendant of King Henry Vll , Sir John Webb , and William Shakespeare.

      1. Joan walker says:

        William Shakespeare has no living direct descendants. His three children died without children

        1. Maureen kate Webb says:

          My husbands great great grandmothers line of Webbs via Abigail Webb, has not died out, so, yes there is a descendant of Shakespeare

      2. Jayne Parker says:

        To be a direct descendant of William Shakespeare’s children would have had to have had children, and they would have children etc, but NONE of William Shakespeares children had any children so the direct line stopped with them. Your husbands family may be related to William Shakespeare, but they are most definitely NOT direct descendants of William

    31. Julie says:

      I’m a direct descend from Mary Boleyn on both sides of my mothers parents her parents are 10 th cousins who knew! She is my 13 th great grandmother – through George Mason and John West and William Woodward –

      1. Janet Warren says:

        Hello Julie. Can I ask if you which Jonn West and which George Mason as I have both their names in my ancestry .
        John West via the Christ’s hospital John and Frances West group
        Thank you

    32. Kim says:

      Schaffer Mercer my Father His Mother Faimly Ruby Schafer gos all way back to that faimly Then my mother Dorothy M.Melivlle has Lyons iam ANeg.RH.

    33. Vanessa Sheldon says:

      Well my grandmother was Anne Boleyn and henry Sheldon vi vii viii n Henrietta ingurum and sir lord William i even have the royal Tudor little toe not many say that!!

      1. Jayne Parker says:

        I think you’re getting mixed up. Ann Boleyn married John Shelton. Ann was the sister of Thomas Boleyn, who was the father of the Ann Boleyn who married King Henry viii. You cannot be descended from the Ann Boleyn who married King Henry as she only had one child, Elizabeth the first. Elizabeth did not have any children, so Ann does not have any descendants.

    34. Vanessa Sheldon says:

      My get grandfather was king Edward n on the other side henry Thomases Sheldon Anne boeleyn married my grandfather she is a get grandma also .Vanessa Sheldon

    35. Vanessa Sheldon says:

      That’s very true az my mum Christine pace and her mother phylus England n her farther frank pace hus mother genrettia ingaruim n sir lord William my grandmother Lillian may trealese marrierd henry Thomas Sheldon he died 1930 yr before i was born ny grandmother Lillian may Sheldon. Her mum Lillian may trealese n her mother fanny garland i found out recently after completing my family tree and in the family its counsins and 1 x removed etc and marrigd in the family was allowed to keep it royal blood i do thou have. The funny little toe they have the nose fingers long skinng arms small build square jaw so i am going to gt some support with my discovery i list touch an never knew mh family exsisted az mg mum died in the 70s i was 6 she was 31 I lived numerous kids homes and foster parents and then became ward of court til the age of 21 iv never been adopted married or engaged do im still Vanessa Sheldon if any can support me or are related please contact ME 07531163781 my mobile many thanks Vanessa Sheldon….

    36. andrew boleyn james says:

      I truly believe I am connected to both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, a long time ago I received a necklace in the mail, it came with a very old letter sadly it was destroyed in a house fire later that year, although I have her name I don’t think her blood line directly

    37. Veronica Visser says:

      I’m apparently related to her.

    38. Michael cutsforth says:

      Lady Ann hop was my 17th great grandmother according to ancestry dna

    39. Caterina Barone says:

      I am related to King Henry viii

      But I don’t have a copy of the family tree

      I also have two other royal blood lines in my family

    40. Deb Plowman says:

      I am also a direct descendant of her sister Mary Boleyn.
      My line is

      – [ ] Mary Boleyn, 1499, Blickling Hall Norfolk
      – [ ] Lady Catherine Carey, 1524, Hampton Court Palace
      – [ ] Catherine Knollys 1559 Stanford In The Vale, Berkshire
      – [ ] Baroness Fitzgerald 1580 Offaly Ireland
      – [ ] Robert Digby, 1st Baron of Digby, of Coleshill Manor, MP, 1574, Coleshill, Warwickshire
      – [ ] Kildare Digby, 2nd Baron Kildare Digby Van Geashill, 1630, Meath, Ireland
      – [ ] Madam Lettice Digby 1660 Geashill, Offaly, Ireland
      – [ ] Lettice Cotes 1685 Coleshill Warwickshire
      – [ ] Thomas Elliman 1708? Priors Marston Warwickshire
      – [ ] Mary Elliman 1744 Badby Northamptonshire
      – [ ] Thomas Wadsworth 1767 Harlestone, Northamptonshire
      – [ ] Thomas Wadsworth 1794 Northampton
      – [ ] William Wadsworth 1822 Northampton
      – [ ] Sarah Wadsworth 1860 Northampton
      – [ ] William Spatcher 1888 Northampton
      – [ ] Fred Spatcher 1911
      – my mother Patricia Anne Spatcher

    41. Kelly says:

      Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Mary Tudor.

    42. Michael C W says:

      I just came across this post. I am related to Queen Ann Boleyn she is my 18th Great Aunt father Hon Lord Sir Geoffrey and his wife Lady Ann Elizabeth Hoo are my 18th Great Grand Parents

    43. Russell Tutor says:

      My family descended from Owen Tutor from Wales.
      Anyone have knowledge of his ancestry?

    44. Betty Newlin says:

      Ancestry says Owen Tudor is my 17 ggf and king Henry is my 13 ggf. It seems Mary Boleyn is my ggm by the birth of Henry Cary. Lots of kings and queens in my genealogy.

    45. Davis says:

      I am related to Anne Boleyn. My aunt bed looked into our ancestors. Related to Anne and Catherine Howard. Pretty cool stuff

    46. Kate says:

      Oh, there is Tudor blood just in the female line. Henry VII’s daughters’ descendants live today. (I”m not sure anyone else said this but it’s true)

      1. Karleigh Payne says:

        I am a descendant of Henry VII 🙂

    47. Cary says:

      I am M.C. Cary, family tree goes back,,,,,, all interesting

    48. Danny Priddy jr says:

      I am a descendent of this family.

    49. Karleigh Payne says:

      Hi! I have Tudor blood! I am still figuring out my whole genealogy, but my great grandmother was a Tudor.

    50. heather says:

      I did my DNA and found that I am related to Henry Tudor IV.

    51. Joseph Boyer says:

      My Mother is a descendant of Boleyn’s. She was Leona Mae Chaney. She was half Amish and a Protistan. There are Chaney in early descendants of the royal line. My mother told me that an ancestor of her’s was a Queen and was beheaded for being a witch. She’s a dark haired English woman. Do I get a Title or wage?

    52. Beverly Balius says:

      Can you tell me,,, I am American, my family descends from Sir William Harris, born 1556 a Knight and Landowner, then developed The Virginia Company,,,,, founders of Jamestown,,,,, my cousin I don’t see much traced us back that far,,, I know he had a Big Manor House,,,, called Creeksea Manor,,,, I found Anne Boyelynn lived there awhile,,,, So, Do you know if the Harris family is related to Anne’s Family??

    53. Samantha Michelle parr says:

      Are there related to parr’s cos my tree is full of important people n no1 will explain why

    54. linda harvey says:

      Jamesn1st of England and 6th of Scotland was descended through both his mother and his father from Margaret Tudor, Henry 8th s older sister and therefore had Tudor blood which then continued tnrough the Stuart line and on to the Hanoverians,

    55. Jennifer Daniels says:

      Mary is my 13th great grandmother. My ancestry is through the Fox line as well as West. Then it goes to the haynes/Parnell/Camp/Russell line.
      Funny enough, I ended up moving to the UK and marrying a British guy!

    56. Dwayne Hathaway Jr says:

      I’m descendant from the Tudor clan as well. From Edward III and from the beuforts going down from Elizabeth Holder and Neville and Isaac Chase but yeah ultimately starting with John of Gaunt

  2. David says:

    Opps, In my comment I said feet…..meant feel…

  3. Kay Anderson says:

    I am an indirect descendant of Catherine Carey Knollys who has descendants through the Woodson line in the US.

    1. K.Bolen says:

      I’m wondering if i maybe some descendent of Mary Boleyn, My grandmother always told my father we were maybe you could help me out, I’m sure you are more knowledgeable than I on the subject. Please reply by Email. Thanks much,
      K. Bolen

      1. Leslie Caryn Harris says:

        I am a descendant of a Lucy Boleyn. Maybe we are related too.

        1. Amy says:

          Any of the descendants of this line, I would love to connect with! (Deitrick -(maternal grandmother) Simons- Ball- Harleston- Wentworth- Fortescue-Boleyn (Bullen))

          The connection I have thru my maternal grandmother’s GG grandfather:
          Sir Geoffery Boleyn (Lord Mayor of London) (1406 – 1463)
          7th great grandfather of wife of 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
          Elizabeth (Alice) Boleyn (1438 – 1485)
          daughter of Sir Geoffery Boleyn (Lord Mayor of London)
          Sir Adrian Fortescue (1476 – 1539)
          son of Elizabeth (Alice) Boleyn
          Margaret FORTESCUE (1502 – 1551)
          daughter of Sir Adrian Fortescue
          Phillip Wentworth (1536 – 1614)
          son of Margaret FORTESCUE
          Jane Dauthen Wentworth (1581 – 1626)
          daughter of Phillip Wentworth
          John Harleston (1610 – 1698)
          son of Jane Dauthen Wentworth
          Elizabeth Harleston (1678 – 1720)
          daughter of John Harleston
          John Coming Ball (1714 – 1764)
          son of Elizabeth Harleston
          Eleanor Ball (1765 – 1827)
          daughter of John Coming Ball
          Keating Simons (1753 – 1834)
          husband of Eleanor Ball
          Edward Simons (1778 – 1842)
          son of Keating Simons
          Eliza Read Simons (1820 – 1880)
          daughter of Edward Simons
          Francis Kinloch Simons (1843 – 1897)
          son of Eliza Read Simons
          John James Simons (1882 – 1943)
          son of Francis Kinloch Simons
          John J. Simons (1918 – 1996)

    2. Jerri says:

      Hi, I am related to the Woodson line. I would love to know how they were
      related to Catherine Carey Knollys. Thanks

      1. anne holmes summers says:

        Amy, Just about every family from your list lives in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

      2. Kim says:

        Iam from Schafer Mercer. We have lot names Right I go back from Schaffer marriage To Adams Godfrey Schafer and Macintosh and so on to France Spain Fairmount West Virginia Burck Co. Pennsylvania

    3. H. R. Noles says:

      Do you know if the Knollys and the Knowles are the same line? I am through the Edmund Knowles b.1685 in Boulton-le-Moors, Lancashire, England. He was known as “Old Silverhead”. His parents were Thomas Knowles and Agnes Hoarth. Can you tell me how to access a DNA link to Sir Francis Knollys born 1514 in Oxfordshire, England. His wife was Catherine Cary.

  4. Andrea says:

    I recently found out from Aunt who is doing her father’s genealogy we are cousin of Anne. My Mom’s her 15th cousin. So there are relatives out here. Our family blood line were one of the first settlers in America.

    1. susan says:

      Please share more . This is the most interesting topics I have read. I have been reading the Boleyn Files for about a month. Addicted to them I guess. Thank you, Susan

      1. Andrea says:

        I had put my wrong relation to Anne. She was an aunt and her daughter Eizabeth was a 15th cousin to my mother and her siblings. I need to get the copy of the file my Aunt has on our relation and I will know more. I know the family she is related to surname is Gregory. The Boelyn family is very interesting!

  5. Tudor lover says:

    David – there is certainly Tudor blood. The entire English Royal family are related by blood to Henry VII through his daughter Margaret who married the King of Scotland.

    1. David Tutor says:

      Im actualy a long relative of Margret Tudor. I found where the Tudor named changed to Tutor when a family member moved to the Americas.

      1. Caleb Ball says:

        Margaret Tudor is my 16th great grandmother…

        1. Michelle Mace says:

          My grandmother maiden name is tutor. We are related to King Henry VIII. He had illegitimate son. He became an alcoholic and his half sister Queen Elizabeth I kicked him out of England and made him change his name. When he came to America he change it Tutor.

    2. Kim says:

      Oh yes ANeg.RH.

      1. SMorris says:

        I am A negative too as are both my children. The odds are 1 in 8 that your children will have your negative blood unless of course both parents are RH-. So does everyone have red highlights in your hair that can’t dye or breed out? Of course there is confusion when it comes to our noble heritage…I prefer purebred and just happy to have one set of teeth. I happen to have inherrited books the “The Genius Of The Early English Theature” and “Stories Of The Reformation”. I have started reading the reformation and Ann, Mary, Henry, Shakespeare…all in it. I am a descendant of Lady Ann, not the Queen Ann and I guess I am so focused on direct line that it hasn’t occurred to me that they are family too. But it seems I just might to be related to most everyone. Check out it will tell you all your famous relatives. King of England or the King of Rock in Roll. I sign in from and you might need get a free account there. I love this site too, It knew more about my family than I did.

  6. Tina says:

    Related somehow. My grandmother received a letter years ago or it may of been my great grandmother in regards to the Boleyn Castle. The letter was asking if we wanted to pay the million dollar plus taxes owed on the property to keep it in our family, and stating that if not it was going to be turned into a tourist attraction. Of course the family didn’t have that kind of money, so it was than returned to state. Not sure who in the family has that letter, but hopefully one of these days I can track it down. Would be something cool to have, I guess it was real fancy. 🙂

    1. Andrea says:

      forgive me if I am wrong but any property or possessions were dissolved by the state when she was executed?

    2. Tina, never fear and don’t look for the letter too hard. Hundreds of those letters were mailed. We received one and even if the funds were available the freehold taxes and upkeep would make it prohibitive.
      You may wish to look up Hever Castle on the internet. It is a spectacular home converted to a livable palace by Lord and Lady Astor and yes Andrea is correct. Henry seized the properties and titles and sold many of them off (which is how the Boleyn family gained them in the first place) The Boleyn (Bullen) family seat is in Norfolk and I believe that Lord Bullen still resides there.

      My brother is the current Lord of Linkhill at Hever, Kent, Eng. He too received a letter and turned it down, SORRY.

      1. Heidi Allison says:

        My surname is Eldridge.

        My great- grandfather was William Beaufort Eldridge.

        I would greatly appreciate any contact source, or person I can hire, who could trace my English lineage.

    3. Deb says:

      What is the Boleyn Castle? No history book I have ever read refers to it!

      1. Claire says:

        Hi Deb,
        The Boleyn castle would be Hever Castle, Kent, which still exists today and you can visit it, It’s beautiful.

    4. Jenny Holman says:

      Yes, a flight of fancy! Or someone trying to rip you off!!!!

  7. I am related to Mary and Anne Boleyn.

    Anne is my 13th Great Grand Aunt,
    Mary is my 13th Great Grandmother.


    – Heather

    1. SMWOOD says:

      Hello Heather, Mary is also my 13th g-grandmother 🙂 As Mark Upton says below, perhaps Claire should organise a DNA research thingy.

      1. Joan says:

        Me too! 🙂

        1. Erica Anderson says:

          I am also, 14th great grand daughter of Mary Boleyn, down to De La Warr. Down to Colonel John Wests daughter Ursula Unity Susannah West who married George Thomas Martin and so on. Very exciting!!

    2. KMK says:


      1. Marie says:

        Hello all Mary Boleyn Carey is also , my 13 Grandmother as well. I am from that same line KMk . Lol too funny.

      2. Carolyn says:

        Mary Bolelyn is also my 13th Grandmother. I beIieve I am from the same line as you and KMK. My line is through Mary Catherine Carey & Sir francis Knollys…the name Agar is also present as well as Haughton. I just happened across this site. Thanks! Very Interesting

    3. Hayley Young says:

      Wow! Snap! Mary is my 13th Great Grandmother and Anne my 13th Great Grand Aunt. Now here is the juicy gossip . . .Henry viii Tudor is thought by many to be the father of Mary’s son Henry. That’s the line I am descended through. If true then Henry VIII would be my 13th Great Grandfather! Illegitimate of course. Makes you wonder. Only proof would be DNA but can they actually prove paternity that far back from a current descendant?

      1. jamie Graves says:

        My children are cousins through the Howards.

      2. Marc says:

        If there’s DNA around, it’s possible.

      3. Noles says:

        Please let me know also about any accessible DNA tests connecting back to King Henry VIII. I am a Noles-Knowles and I was wondering if the Knowles go back to Sir Francis Knollys who was married to Catherine Carey. Catherine was the daughter of Mary Boleyn and her husband William Carey.

      4. Christine says:

        Your ancestor was born well into his parents marriage and the argument for him being King Henrys son is very weak indeed, now if Catherine were your ancestor there’s more chance of you having Henry V111 as an ancestor but for Catherines descendants unfortunatly, that’s something that will remain a mystery.

    4. Tracey Farris says:

      I didn’t know there were so many of us. Mary is my 14th Great Grandmother. I totally agree about the DNA thing. I am an actual direct descendant to Mary through my father. We need to get together and discuss our royal lineage. Wow!

      1. Claire says:

        You can use the forum at to discuss family trees and contact others. How wonderful!

        1. Marie says:

          It’s wonderful Claire to see so many other relative’s/decendents from the exact same lines. Truly amazing. We need to see about forming some society , low key. The dysfuctional royal decendents society. Lol…we do have the Royal bloodlines and the genes might be a bit messed up but we are all here alive and well and to think how close it came to us not being here. Life is goooooood 😀

      2. Jadas Bowlin says:

        My name is Jadas Bowlin Anne is my 14th great grandmother as well my little brother Shannon bowlin Jr. my dad is named Shannon Bowlin and my grandfather Ernest bowlin. My last name is bowlin not Boleyn because when they moved from England to America there name went to two ways Bowlin (My last name) and Boleyn.

        1. Jayne Parker says:

          I think you mean Mary Boleyn is your 14x great grandmother. Ann Boleyn only had one child, Elizabeth the first, and she didn’t have any children, so Ann Boleyn has no living descendants

      3. Natalie says:

        Indeed… However the Hastings are the real Royals!
        And I come from that lineage.

    5. Rebecca says:

      Mary Boleyn is my 13th great grandmother too….cool hey!

      1. Claire says:

        You all need to have a big family reunion. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? There must be so many Boleyn descendants around today with the amount of children that Henry and Catherine Carey had and then the size of families of their children. It’s staggering.

        1. Tammy Shearin says:

          that would be awesome. If you have done the Ancestry DNA you will show up, we have a long line of family that leads all the way back to Mary and Anne. I am kin thru the Shearin side, Ireland when King Henry was Lord … I think he spread a lot of DNA across the World.

        2. Jacquelyn Stanley says:

          Just found this site….my daughter had to do a paper on her lineage and she became fascinated with what she was finding. On my maternal grandfathers side she had gone back as far as the 1300s. She said there was alot on his side on Ancestry. She found that we are 19th and 20th cousins of Anne Boleyn. Of course I figured she didnt kbow what she was doing u til she gave me access to all the work she had done and I was flabbergasted. Absolutely fascinating. I k ow this may sound like a dumb question, as I have not researched all this yet myself, but were the Boleyns related to the now Queen Elizabeth? At some point I am going to do my own family tree on Ancestry…..just bought a new computer for this reason.

        3. Claire says:

          Yes, our present queen descends from Mary Boleyn. Princes William and Harry descend from Mary Boleyn twice over as their mother’s Spencer family descended from her too. See

    6. Robyn Johnsen Luscombe says:

      Me Too!

    7. Jadas Bowlin says:

      My name is Jadas Bowlin Anne is my 14th great grandmother the most recent addition to the bowlin/Boleyn family would be my younger brother Shannon bowlin Jr. my dad is named Shannon Bowlin and my grandfather Ernest bowlin. My last name is bowlin not Boleyn because when they moved from England to America there name went to two ways Bowlin (My last name) and Boleyn.

    8. SHANNON L CLEAVES says:

      The Cleves bloodline is the the only legitimate evolve of Ann of cleaves, be serious people my name is Shannon Lazone cleaves first born son again I won’t even comment about all these theory’s they actually funny as it’s meant to block out finding me , my great great father was Richard Cleves and great grandma was Mollie Oliver cleaves, Roosevelt’s my granddad keep not believing and it soon come to pass

  8. Judith says:

    I am related to Anne, Mary Is my 14th great grandmother.


    1. wd says:

      Anne boleyns aunt anne is my 14th great grand mother.and anne married henry heydon .and theres thomasine heydon she married a rogers.her daughter elizabeth married an eyres.

      1. debra says:

        I have records from my cousin Ryan fink sent stating my grandfather was married to a Lillian HEYDON. Whos ancesters claim to be related to
        ANN Boleyn throughanns aunt ITstated that she married Henry

        Haydon who died in 1503. interesting,

        1. Esther says:

          I’m interested in the conversation regarding the Heydon family – I am a descendent of the John Rogers and Thomasine Heydon. Interested in any information regarding these two families who ended up in Lanke, St Brewards, Cornwall. I live in New Zealand – so cool to read about these many distant connections.

      2. JLV says:

        I’m a Heydon on my maternal side…Anne is my 14th or 15th great grandmother

    2. Tracey Farris says:

      Hi Judith,

      Mary is also my 14th Great Grandmother. How are you are related?

      1. Effy H. says:

        You people got lots of cousins flouting around.

  9. Liz says:

    Sounds like everyone and their best friend has been told by someone so many generations before them was related to the Boleyns….what rubbish!

    1. KMK says:


      1. Christine says:

        I agree I’m descended from King Henry 1 who had an illegitimate son by an unknown mistress, King Henry 11 who also had an illegitimate son by an Ida de Tosny, a noblewoman and King John who had a daughter before he was married, when I tell people some are interested and others not many, just say we could all be related to royalty but show no interest in researching their own family’s, it’s not very common to be related to royalty as one has to have connections an ancestor of mine married into the prominent Duncombe family whose descendants today are the Earls of Faversham their lineage can be traced back to the 12th century and they married into the noble family’s of the day, one of these was related to the medieval kings who I just mentioned and also to the Mowbrays a very ancient noble family from whom descend the Dukes Of Noffolk and are related to the infamous Boleyns!

      2. Dear KMK,
        I am interested in your Stafford connection.
        Can you send me yonita. details as l do understand they had two children and therefore l am interested. He subsequently married an ancestor of mine.Many thanks.

    2. Marie says:

      Lol Liz…. not all of us have had someone tell us we are decended of the Boleyns. It is what it is in my family. Actually I was mortified. It is not a regular topic of conversation among family members . Although I feel very lucky to know who my ancestors are and feel very gratful that miticulous family records have been kept. AS for our royal lines I could honestly have cared less. Although I find it interesting to talk with other decendents , to see where everyone has ended up. Kind of like a , message in a bottle. I think it’s purely rubbish to judge others and be bias . I think you should be proud of your predisesors . You can learn a lot from them.

      1. Culpeper line says:

        I’m related through the Culpeper/Howard line. Its not rubbish. I’m one who does have Lots of Native American in me. My family I can trace back to my Spencer, Shepard, Culpeper etc. Keep in mind the royals married their own family so if you have royal blood we are ALL related

        1. Marie says:

          Nicely said Culpeper. I’m am decended from those lines as well. You can’t help where you come from and I know for one I never looked for any royal lines. Being raised here in America the majority of us could care less. I just wanted to know who they were and where they came from. Whether they were a Cordwainer, merchant, royalty really didn’t make a difference to me.

          It is interesting though. So Liz….to slam people and feel the need to insert your opinion with a pundit is well plain, ill mannered.

          Culpeper …You probably know then about Leeds Castle. It stayed in the family for the longest time . I live about 10 min. Or so from Culpeper Virginia named after GreatGreat,,,, Granddad. They have a monument here /clock that keeps Leeds time and at Leeds Castle they have a sun dial clock that keeps Virginia time .Darn!! I wish we could have kept it in the family. It was to expensive to maintaine . It was sold later and came into possession by a Lady Baily . ; p

        2. Dear KMK,
          I am interested in your Stafford connection.
          Can you send me yonita. details as l do understand they had two children and therefore l am interested. He subsequently married an ancestor of mine.Many thanks.

        3. Catherine Culpeper married Lord Fairfax part of my line as my grandfather Gabbett-Fairfax married firstly a Fairfax cousin but l was at LeedsCastle and l think a Lady Bailey was a descendant who gave the castle to the nation and the clock mentioned might be there now.

      2. Jacquelyn Stanley says:

        Thank you for that reply. I am very new to this and only found out recently that my daughter and I, as well as others are cousins of Anne Boleyn. My daughter had to do a paper for a college course and found a lot on my grandfathers side and she has a lot filled in on the tree on Ancestry. It clearly shows that we are related to her. I am looking forward to starting my own and finding what I can.

    3. Tracy says:

      I am very proud of my heritage and have researched it extensively. No I cannot speak for eveyone. Royal affairs were common, now Henry the VIIIs father was an only child due to his mother Margaert Beauforts age of 13 upon his birth she never had another,but Henry the VIIs wife Elizabeth was not an only child and her mother Elizabeth Woodville sat on the throne as well. We know Henry the VIII was not an only child and neither were his children obviously. Point royalty / noble lines extend through various people, ways, time periods. Now most people can no longer claim that noble right and thats okay.

  10. cat says:

    It’s reallly not all rubbish. There are lots of Mary Boleyn’s descendants running around, and most don’t even know it. And they are on both sides of the pond. I’ve been researching my family history for a couple of years and have found that Mary is my 13th GGmother. The line has been researched and the connection is there. Mary’s granddaughter Anne Knolleys married Thomas West, who was Lord De La Ware and some of their children settled in the Williamsburg, Jamestown Virginia area. Martha Washington is also related to Mary.

    1. Robin moot says:

      Thank you Cat! I am from the same line through the West family twice, I was 48 when I found out, no one in the family knew,,or cared,,LOL and Martha Washington is my 8th great aunt on my dad’s side and 9th great aunt on my mother’s side,,we are many 🙂

    2. Laura West Clay says:

      I too am a related to Sir Thomas West. There is a book that is in my family that tells of this.

    3. YonitaFairfax Macgregor says:

      Can you send me any details of George Washington’s descendants as you are related as someone married into the Fairfax family and l am looking for the connection.

  11. Bobby says:

    I was tracing my grandfather’s line on and found that General Robert Lewis (also ancestor to George Washington and Meriwether Lewis) is directly descended from Sir William Boleyn, Anne Boleyn’s paternal grandfather.

    1. Bobby says:

      I assure you, it was exciting to find all three of those names along a random branch of my grandfather’s ancestry. And from that point, the genealogy was already pieced together for me, which was really nice. 🙂

      1. Cat says:

        I agree with you Bobby, once you research and find the lines to those names, at that point the trees are much better researched and the lines just fall in place! We are cousins, then, through the Boleyns. The question is how many cousins apart we are.

  12. Arthur says:

    I am a descendent of Anne.

    1. Cosette says:

      No, you’re not. Please try reading a history book. Or at least this page.

    2. Brandy says:

      I think that people get confused when they can trace their line back to being related to Anne thru a sibling. You may be related but you are no descendant. Anne had one child, Elizabeth who had no children of her own. So there is no way you are a descendant. There are none.

      1. Karen fall says:

        There were two Anne Boleyn’s, one married to Henry, other was born Ann tempest and married Edward Boleyn. About the same time frame.

        1. Claire says:

          There were quite a few Anne Boleyns. Another Anne Boleyn was Queen Anne Boleyn’s aunt who was married to Sir John Shelton.

    3. Karen fall says:

      Not THE Anne Boleyn who’s line ended with her dtr Elizabeth. Anne Tempest married Edward Boleyn during the Middle Ages and this Anne Tempest Boleyn had many descendants.

  13. KaSandra Boleyn says:

    my grandmother has a family tree thats looks more that a 100 years old and on there its shows that when her and her brother got beheaded the king told the sister to leave and never to return so she took the kings baby girl because he wanted a boyand she couldnt give him when she got beheaded her sister took the baby to america when they came to america they started a new life and we are related to them by that baby girl the daugter of the king

    1. KaSandra Boleyn says:

      ill try to get picks up of the family tree we have but its very old and my grand mother just started to put us all on it to it has been handed down for somany years im suprised it still readable

      1. Brandy says:

        KaSandra your family sounds like the plot to the other Boleyn girl. And if the paper is only a little more than 100 yrs old then there is definitely a huge time issue with it. It’s not what happened in history. It is what happened at the end of the other Boleyn movie tho.

    2. Claire says:

      Hi KaSandra,
      Anne’s daughter stayed in England and became Queen Elizabeth I. English people didn’t start travelling to the US until the 17th century so way after Anne’s execution (1536). The first permanent settlement in the US was the colony at Jamestown which was set up in 1607 but it was in late 1620 that the Pilgrims travelled to the US on the Mayflower. Elizabeth was dead by then. Anne’s sister, Mary Boleyn, stayed in England. She was married to William Stafford and she died in 1543, so I’m sorry but your story just doesn’t seem to make sense.

    3. Anne says:

      That is completely untrue. The Carey children stayed in England. As I remember, Catherine became a Lady in Waiting to Elizabeth I. Her daughter is buried at Westminster Abbey. None of them came over to the New World until Knollys married Thomas West, Lord de la Warr. He and his brothers, including Captain John West, went to Virginia in 1610 and thereafter, and became among the first governors of Virginia. Captian John West is my 11th grandfather, and this is what I have learned through research. What’s interesting to know is that many of my cousins married into the Sackville-West line, and they are still in England. Baron Sackville West lives in Knoll House in Kent, which is falling down. I was not aware of having so many cousins! Not sure how many are in the US.

      1. Edward McMullen says:

        Ann, your research is the only truly accurate account on this site as it regards the Mary Boleyn descendency to the West’s of Virginia. This is through the knolleys and flows directly to Lord West, first Royal Governor of Virginia. My wife is directly descended in that line and there is clear documentation in the history of the West’s genealogical publication. Nice to see such well researched and documented account, cousin.

        1. Sharon Hagler says:

          Edward and Anne,

          I have been doing some research on my West family line, Matthew West, b. ca 1595 in England. Matthew was from Doddridge, VA. In researching this line, I have seen various posts, genealogy that say this line is related to Lord West, first Royal Governor of Va. Are you able to assist me in pointing me to accurate information on my line?

          Thank you.

          Sharon Hagler

  14. mark upton says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m from the Uptons of Upton Park, (Castle?) and Boleyn Ground. Been told I’m related to the Boleyns and Elizabeth I . Anybody up for a mitochonrial DNA check passed along Mary’s bloodline? Look forward to hearing from those of you who know for sure you are related to Mary.


    1. SMWOOD says:

      Hi Mark, I think it would be worth a go 🙂 Trouble is even when, by some miracle, you have got back that far, the chances of it all being correct through thirteen generations …??!?!!??!?!

    2. Cat says:

      Mark, the issue with mtDNA is that you need an all female line. You, as a male, wouldn’t have Mary’s mtDNA. Mother’s don’t pass it to their sons, only daughters. Likewise, Y-DNA is passed through the male line. As I mentioned in a message earlier, my line, through my maternal G-grandmother can be traced through the West’s to Mary. Unfortunately, there are intermixed generations of male and females inbetween. Is there an all femaile line in your family? That would be wonderful for some folks, I’m sure. Maybe there will be advances in DNA tests that will allow us to delve further into our DNA makeup and answer some of our questions.

      1. GregB says:


        You are incorrect about Mark not having his mother’s mtDNA. He does. However, he will not pass it down to any of his progeny. All of his children will have their mother’s mt DNA.

        Every human has mt DNA in each of their cells. Every human person got this entirely from their mother. Mark has his mother’s mtDNA, as mentioned. However, going backwards, you are correct— he would need an unbroken female line back to the Mary Boleyn.


      2. Aimee says:

        As a male, yes he would. It is just only passed from mom to babe so he would not pass it along. BUT, being that half the players in the equation in the 16-18th centuries were cousins of some variety, the male line would likely contribute DNA as well. OR get permission to get a few teeth from Mary’s kids to get exact DNA. I am not sure we know where Mary is laid to rest anylonger.
        ALSO, there were so many people of the same name in those times. I ran into myself
        doing my family tree and it is easy to see a name a go off on a goose chase.

    3. Marie says:

      I would love to take that test, but my decent is through my Mothers , Fathers line. His Grandmother Aggie West. Her Great Grandfather , Lord del a warr West. ( Thomas) However I have come to understand there is a genetic test that can be taken and it’s strictly for males. Comparing DNA of Henry the 8th . I’m going to make my brother take it , or try anyway. I need to do further research on it. I think it would be interesting. :p

      1. Dee says:

        The tests for genetics are usually the female mtDNA as described above by Greg where a direct female line can be traced back as Greg described above each mother gives her mtDNA to all her children, but male children do not pass it to their children. So mtDNA is traced back though the unbroken female line only.

        Likewise for the male lines the genetic line that follows down is through the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son in an unbroken line.

        If in either case the line of genetic link to the person of interest is broken then the genetics this far down won’t help.


        Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
        Mary Boleyn Henry 8 Mary Boleyn

        Good (mtDNA) Good (Y chromosome) Bad

        GGG Grandmother (MB) GGG Grandfather (H8) GGG Grandmother (MB)
        | | |
        MB mtDNA H8 Y chromosome MB MtDNA
        GG Grandmother GG Grandfather GG Grandmother
        | | |
        MB mtDNA H8 Y chromosome MB mtDNA
        G Grandmother G Grandfather G Grandfather
        | | |
        MB mtDNA H8 Y chromosome GGrandmothers MtDNA
        Grandmother Grandfather Grandfather
        | | |
        MB mtDNA H8 Y chromosome Grandmothers mtDNA
        Mother Father Mother
        | | |
        MB mtDNA H8 Y chromosome Grandmothers mtDNA
        You either gender You Male only You either gender

        1. Dee says:

          Don’t you hate it when it looks different published to how you typed it

          Try this

          Mary Boleyn Female Line

          GGG Grandmother
          MB mtDNA
          GG Grandmother
          MB mtDNA
          G Grandmother
          MB mtDNA
          MB mtDNA
          MB mtDNA
          You either gender

          Y chromosome
          Henry 8 Male Line

          GGG Grandfather (H8)
          H8 Y chromosome
          GG Grandfather
          H8 Y chromosome
          G Grandfather
          H8 Y chromosome
          H8 Y chromosome
          H8 Y chromosome
          You Male only

          Mary Boleyn Descendant
          Broken genetic line (same idea for H8 if a new Y chromosome is introduced)

          GGG Grandmother (MB)
          MB MtDNA
          GG Grandmother
          MB mtDNA
          G Grandfather married G Grandmother
          GGrandmothers MtDNA
          Grandfather married Grandmother
          Grandmothers mtDNA
          Grandmothers mtDNA
          You either gender

  15. carrie says:

    i love the ironic nature of annes imortality her bloodline has prevailed while king henrys got diluted. serves him right for unjustly beheading her

    1. Marie says:

      It’s great isn’t Carrie? I thought so as well. 🙂

  16. carrie says:

    also i would like to add;and wrap ur mind around the fact that one day when prince william takes the throne through his mothers liniage boleyne blood would rule england. henry the eighth was determined to secure a defined blood linebut actualy anne and mary boleyne wow just wow!

    1. Cat says:

      I agree carrier, it’s a wonderfully ironic fact!

      1. Cat says:

        Oops! Meant Carrie.

    2. PHS says:

      Don’t forget that Elizabeth II is a descendant of Mary Boleyn through her mother, so technically a Boleyn is currently on the throne!

      1. HRH Princess Fatima says:

        That is interesting I never knew that and i thought that i knew all the royals and and most of their ancestors. I am just love history and i have a long ancestor line myself, I am 7th in line to the throne of my tribe in Yemen I am a descendant of The Sheikh of the Al Shami Clan in Yemen he is my grandfather and i am currently 5th in line after my sisters and brothers.

        1. HRH Princess Fatima says:

          ,i’m sorry why did i write 7th then 5th i am 5th and i am also the youngest

    3. Dee says:

      The Tudor bloodline did survive too including into the current royals. Henry VIII had two sisters –

      Margaret who married 3x including to the King of Scotland and had 7 children. She was the G Grandmother of James I of England. Her line links through to the current Queen.

      Mary married 2x including to the King of France. She had three children and their descendants married into the Greys, Seymours & Stanleys.

    4. sharolsh says:

      The current ruling queen, Elizabeth II, is a descendant of Mary Boleyn
      through her daughter Catherine Carey.
      (Through her mother side) . So, no need to wait for prince
      William to become king…

    5. Samantha says:

      Charles and Diana were distantly related….As are Charles’s parents. So, what are you saying? That DNA is already on the throne. Like it really matters. All Europeans are related. To get even broader, all humans are related.

      1. Mommadog22 says:

        She’s saying that it’s ironic that Boleyn blood in a roundabout way is currently on the throne. Regardless of King Henry VIII’s skirt chasing, seed dropping, head beheading ways his line got diluted.

    6. Don’t forget that Catherine is a Fairfax descendant through Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Parliamentary Commander who through the Army was indirectly involved in the execution of Charles lst- because Parliament was unable to agree; was involved with the other General in bringing Charlesll back and the Monarchy was re- established. So it’s very ironic that a Fairfax connection , Catherine will become Queen one day. They were a very honourable family who wanted fair play.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a direct descendant of Mary Boelyn..She is my 15th Grandmother through her son Henry’s lineage (likely Tudor.) I have the direct line without question leading to me through my old New England family. We’re also in the old line of Saxon Kings, Royals of France, other countries and Mayflower descendants. In America what I just wrote sounds like I believe in fairytales and unicorns…Actually, it’s documented, true and comprise who I am. I would not be here without the existence of Mary Boelyn. Also, it is said that Henry likely was in the Kell antigen blood group..and that explains the multiple deaths of his babies through disorders like trisomy..I should know I can empathize with what must have been his plight..I wish he could be exhumed so we could get a DNA sample for proof of his line through his messed up blood/DNA issues..The diluted gene pool that exists now even if “officially” royal would not be conclusive. I’m in the Boelyn/ (Tudor)Carey/Morgan/Howard/Scott lines etc..My line is loaded with revolutionaries, military leaders, financiers, physicians..and of course party

    1. carrie says:

      you are so lucky to have boleyne blood i started reading biographies about them when i was young later on in my life i found out i was related to the prime minister of romania sur name groza . i don’t know why i enjoy history i just do

    2. Cat says:

      Elizabeth, we are cousins! My familial lines also, through the Boleyns, include the Careys and Howards, along with several other prominent families. I would love to hear from you. My email is

      1. Marie says:

        Hi Cat and Elizabeth. Wow! 🙂 Dido here as for the Howard’s, Boleyn,s and Carey’s. I’m here in Northern Virginia. I think it would be very interesting to compare notes and to see where we connect as far as cousins. 3rd 4th, and so on. I had a cousin of ours contact me across the pond a few months back as she was in shock when she found out I was in America. Anyway she was inquiring about Great, Grandfather Lord Del a warr as to where he was buried. Since then , as Jamestown is only a abt an hour in a half away , my husband and myself made a day trip out of it. Now I have to get back to her and let her know the info. You never know who you will end up chatting with. 🙂

        1. Angela says:

          I live in Indiana. I know about Leeds Castle. I love my family. There is a sitecalled culpepper daughters and gives you the full lineage of the bolyns etc

    3. Kim Valencia says:

      I too am a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn she is my 14 Great Grandmother and her daughter Mary Catherine Carey, I’m also related to almost every other royal family in Europe, I guess Kings and Queens wanted their offspring married into other Royal families.

    4. Christine Willmott says:

      Hi according to one of our most notable historians Mary Boleyns daughter Catherine Carey was Henry VIIIs natural daughter but there will never be conclusive proof unless a DNA match is taken on any of her descendants, I am a cousin of Anne and Mary Boleyn on both their mother and fathers sides, tho I don’t know how many times removed, it is true that if you have royal blood in you than were all related as they did indeed marry their relations, trying to keep the blood pure when in fact all it did was weaken the children and cause a lot of diseases, I’m descended from three kings of England all from different mistresses and it certainly does cause confusion, regards Christine.

  18. margaret says:

    why oh why cant scientists do something to trace back ancestry ,why cant they exhume henry viii ,what permission is needed and from whom to do this ,also henry could have had many offspring that no one knows about ,like for instance when he was a young man im sure he bedded many a maid back then .

    1. PHS says:

      It’s speculated that he even bedded a laundry maid at one point and sired an illegitimate child with her… not sure how true that is, but still a point of interest

    2. Christine Willmott says:

      Only the Queen off England can give permission to exhume Henry VIII and it’s not really in anyone’s interests to do so, his three legitimate children all suffered ill health and Elizabeth lived the longest yet she was only seventy when she died, and his one acknowledged bastard Henry Fitzroy died young and childless. Henry was also said to have had a bastard daughter but her mother was a commoner so hardly anything is known of her, the fact that all of his offspring appear to have been rather sickly is a strong argument for Henry not having any living descendants but if Catherine Carey was then there are his descendants around today but it will never be proved unfortunately, it’s a nice fantasy for those of you who are related to Catherine however.

      1. Rose says:

        My Carey ancestors are cousins of William Carey who married Mary Boleyn,(through the supposed extinct male line of Robert Cary of Charles City, Va.usa). I match a Church descendant of Robert L. Tudor and his wife Catherine Smedley. William Carey shared a close common ancestor with Henry VIII so distinguishing who was the father of Mary’s kids would be hard, no?

  19. reenak says:

    search american whitepages u find a lot of Boleyn’s in kentucky

    1. Marie says:

      Spot on Reenak!! I am descended through the “West” Family descended from Lord Delawarr West (Thomas) side. That ended up settling thete after the revelutionary war. My direct line of decent stayed Loyal to England as they had very strong ties.

      After the war they moved as ” it was not a popular decision among the rest of the Colonials” . You could tuck tale and go back to England or go to the Great White North (Canada) or you were given a land grant by King George to move further west into new territory. That is what they did.I was scratching my head thinking, why Kentucky of all places, seriously ! Kentucky was considered part of Virgina. Staying Loyal to the Crown came with a hefty price.

      Other family members were staunch Patriots as George Washington, Jefferson , Lewis etc.

      I don’t know so much about Boleyns being in Kentucky myself ..the Surename but the family and a good portion that remained here in the United States that stayed Loyal ended up in those territories a long time ago, which makes sence. Now we are all spread out , but don’t be suprised if you see Kentucky and a lot of Cousins in Canada lol 😉

  20. Mark Upton says:

    Thanks to all for replies. They are correct, my mtDNA is Swedish not English, through my Mother’s Mother’s line…oops. However, the X Chromosome is form Mum and half of my Autosomal chromosomes. Even so, any DNA I may share from the Boleyn family would be diluted by 32,000 – 128,000, do the math. Please excuse my error. I did get back to Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, but there are no complete Boleyn family trees online and everything about Upton Park and Boleyn Ground is a mystery before 1800. One citation said Uptons, (people not places), were listed at the location in the Domesday Book(s). I’m afraid what I’m looking for may have been lost in the Great London Fire 1666. Henry is still with us, ghoulish as it may sound, his coffin was damaged when Charles I ‘s casket was placed next to his. In 1833, an accident opened the tomb, and upon repair, experts said they could see Henry, red hair on his chin and all, articles from examiners and experts called to the scene are online.

  21. Mark Upton says:

    Another clarification: The tomb of Henry VIII was opened in a construction/remodel accident of 1813, not 1833. Dr. Sir Henry Halford, Duke of Cumberland, Count Munster,(not a breakfast cereal), B.C. Stevenson and the Dean of Windsor were called for formal and dignified examination. Dr. Halford’s paper is online. Three small items remained with Dr. Halford, again, an accident, and were returned to the coffin of Charles I by the Prince of Wales under instructions by Queen Victoria in 1888. I doubt the Royal Family would submit for any DNA samples on their ancestors, just so average folk can “know”.
    If those claiming relation to the Boleyns have tests done, it would be nice to know if results are Avail. to compare, say on a database under controlled medical and privacy guidelines. The “Boleyn family DNA Project”? Also, if anyone with the resources can untangle the Alice in Wonderland – like story of Upton Park/Boleyn Ground, some facts would probably be appreciated by all. Thank you.

  22. Mark Upton says:

    By the way, Cat and Liz, there’s an Upton way back who changed his name to Howard in order to be closer to his wife’s line, Peerage first, I guess. The Gr. Gr. Grandfather of Oliver Cromwell, also changed his name from Williams, to be closer to the family of his wife Katherine, who’s Brother was Thomas Cromwell, Chief Administrator to Henry VIII. Not everyone with a name is related by blood. I’m sure your family trees have been checked for that stuff.

  23. Mark Upton says:

    Oh, and Cat, don’t worry about intermixing. The critical thing is sequences and gene spacing. If they find a sequence in a Boleyn that is “highly conserved”, e.g. cytochrome C, the match to Anne, Mary, their parents, grandparents, etc… will be unmistakable.

  24. Mark Upton says:

    Hello? Where is everyone? Maybe they went to Mars or are at a meeting of PAGAN…People Against Goodness And Normalcy .
    Dear Elizabeth and Cat, on p.112 of my big Upton family history book, I’ve got an Upton with an impossibly long name, married to Mary Howard about 1809, she is neice of Thomas Howard, XIV Earl of Suffolk. Does this put Boleyn DNA in my family even without a direct link to Mary/Anne’s family? Fulke Greville Upton is the guy who changed his name to Howard.

    1. Kris says:

      I’m from the Howard line. My Grandmother’s mother was a Howard. No Boleyn blood here, but I am related to the Boleyn sisters and Queen Elizabeth I, based on my family tree. Lots and lots of Howards to the point of confusion. They repeated names a lot.

  25. Mark Upton says:

    When someone gets back to this corner of the Q/A, please direct me to where everyone has gone on the website.

    Thanks, Mark

    1. Claire says:

      Mark, the Q&A section is just for someone to ask me a question, discussions tend to happen on articles and in the forum –

  26. Charles Henry Sanderson says:

    Add my name to the list. I’m related to Anne Boleyn. Who knew!?

  27. My brother-in-law was related to Henry Ford. Does that count?

  28. John Hardy Thompson says:

    My 16th great grandmother is Lady Mary Katherine Cary who is most likely the illegitimate child of Henry VIII. Just did the whole family tree and was pretty suprized to see this….but either way I guess that makes Anne Boleyn my 16th great aunt…

  29. Sue Peterson says:

    Mary Boleyn is also my !4th great-grandma, through her daughter Catherine and granddaughter Anne Knollys-West! When I first discovered it, I thought “No way!”, tossed the whole line and started over…well, it re-appeared. so I have since delved deeper, checked and rechecked. It’s true and I am still amazed, if only because I have been fascinated with Mary’s history for 28 years, only to learn I was descended from her!!

  30. Coral says:

    It has long been rumored in my family that we are descended from “the” Howard’s. My grandfather was a Howard. I have done extensive research into my family tree but am unable to reliably search back any further than the 1700’s. How would I be able to confirm a link to my possible infamous ancestors?

    1. Stella says:

      I’m descended from the Howards, proved by DNA. I have all the info. I can email you it if you don’t have a full ancestry account. I’ve got it back to 900AD and the Vikings.

      1. R. Howard says:

        Dear Stella, It appears I am a patrilineal male descendant of a Howard line in the US. Although I’ve come across some “gaps” and potential inaccuracies in the historical data from England. A family heirloom we hold makes much more sense after looking at the “Dukes of Norfolk Family Tree”; and at the same time raises interesting questions of potential historical significance. The genealogy information I have traces back to the ship “Hercules” leaving England in 1634. It would be great to exchange data to verify the accuracy of my records and document the tree further. Thank you, RH

        1. Kris says:

          I’m also interested in any information on the Howards that anyone could share. Thank y’all!
          My great Grandmother was a Howard. Her father died when she was a baby and had other children who seemed to not know about her. At least current Howard’s on ancestry said that they didn’t know about her and that I wasn’t related to them, until DNA proved otherwise. 🙂

        2. Ryan Howard says:

          Hello, my name is Ryan Howard. The Howard’s came to North America in approximately 1618 through Reverend John Howard and his son John Howard. The elder Rev. Howard died in the Jamestown Massacre of 1622; his son John Howard survived and married a daughter of Thomas Hayward.
          Many have thought this ‘Hayward’ last name was changed to ‘Howard’ because they did not make the connection that John Howard survived Jamestown and that only his father Rev. Howard had perished. The name was changed by marriage and there was no relation that I can find to both families prior beyond the families travelling from England.
          I have a large portion of the genealogical records and ship passenger manifests showing the trip(s) from England on both the Howard and Hayward sides. There is also a family dissertation (a bible of sorts) held by my father Steven Howard which has been passed down through the years. It’s very fragile and wrapped in silk; I will endeavor to have it non-flash photographed so the content can be shared with relatives at our discretion.

          I will start posting this info at; in the interim I can be contacted via my email by prefixing my first name to the aforementioned .org site. Right now the web site(s) are down for a major overhaul but the email is up.

          Stella, Kris (and others), I would love to sync up on the data. I thought the Norwegian DNA was from my maternal grandmother’s side; the potential Viking link back to 900AD may explain the DNA breakdown much better. Additionally Howard’s have the highest amount of Neanderthal DNA found in the world. Compare the back of your skull structure to others; there is a distinct shape. Many Howard’s have been key military strategists such as Admiral Howard who led the English against the Spanish Armada in 1588; I believe the unique mix of DNA helps with analytical thinking outside the norm. In later 2019-2020 posts I’ve seen references to similar DNA breakdowns.
          There is a lot of hearsay on this site as to being related to Anne Boleyn; a scientific approach using written records and DNA is really the only way to figure this out. Secondarily if there are any, we can use this data to head off any health issues for our children early in life.

  31. Wanda Barefoot says:

    I am the 19th great granddaughter of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn and Ann Hoo. My 18th Great grandmother Anne Boleyn who married Henry Heydon is Queen Consort Anne Boleyn’s great aunt making Anne Boleyn (queen) the great granddaughter of my 19th Great grandparents. Also my 16th Great grandfather Robert “of Stonehouse” Mildmay 1365-1392 is also HRH Prince Charles’ 16th grandfather as well.

    1. Helen Hayden says:

      Hi Im Helen Hayden Anne Boleyn and Sir Henry Heydon, Knight of Baconsthorpes 19th gr grand daughter, Hello relatives (lol) from NSW AUstralia

  32. Eric Neeby says:

    My great-grandfather is a Cary and I have seen my lineage all the way back to the 1730s but not all the way to the 1500s. My great-grandfather’s middle names were Everett and Falkland and his father’s was Lucious so there are definitely some Viscount Falkland references in there too! My cousin is currently taking genealogy classes and is hoping to dig deeper via Anglican church of England. Excited to hear more!

  33. JADE says:

    There is probably a lot more Tudor and Boleyn blood out there than we perhaps imagined, If we take in to account the many illegitimate children that were sired by the elite class. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who these descendants are. I suspect there is a fair amount of Henry the eights diluted blood still running through veins!

  34. Marilu says:

    There are people with the last name Boelyn on Curacao.Maybe they are related to the Boelyns.During the 19th century, Curacao was a British colony.

  35. Danielle says:

    The closest I’ve gotten to the bloodline makes me a descendant of Anne Hoo, Anne’s great-grandmother. Makes me proud though! 🙂

    1. weaversouth says:

      me, too..wonder what degree of cousin that makes us?

  36. I am not related to ANY royalty that I know of. I can only hope & pray that I’m not descended from Jack the Ripper or some awful person like that!!!!

    1. Anne says:

      Me either – I’m probably related to Bilbo Baggins lol

  37. Alicia says:

    Hey Marie! We are related–so now I guess I will call you CUZ–cuz I can!!! LOL

    Lady Mary Boleyn is my 13 great grandmother, via Lady Mary Katherine Cary is my 12th great grandmother and great grandfather-Sir Francis Knollys–11th great grandmother Anne Knollys Baroness of Delaware and great grandfather-Thomas 2Nd Lord De La Warr West. 10th Great grandmother Lady Anne Percy and great grandfather Governor John West via my grandmother who is a Claiborne. I recently checked all the records and dated them all back to Sir Knight of the Garter THOMAS 1st Earl of Wiltshire Viscount of Rochford BOLEYN and he was the father of Queen Ann Boleyn of England and of course her sister Lady Mary Boleyn is my 13 great grandmother which makes Queen Ann Boleyn my 13 great aunt! This is so awesome. Additionally; I guess that make Queen Elizabeth I my 13th great cousin! It’s really incredible to find all this out from our family history. Love it.

  38. Robert Findley says:

    My supposed ancestor was Macbeth Macfinley Kings of Scots not king of Scotland as in Scots law the king is only of the people not the land

  39. Deeperpurple says:

    *Lady Mary Boleyn Carey (1504 – 1534)
    8th great grandmother of husband of 2nd cousin 4x removed
    *Lady Mary (Katherine Mary), Lady of Bedchamber Carey (1524 – 1568)
    Daughter of *Lady Mary Boleyn
    *Lady Anne Knollys (1553 – 1608)
    Daughter of *Lady Mary (Katherine Mary), Lady of Bedchamber
    *Robert (Thomas Robert Governor of Virginia) West (1590 – 1659)
    Son of *Lady Anne
    *Thomas West (1617 – )
    Son of *Robert (Thomas Robert Governor of Virginia)
    *Robert West (1662 – )
    Son of *Thomas
    *John West (1695 – 1774)
    Son of *Robert
    *Matthew West (1733 – 1801)
    Son of *John
    *John West (1764 – 1838)
    Son of *Matthew
    *Alice West (1804 – 1872)
    Daughter of *John
    *Richard Holtom (1855 – 1898)
    Son of *Alice
    Rebecca Williamson (1858 – 1933)
    Wife of *Richard
    Sarah Ann Owen (1827 – )
    Mother of Rebecca
    Samuel Owen (1790 – 1882)
    Father of Sarah Ann
    William Owen (1736 – )
    Father of Samuel
    Elizabeth Owen (1777 – )
    Daughter of William
    Sarah Judd (1809 – 1891)
    Daughter of Elizabeth
    Samuel Bourton Huggins (1840 – 1881)
    Son of Sarah
    Charles Edward Huggins (1873 – 1941)
    Son of Samuel Bourton
    Beatrice Huggins (1894 – )
    Daughter of Charles Edward
    William Charles Edward Bateman (1914 – 1999)
    Son of Beatrice
    Margaret Lavinia Bateman


    1. Lynn ivins says:

      I have several Owen in my bloodline that hailed from England. My father always said that any Owen, no s, was related to us. I wonder if there is a connection here.

  40. mjoderkin says:

    I now have over 7,500 ancestors listed for my husband’s maternal grandmother’s line which goes through Edmund Towne who older sister Rebecca (Towne) Nurse was hung in the Salem witch trials and that name continues back into the Sir Thomas Boleyn line etc. My maternal grandmother’s line goes through Rev. Steven Bachiler (thought to have inspired the “Scarlet Letter” story and also the Wingate line that leads to Henry VII then on back ito Charlemagne Between our lines we also have Alfred the Great , William the Conqueror, Otto the Great, Vikings, Kings of Scotland, France, Franks, etc etc etc.
    Yes, by God’s grace I want to write a book this next year, so please encourage me to do it!! 🙂

    1. Shauna says:

      I have all the same ancesters as You and your hubby….Edmond Towne is my 10 grand father…check out my family tree on I’m cwalker8179 on there,my name is Shauna Walker..maiden name is henry. Come check it out,and I hope You get to write your book and its successful.

      1. Nancy Lea says:

        there doesn’t seem to be a way to search you on…how about a link to your tree?

    2. Nancy Lea says:

      YES< do it!!! We have an "Anne Boleyn" dangling off our tree, but, she is a first, or second, cousin of the tragic Anne.

    3. Megan says:

      My mother was a Towns and traced back to the falsely accused salem witches and further to the Boleyn family. Love to hear more about genealogy.

  41. Bruce says:

    My Mother recently handed me a book sized family tree from my Father’s Mothers side of the family. Most of it begins in the State of Maine, but does go back to Sir William Boyeln.
    I am still trying to decipher the line down to my Grandmother from the Boyeln’s.

  42. Angela says:

    Mary Boleyn was my 12th great grandmother. I just found that out last year.

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      Very interesting but you dont say if it is from her marriage to William Carey or not. I am interested in her children from her marriage to William Stafford. Can you help?

  43. Steven says:

    My paternal lineage seems to trace back to a 1st cousin of Queen Anne Boleyn named Dorothy Heydon who was the daughter of Elizabeth Ann Boleyn and Sir Henry Heydon. Elizabeth Ann Boleyn, daughter of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn and Lady Ann Hood, was the sister of Sir Thomas Boleyn who fathered Queen Anne.

    Granted, I’m not 100% sure, but it does look that way from what I’ve seen. One of these days I’m going to have a professional track down everything myself just to be sure.

    1. Steven says:

      I just recently traced another section of my family back through Staffords and found Mary Boleyn with William Stafford. That would mean that I am related to the Boleyn family twice through the generations.

      1. Yonita Ward says:

        That could make us cousins. Can you get in touch

  44. Jeremy says:

    Queen Ann Boleyn’s sister, Lady Mary Boleyn is my 14th great-grandmother. Catherine “Lady Knollys” Carey is my 13th great-grand mother. I find the history of her position within Queen Elizabeth I’s court very interesting as the two were definitely 1st cousins, and likely spent more time together than anyone else. There is always the remote possibility that they were not only cousins but half-sisters as, Lady Catherine was the one of Lady Mary Boleyn’s children who was the most likely to be born within the span of time when Lady Mary Boleyn was mistress to King Henry VIII. This is interesting, at least to speculate about.
    Elizabeth I’s favoring Lady Knollys at court could be reflective their relationship being more than 1st cousins without Catherine’s ever having had a need to attempt a claim the royal line. Then again, maybe not. Another relative who could have put Catholic England back into power was put to death when Elizabeth I signed her death warrant although did not give permission until she was consulted. She was never consulted, but that warrant was carried out. I and several others on this blog could owe our existence to the comfortable arrangement of Lady Knollys position at Elizabeth I’s court. Fourteen of her children and 13 generations later, here I am. And also, perhaps, here are you.

    1. Beth Ann Griffin says:

      Mary Boleyn (1487 – 1512)
      is your 11th great grandmother
      Sir Henry Carey **1st Baron of Hunsdon; Order of Garter (1525 – 1596)
      son of Mary Boleyn
      Sir John Carey, 3rd Baron Hunsdon (1556 – 1617)
      son of Sir Henry Carey **1st Baron of Hunsdon; Order of Garter
      Sir John Carey ******1st Earl of Dover; Lord Mayor Bristol; Knight; (1583 – 1666)
      son of Sir John Carey, 3rd Baron Hunsdon
      Ann Carey (1697 – 1729)
      daughter of Sir John Carey ******1st Earl of Dover; Lord Mayor Bristol; Knight;
      Sarah Judith Giles (1711 – 1759)
      daughter of Ann Carey
      Joseph Bybee 1749 VA (1749 – )
      son of Sarah Judith Giles
      Melanee Bybee (1790 – 1850)
      daughter of Joseph Bybee 1749 VA
      Andrew Jackson Priddy (1822 – 1876)
      son of Melanee Bybee
      James Thomas Priddy (1851 – 1931)
      son of Andrew Jackson Priddy
      William Henry Priddy (1885 – 1953)
      son of James Thomas Priddy
      Floyd Priddy (1907 – )
      son of William Henry Priddy
      Floyd is my Grandpa

    2. Since Lady Lettice Knollys married Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Robert Dudley, she was then banished from her court. Their son ‘ the young imp’ died young.

  45. georgina says:

    my friend claims to be related to Anne Boleyn although I do not really believe her

  46. Charlene says:

    If you have any English ancestry at all, you’re likely descended from King John.

    If you have any Northern French or German blood at all, you’re likely descended from Charlemagne.

    Ukrainian or Russian? You’ve got Genghis Khan in your family tree.

    Mediterranean? The blood of the ancient Kings of Rome flows through your veins.

    Of course, most of it is plain everyday peasant blood…even for the highest among us.

    1. Shauna says:

      I descend from every royal bloodline,because of my cheevers,and powell bloodlines. Including the ones of today,and yes I’m related to all those You mentioned. I’m on my name is cwalker8179. Your more them welcome to check it out. I have documents,bios,pics..etc. Shauna walker

  47. stella says:

    Catherine Parr is our 11th great Grandmother! would love to get in contact with family.

    1. Jayne Parker says:

      Catherine Parr only had one child, a daughter named Mary, who is supposed to have died at the age of 2, so it’s unlikely that Catherine is your 11th great grandmother. Sorry

  48. Shauna says:

    Edmond Towne is my 10th grand father, my aunts were accused of being witches in the salem trials,and were hung,all but 1. Sarah,they made a movie and play based on them…7 soverigns for sister sarah. I’m on my name is cwalker8179 on there. Your welcome to look,I have records,pics etc. Yes I was born and raised in boston,ma.

  49. charlotte corday says:

    I would not be so proud to be related to the whore who ruined Christiandom in England and helped bring about the fraction of the Church. If any of you are Catholic please pray for the soul of Good Queen Catherine and Queen Mary I. Your relative was as disgusting and arrogant as Camilla. Because of her evil Catherine and Mary were separated with Catherine’s dying wish to see her daughter. Please understand how much damage your revered ancestor truly did.

    1. Shauna says:

      Well I’m sorry You feel that way hun,and You have the right to your opinion no doubt. But I am proud of where I come from,their part of me and without them I wouldn’t be here so I’m sorry to say I don’t feel the way You do. But I do understand.

    2. Hayley Young says:

      woah course language there. Neither of the Boleyns were such a thing. They both did their King’s bidding, as was the tradition of the time. Mary was an adulteress purely because she was pushed into it, Anne married Henry because she was persuaded it was advantageous for the family. Mary at least had the good sense not to marry Henry, or she would have had her head chopped off too!

      1. Shauna says:

        Well said hayley, I’m offended really with this woman. I understand people have their opinions,but they should gets facts to go along with those opinions.

      2. Shauna says:

        Oh and to answer your question about the dna…if You go on they offer the test, for $99 and yes it goes that far back. Your more then welcome to check out my family tree hun..its cwalker8179, my names Shauna Walker.. or maiden name Henry. Hope to hear from You soon.

        1. hayley young says:

          Hi Shaina, ancestry said that the dna analysis is only available in the US. I am in New Zealand. So Anne and Mary made it to the other side of the world. I am on ancestry, will add you tomorrow. I am hayleyjaneyoung on there. I have gone back to 1066 on one side with the venables family. And the Bolyns are direct descendants of mine through my maternal grandfather’s side. I also have Darwin, and the Wedgwoods in my tree. But then so do you most probably. They are all connected to Mary.

      3. Since Lady Lettice Knollys married Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Robert Dudley, she was then banished from her court. Their son ‘ the young imp’ died young.

        1. YonitaFairfax says:

          I was replying about Lettice Knollys but it was a way back.
          Whether Mary was an adulteress or not depends on when she married William Carey. It is said that Henry was bored and then married her off to William.

    3. Caroline Wild says:

      Charlotte Corday, your post just made me laugh out loud! At that time women were pawns in the games of the men. Don’t spout rubbish in the name of Catholicism. You know nothing of what the poor woman went through to keep her family happy. I am sure anyone who has commented on this post has equal sympathy for Catherine of Aragon, Mary and Elizabeth who also went through hell before becoming queen. All of the women connected in anyway to Henry Viii were victims. And why on earth would you choose a lovely interesting ‘chat’ like this to condemn not only the royals of the past but also Camilla? Write a book if you feel that strongly and allow these nice people their pride in their heritage.

      Read more:

      1. Cosette says:

        Not to mention, no one is responsible for the crimes of their ancestors. Unless she is posting from North Korea? In any case, she mist have slept through every history class to think 16th crntury women had agency!

    4. weaversouth says:

      this really should be removed. It has nothing to do with the conversation and is just some self-righteous bigot venting her fanaticism, Whoever runs this forum, can you PLEASE remove it?

      1. Claire says:

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s exactly how Eustace Chapuys thought of Anne as well, unfortunately.

    5. secret says:

      charlotte Corday you wasn’t there and you wasn’t present to judge anne Boleyn i detest small minded people like yourself if you haven’t got anything nice to say then hold your tongue also if you believe anne Boleyn to be a whore and you hate her with this passion why on earth are you commenting on this page grrrrrrrr

    6. secret says:

      CHARLOTTE CORDAY you wasn’t there or present at the time so to judge anne Boleyn is outrageous and frankly if you hate her with such a passion that causes you to call her a whore why on earth are you on this website either hold your vicious tongue or say nothing unless it is appropriate ,i wish you knew who i was but i wont give you the privilege all people like you do is blame anne never henry or do you also believe anne bewitched henry as you seem small minded like people back then was gullible fools

    7. Laura says:

      She’s dead. Really, really dead. What are you hoping to accomplish? And if you think Catholics were any better in that era, check out what Mary did to Protestants, or what was going on in Spain. It was a brutal era with no clean hands for people of any faith – except perhaps young girls who were mere pawns in the games of powerful men.

  50. Shauna says:

    I have an ancestry account,but whateva You wanna do. I think that’s awesome you’ve gone that far back. What’s your name on there?

  51. Shauna says:

    Hayley…just email me… I put You In but its saying there’s no member. Its a pain. Just email me whenever You want we’ll chat. Talk to u soon.

  52. Tracy says:

    I am also a descendan of Thomas West, Baron De La Warr, I did a family in high school. My family still carries the West last name. I am so interested in history. Who I am, my family,, our history as a whole.

    1. Marian says:

      Hi Tracy,

      I am also a descendant of Thomas West (and John West and Unity Croshaw).

      Nice to meet you.

      1. Lisa Hamilton says:

        Hi Tracy and Marian,

        I stumbled across this thread. I too am a direct descendant of John West and Unity Croshaw. Is there any documentation of the Boleyn link or Thomas West, Baron De La Warr with the descendants of John West? I’ve been searching via and it’s hard to verify. Any additional sources you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.


        1. allan says:

          Hi Lisa
          Try milesfiles 13.5 in your browser box then look for your surname it might pick up the wests and so forth, also try sir george yeardley and temperence flowerdew they appear to be the grand parents of unity croshaw temperence married francis west after george died and francis west was the son of anne knollys.
          Regards Allan

    2. Lisa Hamilton says:

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you so much for your response. The information you provided was very helpful and I was able to almost immediately establish a direct connection.

      Much appreciated!

      1. allan says:

        Hi Lisa,
        Glad I was able to help my own relatives are also trying to establish a connection with mary boleyn via george and temperence yeardley hope you make a breakthrough I think most of the clues regarding the wests and anne knollys derive from jamestown good luck bye.

        1. allan eardley says:

          Hi Lisa,
          Try this in your browser box “thomas west 3rd baron de la warrs family tree” it might help.

        2. allan eardley says:

          Try, ” our family tree” in your browser box then when the page comes up click on “Genealogy & Collaboration our family tree” it might be of interest to you just type in west its a good lead tra.

        3. Lisa Hamilton says:

          Thank you, Allan, for these additional resources! I will definitely look into this further.
          You are very thoughtful. I really appreciate it and hope your research is going well.


  53. Lynn says:

    I am a 17th great granddaughter of Anne Boleyn.

    1. Claire says:

      How? Anne only had a daughter, Elizabeth, and she died childless. Some people believe that Elizabeth had illegitimate children, but there’s no evidence. Perhaps you’re a 17th great niece? Are you descended from the Careys?

  54. Caroline Wild says:

    Charlotte Corday, your post just made me laugh out loud! At that time women were pawns in the games of the men. Don’t spout rubbish in the name of Catholicism. You know nothing of what the poor woman went through to keep her family happy. I am sure anyone who has commented on this post has equal sympathy for Catherine of Aragon, Mary and Elizabeth who also went through hell before becoming queen. All of the women connected in anyway to Henry Viii were victims. And why on earth would you choose a lovely interesting ‘chat’ like this to condemn not only the royals of the past but also Camilla? Write a book if you feel that strongly and allow these nice people their pride in their heritage.

  55. Angela Carnes says:

    I had my DNA tests and My mtDNA is a T2 just like Anne, Queen Elizabeth and Katherine Howards. I am related to them through Joyce Culpeper.

    1. Robin Smoot says:

      I had my DNA tested also, I am T2b6,,andone who falls under T is related to all of the European Royal families. I used

    2. Robin Smoot says:

      I had my DNA tested also, I am T2b6,,anyone who falls under T is related to all of the European Royal families. I used

  56. Catherine says:

    I’d just like to say DNA tests are not legit. Scientists have said u have more chance of finding who your ancestors are by rummaging through your lofts, than to be ripped off for a meaningless DNA test that holds no scientific evidence. Not my words, they are words of ppl in the know. I guess u people are all American? Well I honestly don’t believe there are that many people related to the Bolyn/Tudor line, not even here in England & Especially not in America. Its a nice thought to be related to some historical royality, but chances are its not the case. In any case why are u guys so eager to be related to English people? I thought you all thought we had bad, yellow teeth or so the media always says lol.

    1. Natasha says:

      Actually, although DNA tests can be unreliable for some things, mtDNA passes down virtually unchanged through the maternal line. Therefore, it is possible to establish relation to someone through mtDNA. However, if establishing descent as far back as Anne Boleyn with mtDNA it would be very difficult to say how you were related to her, only that you are you are related to her. And apparently nearly half of the people in Britain are descended from British royalty. Basically, if you lived long enough ago and had enough kids, the reach of your descendants spread pretty far.

      1. Nancy Lea says:

        LOL..I once looked at Prince Charles’ EXHAUSTIVE ancestry compiled by some obsessive-compulsive in the College of Arms (or’s in the NY Public Library geneaology collection, if anybody wants to look). Anyway, get back far enough, and he’s related to almost EVERYBODY in his part of the world…and then some.

  57. Catherine says:


  58. david boyle says:

    i was advised by lough genealogy that some peoplle suggest a link between Boleyn family and the Boyle name.Is there any evidence to support this view.

  59. GARY EVERSON says:

    I have been doing research for yers of the family of HORACE NAPOLEAN GIBSON BORN NOV. 20TH 1893 \ ST. PAUL MN. Part of the Buchanan branch of Ireland . They have always heard that they were related to Anne Boleyn do you have any records that would show that. Thank You

    Gary l. Everson

  60. Natasha says:

    Concerning mtDNA, I should add that if you were related to Anne Boleyn through a continuation of the maternal line, i.e. Mary Boleyn, through to her daughter, then her daughter, etc., etc., the mtDNA, if you were able to get a sample, would be pretty much the same. Through this method you would not be able to identify exactly how you were related to someone. It’s all pretty interesting though.

  61. Lucy says:

    I’m Anne boleyns distant family not joking

    1. Sher Bent says:

      My grandma Randall was a couzen
      of the Queen

  62. Lucy says:

    I don’t know how, but I checked out my family tree a d she’s on it

  63. Anna says:

    My grandmother is a long distant cousin to Queen Elizabeth , Which i think is awesome we have paperwork on it

  64. Susan says:


    I came upon an interesting article about Kate Middleton and how she and William are both descendants of Mary Boelyn Carey (maybe Hnery VIII?)

    My father is descended from Carries from Arbroath, Scotland and I am wondering if he may have any connection to the Boelyn Careys?

    It’s unlikely but thought I’d ask…

    I’m descended from Percival Lowell in the U.S. who is documented to be descended from Edward III so now I’m thoroughly interested in British history.

  65. SJ says:

    Hi everyone
    I’m from Australia and what has brought me to this site is my very preliminary research (well, not really proper research – just digging around) into my own family history. I am a direct descendent (from my great-grandmother) from the du Moulins(my du Moulin ancestor came to Australia as a medical doctor with his family way back in the 1800s). One direct distant ancestor was a Philipe Du Molin Seigneur of Brie and cup-bearer to Francois 1 and apparently married to a Marie de Boulan, a supposed relation of the Boleyns (maybe cousin of Anne Boleyn). There appears to be some small debate among historians as to whether Anne or Mary spent some time with his family during her teens. Apparently there is a tower remnant of a medieval castle called the “Tour de Anne Boleyn” in Briis-sous-Forges (and also a street named after her).

    It’s the de Boulan – Boleyn connection that I am slightly intrigued by – the French/Anglo link. Is there a family relationship?

    What is greatly amusing to me is that my grandmother told me a bit about the du Moulins when I was young and about some connection to the court of Elizabeth 1 – and I was completely bewildered at the time and thought she was slightly nuts! Anyway, I think one of my ancestors, according to my grandmother’s account, was a lady-in-waiting in Liz 1’s court (don’t know who, tho).

  66. SJ says:

    whoops…that’s Philipe Du Moulin …(not “Molin”)…….

  67. Lauren says:

    I am also a direct descendant of Mary and Anne.
    My Grandmother’s maiden name was West, traced from Lady Anne Knollys West who was the daughter of Catherine Carey and Sir Francis Knollys.
    Mary Boleyn is my great to the 13th Grandmother.

    1. katlyn says:

      Once again will someone please explain why NO ONE can be the direct desc. Of Anne BULLEN. No Elizabeth I did not secretly have any children…

      1. Claire says:

        Some people do believe that Elizabeth I did have children – some believe that she got pregnant by Thomas Seymour and some others believe that Arthur Dudley was her son by Robert Dudley, BUT, most people don’t believe either of those theories.

        I think the confusion is regarding what it means to be a “direct descendant”. I think many people believe it simply means related to, a blood relative of, whereas it actually means that you are descended from the person, via her children. I think another area of confusion is that there are a few Anne Boleyns in the Boleyn family tree. For example, the Anne Boleyn who was the sister of Thomas Boleyn and who married John Shelton.

        We know that Anne Boleyn, as in Queen Anne Boleyn, only had one surviving child, Elizabeth I, and she didn’t have any children, unless you go for the theories I’ve mentioned. Therefore, as I’ve said a few times, nobody can be DIRECTLY descended from Queen Anne Boleyn.

        I see the same with Henry VIII too, but his children, Mary I, Edward VI, Henry Fitzroy, Elizabeth I, all died childless. It’s only if you believe that he fathered the Careys that you can say that you are directly descended from him.

  68. Arianne says:

    Hello All:

    Mary is my 16th Great Grandmother. Kind Edward the 1st is my 26th Great Grandfather.

    My family are the Scotts and we are related to the Howard family when Sir Edmund Scott married to Joan Howard wich is the daughter of Katherine Cary, Son of Henry Carey, son of Mary Boleyn.



  69. Marian says:

    Greetings, cousins!

    Mary Boleyn was my 13th great grandmother
    Mary Carey was my 12th great grandmother
    Anne Knollys West was my 11th great grandmother

    I haven’t read every single post on here, but did someone say that Francis Knollys was not the father of Mary Carey’s children?

    1. Marian says:

      Re my previous post: I was a little confused about my Marys – Mary Boleyn (Anne’s sister) was my 13th GG and her daughter Catherine was my 12th GG. The tree I was looking at wasn’t showing her full name (I have her as Mary Catherine Carey), so I got confused about which one married William Stafford.

      So, Mary Catherine Carey Knollys had a daughter named Anne – that is my 11th GG.

      Wow, I just got myself all confused there for a moment. Sorry about that.

  70. Becca says:

    Anne is my 6th cousin 13x removed. The connection is through the Welles line. I have found many interesting people on my line. But my first find was Anne Boleyn.

    1. Christine Willmott says:

      Hi Becca I’m descended thru Margery de Welles her sister was Anne who became Anne Boleyns 8th great grandmother, your right there’s a lot of interesting people there, regards Christine.

      1. Christine says:

        I mean Anne Boleyns third great grandmother and my nineteenth great grandmother were sisters, I’m descended from Margery De Welles, Anne was descended from Anne De Welles.

  71. Kirsten says:


    I have been told by family that we are related to Anne Boleyn as well but in tracing my tree backwards I get stuck at Anne Whitehorn, other surnames shown are Savory & Taylor, wondered if anyone is familiar with these names?


  72. Amanda wilson says:

    I am a direct descendant to Anne’s aunt Ann Boleyn and her husband Sir Henry Haydon of Baconsthorpe. My maternal grandfather is Marvin William Hayden. I also named my oldest son Hayden after our family name. 🙂

    1. Kelly says:

      My family are direct descendants of Anne Boleyn.

      I am unsure as to how many generations I need to go back but she is my great (x’s X generations) grandmother.

      The oldest living person in my family that is still mentioned in the “royal books” is now in his 90’s living in Virginia and is my great uncle on my mothers side.

      1. Claire says:

        I’m not sure how you can be direct descendants of Anne Boleyn because Anne’s only child, Elizabeth I, died childless. She could be your great-great-great… aunt though if you’re descended from Mary Boleyn. Is that what you mean?

        1. Kelly says:

          Well I can tell you my family that I personally know were/are the Haydon’s.
          My great uncle is who I am referencing above.

          According to the research my grandmother did and passed down through the generations this is the information she and my great uncle found.

        2. Claire says:

          I’m not doubting that you’re descended from the Boleyns but Anne Boleyn only had one daughter, Elizabeth I, and she didn’t have any children so Anne’s line ended there. Mary Boleyn, however, had two children, Henry and Catherine Carey, who both had large families and their children had large families etc. so there are many people today who can trace back to Mary Boleyn and are therefore related to Anne Boleyn.

          You mention the Haydons, so perhaps you mean the other Anne Boleyn (there were a few Anne Boleyns), Anne Boleyn Heydon. Anne Boleyn Heydon was the daughter of Geoffrey Boleyn and Anne Hoo – see – and was married to Henry Heydon.

    2. Kelly says:

      Looks like you and I may be related lol. My family are also Haydon’s.

  73. Monique Lim says:

    Oh my goodness this really is one big family! You are all so lucky and blessed to know your lineage, particularly knowing you come from these amazing Tudors! So you all basically have royal blood (to some degree!) Unfortunately I’m adopted so I will never know my heritage except for a great grandfather on my biological mother’s side who was the royal painter for the maharaj of something-or -other in India. Very interesting indeed. Keep up the excellent research

  74. Emily says:

    Anne is 15 x great aunt, with Mary being my 15 x great grandmother. I am decended through Catherine Carey, then Lettice Knollys etc. So I may be a direct descendent of Henry VIII! I have also traced him as a cousin elsewhere.

  75. Starr Whitmore says:

    My ex-husband’s family were direct decendants of Queen Anne Boleyn and were granted land in the New York/New Jersey area (I believe it was Ellis Island) which was taken by eminent domain. Many family members have tried to regain some sort of retribution for it but with out any success. I saw the paper work but it was years ago. The family ended up moving to Washington state and own large amounts of land in the Spokane River Valley.

    1. Nancy Lea says:

      no, you’re not…and the land grants came from a later Queen Anne (a stuart)
      the “we own the land under Trinity Church” is an old, old “bar story”

    2. Courtney says:

      They are not direct descendants of Queen Anne Boleyn. She had one child, who died childless.

  76. Mary Boleyn is my 15th Great-Grandmother, through the Clays of Alabama (cousins to Henry Clay). Clement Clay, Senior (8th Alabama governor’s) wife was Susannah Claiborne (related to Liz Claiborne); her line extends through the Jones’ and the Wests’, directly to the Knollys’. Personally, I believe Henry VIII fathered Mary’s children. They received very special treatment by Queen Elizabeth, which was unusual. My cousin and great-aunt did DNA testing that linked us to many others who have this exact same lineage. It shouldn’t be that difficult to tie this in to Henry VIII–if indirectly. I have included my Tribalpages website if anyone would like to explore a connection. I am also on

    1. Nancy Lea says:

      my tree is “lea-kenfield family tree” which has some Boleyns dangling off it.
      have a look and drop my a line? My contact info is associated with it. I am in Alabama..our family names there are Lea, Day, Mosely, Kelly, Averyt (Averrit), Neely, and a few others….see the tree LOL

  77. She was actually Susannah Claiborne WITHERS. The funny thing is–my mom bought me a dart board with Henry VIII’s image on it when I was about 11 years old. It’s ironic that this guy could very well be my 15th great-grandfather!

  78. Judy Sutton says:

    Just something to note is that it’s important to checks dates as sometimes people confuse Anne Boleyn with her Great Grandmother Ann Boleyn whose maiden name was Hoo. She was married to Geoffrey Boleyn. Ann Boleyn (Hoo) is my 17th Great Grandmother.

    1. Nancy Lea says:

      makes us (rather distant) cousins of some degree! One of my Sackville ancestors married another “Anne Boleyn” who was a granddaughter of Sir Geoffry.

  79. Abby says:

    Hey, I’m a Tudor and live in Northwest Indiana. According to my dad’s aunt who did an extremely extensive family tree years ago, the Tudor blood line is a single bloodline in which all Tudors that still exist today are directly related. Can anyone attest any truth to this?

    1. Paige says:

      I am also from the tudor bloodline. I live in Southern Michigan

      1. Roy Tudor says:

        I am also a Tudor, and proud of it…I live in Madison , Wisconsin. I have traced my family back to Virginia when they came over from England in the late 15th century. I am visiting London this July, 2014. is there a organization of Tudor’s I could visit while I’;m there to meet some of my relatives? thank you to anyone

        1. Kara Tudor says:

          Roy – I have a book called The Tudor Geneology 1720-1987, that starts with Henry Tuder 1720-1771, from Sussex Co, VA. I’m curious to know where Henry came from, and your comment peaked my interest as a Tudor. Does your Geneology come from the Tuder’s with an “e”? If you’d like to connect, please email me at!

          Thank you!

        2. Miss kitty says:

          Hi i dont want to be a party pooper but there isnt any tudors that are around today who could be related to king henry he left no legitimate descendants only bastards and they had other surnames unless you mean his sisters descendants it is possible

        3. Rose Carey says:

          You and Kara might have a connection to Tuders in Maryland. I suggest taking a DNA test with ancestry, or another safe DNA site.

  80. Angela says:

    Have you used the Roal Ancestry Bible? Great book that has 3volumes of Nobility/Royal pedigrees. It has helped me straighten my tree up a lot. I live in .NE Indiana

  81. Mike says:

    I am a direct descendant of Anne Boleyn and so is my wife.

    1. Claire says:

      But Elizabeth I didn’t have children and she was Anne’s only child.

      1. Nancy Lea says:

        Anne had a cousin, also named “Anne Boleyn” so that might be where the confusion occurs for “Mike.” She was married to a Sackville.

  82. Laura says:

    I have been doing some genealogy and so far I am sure I come from lines of commoners. Maybe that is why I live in the states. But it is more fun to think my ancestors were wealthy and connected to royalty instead of thinking they may have been turning the turkey spit for the king while standing a step out of a hot fireplace. I am also saddened for the heavy burdened load of taxes paid by my ancestors for the unnecessary, excessive merriment of court for their own pleasure and for the excessive number of palaces built out of the finest materials.

  83. Gary G says:

    Anne Boleyn’s grandmother was a Butler, my 2nd cousin 16 times removed. I think I share 3 genes with her. Ha.

  84. Nancy Lea says:

    One of my maternal family-lines is descended from Sir Geoffry Boleyn, Anne’s grandfather or great grandfather..still working on that one. One of the Sackvilles married a first, or second, cousin of hers, also an “Anne Boleyn” (working on that one, too). Don’t know what this makes ME in terms of “special” if at all, but it’s certainly interesting and fun to see what parts your family played at different times in history.

    1. Mommadog22 says:

      Hello, I’ve been building my tree and when I hit a brick wall with my Jones lineage (paternal grandmother’s paternal grandmother’s dad’s line) I went down that Jones (3X great?) wife’s line — a Shelton. Her Shelton lineage appears to jump the pond (before Captain Shelton) and continue on to Anne Boleyn Shelton. What a fun discovery!

      Any Boleyn Shelton relation and Shelton trees out there that link the American Sheltons? Thanks! This is fun and fascinating!

  85. Eric says:

    Anne Boleyn is my 3rd Cousin 13 Generations Back, As is Katherine Howard.

    Eleanor of Aquataine and King Henry II are my 24th Great Grandparents

  86. Kelly says:

    Thank you I will definitely look further into it. The reason I am more intrigued is because my mother and I were discussing our “religion” and that our family was formally catholic and had mentioned (I wish I was good at remembering names) but a family member that was beheaded and his last words were “my only regret is that I didn’t live long enough to see my son beheaded”

    Now my quote could be slightly inaccurate but if you could help shed some light on it I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Claire says:

      Sorry, I don’t recognise the quotation at all.

  87. Kelly says:

    I should also mention that at that point that is when my ancestors started to follow the Church of England and the man I speak of above was beheaded because he would not switch from being a catholic in order for Henry the 8th to marry Anne Boleyn but I believe his son did switch to the Church of England.

    Hopefully this is making sense cause this is all new to me.

    1. Claire says:

      Although Henry became the Supreme Head of the Church of England when he broke with Rome, the church was very much Catholic in “flavour” until the reign of Edward VI and Henry died a Catholic. The only men I can think of, offhand, who were beheaded for not recognising Henry’s supremacy at the time you’re talking about are Thomas More, Bishop Fisher and some of the Carthusian monks, but they were after Henry’s marriage to Anne. I’m really not sure who you could be thinking of.

      1. Lynn says:

        Henry did not die a catholic. He was excommunicated when he married Anne.

        1. Claire says:

          He wasn’t excommunicated until 1538. Although he’d been excommunicated he was still Catholic in his faith, he died still believing the Catholic doctrines and was not Protestant in his thinking or faith.

    2. Dorothy Lowe says:

      My Family had actually been traced back as far as Queen Anne Boleyn.

      Also William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury 1633.

      William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury (His High Church liturgical practices, Arminian theology, and use of the Church Courts soon angered the Puritans in Parliament. Queen Henrietta Maria, on the other hand, was never happy with Laud because of his anti-Catholic views. Laud encouraged King Charles I to pursue uniformity in the Church of England, forcing or attempting to force the Kirk in Scotland to conform to the ritual of the Book of Common Prayer.)

      He was Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1630 and Chancellor of the University of Dublin from 1633.

      Parliament arrested Laud and had him held in the Tower of London. He was tried without result and then attainted for treason by Parliament and executed on January 10, 1645. Laud is now remembered as a Reformation Martyr by the Church of England and his name is included on a plaque in the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford honoring English martyrs of the Reformation associated with the University (Catholic, Anglican, and Puritan) who were victims of Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I or Parliament!

      Sadly my Aunt had a house fire years ago and all was lost.
      When I have time I will try my best to trace the family tree again.

  88. Kelly says:

    Maybe the information I’m relaying is incorrect. I will find out and get back to you.


      1. Roberta Andrews Deloach says:

        My direct descendant grandmother was Alice Boleyn Clere, sister to Anne’s father Thomas.

        1. Wendy Campbell says:

          Me too!

  89. Robin Anstey Gauthier says:

    Anne Boleyn had a sister, Elizabeth Alice Boleyn. The son of Elizabeth Alice was Sir Adrian Fortescue, Catholic Martyr of the Bath, beheaded on London green by you-know-who…still peeved about Anne, I guess. At any rate, Sir Adrian was my ancestor. Anne Boleyn was my 14th Great Grand Aunt, and Queen Elizabeth I was my cousin 15 or so times removed.

    1. Robin Anstey Gauthier says:

      Before I am crucified, I just discovered that Mary was the only sister of Anne Boleyn, and that my relatives were, no doubt, cousins.

  90. Paige says:

    I am Anne Bolyen’s niece.
    I am also related to Elizabeth the 1st Henry the 1st, 5th and 8th.

  91. Paige says:

    I am also a tudor

    1. allan says:

      glad I was able to help my relatives are also trying to establish a connection with mary b
      oleyns family via george yeardley all the best by.

  92. Brandy says:

    KaSandra..The whole description of your family tree you gave was the storyline to THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL except for the coming to america part. His daughter with Queen Anne became Queen Elizabeth 1. If your family tree only goes back 100 yrs your timing is way off also. SMH.

  93. Paul NEWBOLD says:


    Another 13 times great grandchild of Mary BOLEYN reporting for duty! Actually it is not yet confirmed. It all depends upon my five times great grandmother, Averilda TOBIN, having a Mary BUTLER as her mother, which is indicated through a source, but yet to be definitely confirmed. Averilda married John RODGERS and their son was the Joseph RODGERS of the renowned Sheffield cutlery firm of ‘Joseph Rodgers & Sons’.

    Here – very simplified – is the line from Mary BOLEYN to Mary BUTLER:

    Mary BOLEYN and William CAREY (and, yes, he likely was the real father!)

    Henry CAREY and Anne MORGAN

    Katherine CAREY and Charles HOWARD

    Frances HOWARD and Henry FITZGERALD

    Bridget FITZGERALD and Nicholas BARNEWALL

    Mabel BARNEWALL and Christopher PLUNKETT

    Mary PLUNKETT and Walter BUTLER

    Mary BUTLER

    Like some others who have left messages here I have been in a state of shock after discovering this likely possibility in mid-October 2013, and am only now beginning to calm down a bit, helped along by the knowledge that there seem to be many of us descendants across the world! One of the first things I did after discovering all this was to pop down to Hever Church and Castle – it’s only a 25 minute train ride for me, and I’ve been there many times before! I’ve known about my possible distant cousinship to the BOLEYNS (and ‘others’!), and likely descent from King Edward I – all through the BUTLERs, Earls of Ormonde and associated families – since 1993, but had no idea of this more direct BOLEYN connection until accidentally finding-out!

    If anyone ‘out there’ knows anything to help me confirm all this (in particular that Averilda TOBIN’s mother was this Mary BUTLER) please contact me or leave a post here.

    Paul NEWBOLD –

    (If I am not permitted to include my e-mail address, then I will aim to visit this page once or twice a year to check for any responses left here.)

  94. kimc says:

    On investigation of our family tree, we appear to be related to Mary Boleyn daughter Catherine Carey and her daughter lettice knolly.

  95. KMB says:

    My last name is Bullen and I am told I am related to the Boleyn family, I have not looked into it very much

    1. SDK says:

      My maiden name was also Bullen and I was told the same thing. The story I was told, after Anne Bolyen was beheaded, the brothers? fled the country and changed the spelling of the name. Beginning to wonder how true all that was.

      1. Courtney says:

        Anne Boleyn had only one brother, who was executed with her. As far as I know, there is no substance to the story of the “brothers” leaving the country and changing the name.

        1. me cee says:

          Except for illegitimate Boleyn brothers and cousins

  96. Michele Mcculloch Perez says:

    I am unsure of my mothers side since her birth and such has been hidden and obscured since she was adopted, but my father was of the family of Mcculloch, and boone, I was told we are direct descendents of the son of mary bolyn not sure, but I have the red hair to go with my scottish descent on my fathers side, I am looking for for answers, if anyone can help me.

  97. brooke says:

    i am a descent of anne boylen my blood line traces back to her. my french blood also backs up the descent line. Anne 2nd wife of Henry the 111V beheaded because she could not produce a male (son to the thrown) only had 1 child Elizabeth ( queen Elizabeth the 1st) who also did not produce any children hence where its believed the tudor family end. Also it was at this time the Aniglican reglion begain. As catholics where not aloud to divoice seperate remarry etc Henry and helpers lol created the church of England(Angilcan) as I say Im an inch from being good lol Anne was from royal blood before her brief marriage to henry as she was a consort… I am of Tudor blood i am a descent off anne which this name has continued through my family for generations my own daughter has it as her middle name.

    1. Jayne Parker says:

      As you have said yourself, Ann only had one daughter, Elizabeth, and she didn’t have any children, so you can’t be descended from Ann. You may be descended from her sister or her cousin, but it’s impossible for you to be descended from Ann.

  98. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and the rest of the website is
    also very good.

  99. Kathryn says:

    I know I’m late to respond here but I’m a cousin of Anne Boleyn’s. I’ve traced my lineage back to the Seymour family, and from them to Elizabeth Cheney. Elizabeth Cheney was also a direct ancestor of Anne and Mary Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

    I think if we all go back far enough we’ll find we’re all related somehow. Edward iii had many children; therefore, he has descendants all over the globe.

    1. Jayne says:

      9 children….so not that many, no.

      1. Jayne says:

        And not all his children, had children.

  100. I seldom comment, but after reading a few
    of the remarks on Are there any surviving relatives of Anne
    Boleyn today or has her bloodline ended? Rich Jones

  101. mark upton says:

    Sir John Shelton, greatgrandson on Mary Boleyn, (Aunt of the Queen Mother to ElizabethI), found in theUpton family tree.

  102. Kat says:

    I have actually traced back my blood lines to Anne Boleyn, from my grandfathers side. So I do find this very interesting!

  103. Jan says:


    Do William/Henry Carey’s lineage connect to the Carey’s of New England?

    Thanks for any info.

    1. Rose says:

      Yes they do, the Plymouth, Mass, usa immigrant John Cary, his son Mile Cary, came from Bristol, England, they were cousins to William Cary Who Married Mary Boleyn.

  104. Cleotia says:

    Mary Bolyen would be my 12th Great-Grandma on my maternal Grandfathers side. So 14 generations removed here is how my line looks.

    Her Daughter Catherine Carey my 11th GG

    Her Daughter Baroness De La Warr my 10th GG

    Her Son Gov John West Sr my 9th Great-Grandfather

    His Son Col John West my 8th Great-Grandfather

    His Son Capt Thomas West my 7th GG

    His Daughter Agnes West my 6th GG

    Her Son Richard T Gregory my 5th GG

    His Son Richard Gregory my 4th GG

    His Son Abel Gregory my 3rd GG

    His Son Sandy Gregory my 2nd GG

    His Daughter Cleotia My great-grandma

    and then My grandpa Clarence Shearhart.

    1. Edward says:

      Cleotia, is your family still in VA or SC? Many of the West/de LaWarr line is in SC from the mid 19th century to the present.

      1. Cleotia says:

        No Agnes West’s Grandson, Abel Gregory, was the last of my line born in Va, he went to Kentucky, then missouri and then Abel’s great-grandson Sandy Gregory went to Oklahoma during the land run.

  105. Joska says:

    Am I the only person in the world that is not a descendant of Mary Boleyn!!?! Grrmmbllbgrrhg! But ancestors of my husband were called Bullen. Close enough for me, haha!

    1. Jan Jones says:

      Hello Joska,
      I am descended from the Bullen family of Norfolk. I doubt if the Bullens were originally Boleyns – but a lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to make that work!!

      I am curious, though, to know if the Boleyn sisters (Anne and Mary) were the only children in their family?? Most families were huge in those days – so did they have any brothers???

      Love to hear from you about the Bullens – if you think we connect. My great-grandmother was Mary Bullen from Saham Toney, Norfolk.

      1. Lynn says:

        Actually the common people at the time called Anne Boleyn “Nan Bullen). It was said the family name was in fact “Bullen” and they changed it to the more French sounding “Boleyn”.

  106. violet says:

    I am descended from James Bollen. New Amsterdam Long Island. Family legend us that he always claimed Anne Bolyen was his cousin. Althi we havent made the connection if hid claims were true than he would have bern descended ftom an uncle of Ann and Mary.

    1. Linda says:

      I’m from James Bollen as well! He was from Norfolk, home of the Boleyns, so I believe he probably was a cousin of some sort.

  107. lisa says:

    Could someone tell me where you find info that far back to your descendants? I have tried etc but cant go back further than a couple of generations etc

    1. Christine says:

      Try searching thru other peoples family trees most of them have the same ancestors as you, and you can always get in touch with other members too, that’s how I found out about mine, you just have to persevere good luck

      1. Paul NEWBOLD says:

        Yes – it’s the very difficult tracing back before the 18/19th century.

        The only hope you have would be to have a known so-called ‘Gateway Ancestor’. This is someone who is part of a ‘Noble’ or titled family that has a published reliable Family Tree, such as in ‘Burke’s Peerage’. Such trees eventually lead back into well-known famous (and infamous!) historical characters, and eventually (invariably, anyway) all the way back to William The Conqueror! This is because all noble and titled families tend to link back together eventually, owing to cousins of various degrees marrying each other generation-by-generation, whether in arranged marriages or even genuine love matches.

        I believe ‘most’ people – I might say ALL people – have a Gateway Ancestor somewhere in their distant ancestry – the trouble is getting back far enough to find one, and that’s the rub! You generally come across a GA by mistake – by chance – during research; it’s not something you can plan for (neither should one try tracing FORWARDS from anyone in the past, unless you have a very reliable family story handed down!).

        The only reason I know I am an unconfirmed 13th great grandson of Mary BOLEYN and William CAREY (hopefully him, anyway!!) is because I have such a Gateway Ancestor, whom I found quite by chance.

        Anyway good luck with your researches!

        Paul NEWBOLD (see my entry here of Dec 16th, 2013)

        1. Christine says:

          Yes that’s true my ancestors include a lot of nobles and some royalty and they are more or less all related to one another, therefore when filling in my tree I often put in the same person twice or sometimes even three times because they married several times to, so one of my grandparents could also be an aunt or uncle, it’s fascinating tho.

        2. Mommadog22 says:

          Yes! My discovery of my GA came by chance. I just happened to follow an Elizabeth Shelton in my tree. I was so surprised to find that her paternal lineage kept going until it passed Anne Boleyn Shelton and the Shelton line continued on until 1033.

  108. Patricia says:

    Ann is my 1st cousin 15x removed. We share the same paternal grandfather, SIR WILLIAM BOLEYN. I am also related to the Tudors, Hoo’s, and Sackvilles. My ancestors gentleman planters that founded Jamestown, Virginia, and St. Mary’s, Maryland.

  109. Barbara says:

    Hello. My cousin and I have been working on our family tree, starting with Penelope Stout, whose husband had either a mother or grandmother with the maiden name of Boylen, who were very early settlers in the New York, New Jersey areas of America. They were very early Baptists and I know that Thomas Boylen and his daughters and sons were very interested in a reformed-type of religion. I also know that less than 10 years after the death of Anne and her brother, all the Boylens left England, it is though for Ireland, which seems odd to me as Ireland was Roman Catholic. Are there any Stouts on this site? I would like to know more about the Boylen/Stout connection.

  110. Lurlene Rond Heaney says:

    My research indicates that Anne Boleyn was my 14th great grand aunt via Mary Catherine Carey (1524 – 1569) daughter of Mary (Lady Carey) Boleyn
    Anne (Baroness De La Warr) Knollys (1555 – 1608) daughter of Mary Catherine Carey
    Francis (Captain) West (1586 – 1634) son of Anne (Baroness De La Warr) Knollys
    Francis John West (1631 – 1696) son of Francis (Captain) West
    Francis West (1685 – 1723) son of Francis John West
    Sarah West (1700 – 1747) daughter of Francis West
    John III Phillips (1727 – 1808) son of Sarah West
    John IV Phillips (1755 – 1835) son of John III Phillips
    Joseph Phillips (1797 – 1859) son of John IV Phillips
    Phoebe Phillips (1821 – 1900) daughter of Joseph Phillips
    Francis “Frank” Marion Holden (1853 – 1937) son of Phoebe Phillips
    Morris Clarence Holden (1891 – 1973) son of Francis “Frank” Marion Holden
    Faryl Morris Holden (1917 – 2006) son of Morris Clarence Holden
    Virginia Gail Holden (1947 – ) daughter of Faryl Morris Holden

  111. Hogwash Mcturnip0 says:

    I cannot claim any links with the Boleyns, sadly. However my ancestor was the illegitimate child of Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots. They had na affair whilst he was overseeing the building of the Forth Bridge It was, not unsurprisingly hushed up, and the boy was spirited away to be raised in Brigadoon. So despite my royal blood, I have no claim on any throne. It does however mean that I am related to Rob Roy McGregor, Flora McDonald and Tam O Shanter. I am veru proud of that heritage.

    1. Christine says:

      What a load of hogwash! The stories on here just get dafter,

      1. Claire says:

        Perhaps it was a joke and that’s why the commenter is called “Hogwash”.

        1. Christine says:

          Oh yeh mind you most of the stories are daft like the one about the brothers fleeing the country and taking the baby with them,

    2. Smiley says:

      Genius Hogwash 🙂 Very funny!

  112. Colleen says:

    Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots had an affair? That must have been something really special, considering Robert the Bruce lived 250 years before Mary QOS.

  113. Marie says:

    Apparently, our family shares Blood with Ann Boleyn’s Grandmother Countess Elizabeth Tilney. Elizabeth married twice; Once to Sir Humphrey Bouchier the first time than to Sir Thomas Howard. The Children from those two marriages became Half Brothers and Sisters. Anne Boleyn’s Mother was Elizabeth Boleyn and her Father was Thomas Howard. Elizabeth Boleyn married Sir Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl of Wiltshire. Margaret Bouchier Daughter of Sir Humphrey Bouchier and Countess Elizabeth Tilney married Sir Thomas Bryan. Lady Margaret Bryan was Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard’s Aunt and her Son, our Ancestor Sir Francis Bryan was Anne Boleyn’s Cousin. Sadly,their are no direct descendants of Anne Boleyn because her Daughter Queen Elizabeth was never married nor did she have Children. Are their living relatives of Anne Boleyn today? There are a lot of living relatives today but most I believe have gone on to live ordinary lives and Marry non Royalty. Queen Anne lived in dangerous times, forced to be royal broodmares and treated less than or even killed when they did not produce Male Heirs. Mine own opinion on this is I don’t care if I have boys or girls. I in fact have all Daughters and love them and am proud of them as any Mother should be.

    1. Raines says:

      I have found that I’m related to Elizabeth Tilney (she is my 15th great grandmother, and to Anne Boleyn but not sure how?) I’m completely new to this search. I have read very few postings claiming a relation to E. Tilney. Would love to learn more.

      1. M baker says:

        Knight Thomas Howard 1443-1524 married Elizabeth Tilney.
        They were the parents of lady Elizabeth Howard 1480-1538 who married Earl Thomas Boleyn in 1500
        Howard and Boleyn were the parents of Lady Mary Boleyn

        Mary and Anne Boleyn were sisters that both slept with King Henry VIII

        Mary was also with sir William Carey and William Staffird

  114. Jane B says:

    Hi, would love to have more information from Hogwash McTurnip… ;-))) His revision of Scottish history will I think overturn much in that nation, though hopefully not the ancient Forth Bridge (Professor McTurnip, would that be the rail or road bridge, sorry to point out a minor omissis in the otherwise sound fabric of your worthy research). I am delighted to announce that that B in my surname is not for Boleyn and I am descended from peasants, servants and general sloggers (well someone had to till the earth while your ancestors were feasting on hogs and mead!). Having researched my family back I have a slight suspicion that I am in some way related to an outstanding Scottish writer but this is based merely on the fact that his and my family had the same surname, were shepherds and tended their flocks in the same remote valley at the same time and so will not name him. I would also like to point out that something like one third of the English descend from the prolific Edward III and just about everyone surnamed Stewart or Stuart is related to the royal house of Scotland. There weren’t so many people around back then. We’re all Jock Tampson’s bairns as I’m sure the illustrious Hogwash McTurnip would assure us.

    1. Lynn says:

      Love it!

      1. Lynn says:

        It seems that the entire decendants of our royal families went to America!

  115. Emma says:

    Anne Boleyn was my 1st cousin 16x removed, her Maternal Grandfather Thomas Howard was my 16 great Grandfather. We are also related to Henry VIII Two other wives Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour.

  116. Robert Fox says:

    My family comes from that Henry Fox/Anne West union, and De La Warr, Boleyn, etc., though not sure how direct. King William County, VA Foxes. Aylett. Joseph Fox, Tobacco IInspector 1701, that sort of thing.

  117. Beth Ann Griffin says:

    Hello, my cousin did heritage/DNA testing along with extensive research. He found out that we are the 11th (gen) grandchildren of Mary Boleyn. So, yes it seems the blood line is still going, I am 36 years of age and we have quite the family.

    Please feel free to email me if you would like

  118. Beth Ann Griffin says:

    Mary Boleyn (1487 – 1512)
    is your 11th great grandmother
    Sir Henry Carey **1st Baron of Hunsdon; Order of Garter (1525 – 1596)
    son of Mary Boleyn
    Sir John Carey, 3rd Baron Hunsdon (1556 – 1617)
    son of Sir Henry Carey **1st Baron of Hunsdon; Order of Garter
    Sir John Carey ******1st Earl of Dover; Lord Mayor Bristol; Knight; (1583 – 1666)
    son of Sir John Carey, 3rd Baron Hunsdon
    Ann Carey (1697 – 1729)
    daughter of Sir John Carey ******1st Earl of Dover; Lord Mayor Bristol; Knight;
    Sarah Judith Giles (1711 – 1759)
    daughter of Ann Carey
    Joseph Bybee 1749 VA (1749 – )
    son of Sarah Judith Giles
    Melanee Bybee (1790 – 1850)
    daughter of Joseph Bybee 1749 VA
    Andrew Jackson Priddy (1822 – 1876)
    son of Melanee Bybee
    James Thomas Priddy (1851 – 1931)
    son of Andrew Jackson Priddy
    William Henry Priddy (1885 – 1953)
    son of James Thomas Priddy
    Floyd Priddy (1907 – )
    son of William Henry Priddy

    Floyd is my Grandpa

    1. beth says:

      oops typed in wrong date for mary lol

  119. Allen England says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to find out if I’m a descendant of the Boleyn family? My great grandmother told me that I am, and I’m looking for confirmation. Her name was Katherine Boleyn (maiden name). Her married name was de Luca. Any information will help.

    1. Jayne says:

      Seems to be a lot of great grandmothers telling their family they are related to Anne Boleyn and without providing evidence. Surely if your grandmother was right, she’d have the confirmation??

    2. Rose Carey says:

      You and Kara might have a connection to Tuders in Maryland. I suggest taking a DNA test with ancestry, or another safe DNA site. Take a DNA test, you’ll match the descendants who are alive today, follow their tree back, meanwhile confirm what you find.

  120. Sandra Fisher says:

    I am a direct descendant of William Johnson a fellmonger from Bermondsey – so there!

    1. Lynn says:

      Did you get the heritage DNA testing to prove that?

  121. chloe says:

    Hi there, was reading this website and its fantastic! I am a descendant of the Boleyn family to, by marriage though. I have seen my family tree on my mothers side and it goes back all the way to the 15th century. Etches is the family name. Its just interesting to learn about these things. Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth Id have to say personally anyway are two of my favourite people from histories among the many. Great Website 🙂

  122. Nicolle says:

    I’m very jealous that you have all discovered this amazing kinship and wish I were part of it. Would someone adopt an adult woman descended from a french cannoner? lol

  123. Deondre says:

    Since they were all Fields, wouldn’t you have to be related to the Fields as well. I am a Fields (Feld), and Ann Boylenn was a Fields as well from what I read.

  124. Terry says:

    Anne Boleyn was a usurper, of low birth, nothing more than a “mistress” (to put it politely), and a common trollop! The ONLY true queen to the murderer Henry VIII was the good and brave Queen Catherine.

    1. Ann Mullane says:

      100% AGREE

      1. Claire says:

        1) Anne was not a gold digger, she came from a wealthy background and she actually rebuffed Henry’s advances.
        2) Henry was not excommunicated because of Anne Boleyn.
        3) The situation in Ireland has absolutely nothing to do with Anne Boleyn. Have you studied the history of Ireland? And what do you mean about Scotland? Scotland was a separate country.
        4) Anne was not a witch.

  125. Beth Griffin says:

    We do need a big family reunion, I read up through the comments and someone asked if there were any family in the USA.. yes I am here along with a HUGE family. 🙂 Please feel free to email me or find me on facebook.

  126. Darby says:

    As it turns out, I am a desendant of Henry the VIII on my mother’s side and Anne Boleyn on my dad’s side….

    1. Jayne Parker says:

      You cannot be descended from Ann Boleyn as she only had only one child, Elizabeth, and she was childless, so Ann Boleyn has NO descendants at all. It’s also unlikely that you are descended from Henry viii as none of his legitimate children had any children (and neither did his known illegitimate child).

  127. melissa says:

    my great grandmother is lettie shelton. i have traced her to sir ralph shelton who married anne boleyn. thomas boleyn sister. so i am related to queen anne’s aunt whom she was named after.

    1. melissa says:

      sorry correction she was married to sir john shelton

  128. Mary the Quene says:

    To the best of my knowledge, I am not related to either the Boleyn or Carey families. I did find it very interesting to read all the family connections by other posters, though! Very cool.

  129. nowell mckenna says:

    Hello everyone, I am a descendant of Anne Boleyn also. I have a female line…I descend from Anne Boleyn, the aunt of queen Anne. She married sir John Shelton, and became Lady Shelton. They are my 16th great grandparents. Queen Anne Boleyn is my first cousin 15 times removed. I hope to hear from some of my distant cousins out there!!

  130. John Price says:

    I have a client who wants to speak to a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn (more specifically her children Catherine and Henry Carey) about a project they are currently starting and would love to get them involved. Please contact me on for more information. It would be great if you could be able to help.

  131. Boo says:

    Well, one of Anne Boleyn’s dresses is on display in a London museum (not sure which dress, or which museum). Has been for years.

    The placard has my aunt’s name on it, as the family member who has the dress on permanent loan. So, yes, there is still definitely Boleyn blood in the world.

  132. B Shields says:

    One would have to wonder. My lineage goes back into the most of those families listed on the left, in fact all of them. I am direct lineage, and live in America. I trace back to the Plantagene’s, Tudor’s, Mortimer’s, Beuford, Gray’s, and the list literally goes on. It seams on my Father’s side there are literally tons starting as recent as just a few generations back.
    Does that mean anything? I tie into direct despondency of King Edward IV, My 14th Great Grandmother is Queen Elizabeth PLANTAGENET of York. Henry VIII was my 15th Great Uncle.

    Does this mean anything?

  133. Christine says:

    Claire have you researched your family you might be related to Anne Boleyn as well or another famous historical figure?

  134. mark upton says:

    Shelton is in an Upton family tree, not sure of relation.


  135. Maureen DIlley says:

    I think that all one has to do is examine a portrait of Lettice Knollys side by side with her cousin Elizabeth Tudor to realize that Henry VIII was Catherine Carey’s father. That red hair, the fine boned features, the long thin fingers are Tudor features not Boleyn. Add this to the fact that Mary was Henry’s mistress at the critical time period and yes there are Boleyn descendants… just not Anne’s

  136. Patricia J says:


    I have a family history booklet of the name Bullen with a family crest on the cover. It only goes back to the early 1600’s to the first Bullens that settled in America from England.

    It states that these Bullen men “claimed to be of the same ancestry as Anne Boleyn”
    It quotes from a couple of books that the Bullen name was also spelled Boleyn, Boulaine, Bollen,and Bulling.

    Quoting from the books: Henry VIII by Francis Hackett & The Divorce by Marvin H. Albert, it says that Anne’s father, Thomas Boleyn’s grandfather spelled his name Bullen.

    My maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Bullen. I was told she was of English, Welsh, and Scottish decent.

    Have any of you come across information of these different spellings of the Boleyn name?


    1. Christine says:

      I have read that there are indeed many different spellings of the Boleyn name, it is said that Anne spelt it in the above manner which was a French version, the Boleyns were supposed to have descended from the Counts of Boulogne, the English version is spelt Bullen, which was probably how Anne’s father spelt his name.

  137. Laura says:

    With so many descendants, I wonder if a comparison of those descending from different children of Mary would be instructive? Could it tell us whether Henry had a different father than those born when she was not Henry VIII’s mistress? Or do we perhaps have something with his DNA on it? With new technology, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we cpuld put this old mystery to rest?

    i am not one of you, sadly. I’ve traced my family back to 1640 or so when we arrived in the US and we were ordinary folk. But I am fascinated by what your genes may tell us. 🙂

    1. Christine says:

      Ordinary people are the salt of the earth.!

  138. Hannah Horner says:

    Hi I was wondering how did you get so far back with your family history, i have been looking into mine but haven’t got very fair at all as my father doesn’t know his true parents and my mother passed away when i was very young. I’ve always loved the tudors and wanted to look into my family that far back to see if I’m a relation to mary or anne, any tips please 🙂 thanks

    1. Christine says:

      Sign upto Genes Reunited or Ancestry all you need to know is your mums maiden name and go from there, you will be amazed what you find, then when you have found information on her side you maybe able to find out about your dad’s lineage, Ancestry is better then Genes as it has records from Children’s Homes that will tell you names, dates of birth, etc, you might also find other people who are researching the same relations as you and will tell you what you need to know, when it comes to going very far back however parish records can be scanty and only prominent people are better documented, but you may find you have royal blood, I did, good luck!

  139. amy says:

    I started my family tree and found out that my grandmother side was all related to royal I was amazed king Edward king henry king Edmond all the way back to the 600 the Viking days

  140. Dana says:

    Prince William’s wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a descendent of the Boleyns, Knolly’s, & I believe Carey’s. I can’t tell you exactly how, but I remember from reading about her and Prince William being distant cousins. Also, Jasper Tudor – the uncle of Henry VII, is my 17th gr-grandfather.

    1. Christine says:

      Catherines connection to the Boleyn family was later disproved however she is related to William through another ancestor.

  141. Minna says:

    I am also a descendant of Mary Boleyn and Sir William Carey. I recently found a Marsh family tree!

  142. Annette says:

    I thought both Mary Boleyn’s kids were Henrys but now I think maybe only Katherine was possibly, but it doesant really matter as they did very well whoever there father was. I am not sure that I would want to be descended from Henry Tudor as he has a very bad reputation,
    I do understand that people have seen the Other Boleyn girl and think its terribly romantic to be descended from Henry he was very cruel to t Margaret Pole and her family or anyone who upset him. Anne Boleyn only had one daughter and she had no children herself so the Tudor line ended
    What I think is interesting is that after Mary Boleyns death William Stafford married Dorothy Stafford who is the grand daughter of Margaret Pole that is cool.One of there sons became a spy in the time of Elizabeth1

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      If you would like more info I am a descendant of Margaret Pole. Write to me

  143. Sean says:

    I’ve been researching my family tree and discovered that I am related to Anne Boleyn.
    My 14th Great Grand Mother was Jane Calthorpe (maiden name: Boleyn) 1485-1510.
    Her older brother was Thomas Boleyn (1477-12/3/1539)
    His daughter was Anne Boleyn.
    I have also found that my genealogy can be traced back to William the Conqueror and Malcolm II King of Scotland.
    I’m pretty chuffed 😀

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      Love to know more about your Calthorpe connection. Do write to me

    2. Roberta Deliach says:

      My great great 14th was also sister to Thomas. Alice Clere Boleyn

  144. Andrew says:

    I am a direct descendent of the House of Boleyn. My bunch of greats grandmother is Margaret Boleyn. She is the aunt of Anne Boleyn and daughter of Sir William Boleyn and Anne Hoo Boleyn. Margaret’s brother Thomas was Anne’s father.

    1. Julia Hulse says:

      Margaret is my 13th great grandmother.

  145. Dorothy Lowe says:

    My Family had actually been traced back as far as Queen Anne Boleyn.
    I have no idea how we are related.

    Also William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury 1633.

    William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury (His High Church liturgical practices, Arminian theology, and use of the Church Courts soon angered the Puritans in Parliament. Queen Henrietta Maria, on the other hand, was never happy with Laud because of his anti-Catholic views. Laud encouraged King Charles I to pursue uniformity in the Church of England, forcing or attempting to force the Kirk in Scotland to conform to the ritual of the Book of Common Prayer.)

    He was Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1630 and Chancellor of the University of Dublin from 1633.

    Parliament arrested Laud and had him held in the Tower of London. He was tried without result and then attainted for treason by Parliament and executed on January 10, 1645. Laud is now remembered as a Reformation Martyr by the Church of England and his name is included on a plaque in the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford honoring English martyrs of the Reformation associated with the University (Catholic, Anglican, and Puritan) who were victims of Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I or Parliament!

    I also know that the town of St. Lo in France is somehow connected to my Family. The Family name was Saint Laud.
    I was told that it was named after a descendant. Who knows!
    The Family had fled to England and Scotland during The French Revolution.

    Sadly my Aunt had a house fire years ago and years of work tracing the family all was lost.
    When I have time I will try my best to trace the family tree again.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  146. Tommy Scott says:

    RE: Amy Reply:
    August 9th, 2014 at 5:48 am
    Any of the descendants of this line, I would love to connect with! (Deitrick -(maternal grandmother) Simons- Ball- Harleston- Wentworth- Fortescue-Boleyn (Bullen))
    The connection I have thru my maternal grandmother’s GG grandfather:
    Sir Geoffery Boleyn (Lord Mayor of London) (1406 – 1463)
    7th great grandfather of wife of 4th great grandfather of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
    Elizabeth (Alice) Boleyn (1438 – 1485)
    daughter of Sir Geoffery Boleyn (Lord Mayor of London)
    Sir Adrian Fortescue (1476 – 1539)
    son of Elizabeth (Alice) Boleyn
    Margaret FORTESCUE (1502 – 1551)
    daughter of Sir Adrian Fortescue
    Phillip Wentworth (1536 – 1614)
    son of Margaret FORTESCUE
    Jane Dauthen Wentworth (1581 – 1626)
    daughter of Phillip Wentworth
    John Harleston (1610 – 1698)
    son of Jane Dauthen Wentworth
    Elizabeth Harleston (1678 – 1720)
    daughter of John Harleston
    John Coming Ball (1714 – 1764)
    son of Elizabeth Harleston
    Eleanor Ball (1765 – 1827)
    daughter of John Coming Ball
    Keating Simons (1753 – 1834)
    husband of Eleanor Ball
    Edward Simons (1778 – 1842)
    son of Keating Simons
    Eliza Read Simons (1820 – 1880)
    daughter of Edward Simons
    Francis Kinloch Simons (1843 – 1897)
    son of Eliza Read Simons
    John James Simons (1882 – 1943)
    son of Francis Kinloch Simons
    John J. Simons (1918 – 1996)

    Hi Amy, My 14th Grandfather was John Fortescue and 14th Grandmother was Alice Boleyn and their son, my 13th grandfather was blessed Adiran Fortescue.. and so on. We must be related. My grandparents go up and up… King Edward 1,2,3, Henry lll, and so on…



      1. BECCAPURINGTON says:

        IF YOU WISH YOU CAN CONTACT ME BY E MAIL AT beccapurington at ya hoo . com

        1. BECCAPURINGTON says:

          SORRY I FORGOT TO TYPE SOMETHING IN MY E MAIL TRY AGAIN. LOL. beccapurington1998 at ya hoo. com

  147. Swenette says:

    Has anyone had DNA testing done to show what countries and regions they are from? I think this would add clout to the l ikely-hood of the family trees being accurate.

  148. Brittany says:

    I’m a direct descendant of the Boleyn family.
    Geoffrey Boleyn and Anne Boleyn (Hoo), who was Anne’s 2x great-grandfather/grandmother is my 18x great-grandfather/grandmother. 🙂

    1. Chrissy Collins says:

      I am Anne’s 1st cousin 19 x’s removed and her daughter my 2nd cousin. We share a great grandmother and grandfather in common, Lady Anne Hoo and Geoffrey Boleyn Lord Mayor.

  149. Mary is my 14th G-Grandmother on my paternal side :You

    Larry W West ,Sr.
    your father

    Vernon Othelle West
    his father

    Charles Homer West
    his father

    Erastus Jackson West
    his father

    Edwin Jackson West
    his father

    William West (Wiley)
    his father

    Jacob West
    his father

    Isaac West
    his father

    Joseph West
    his father

    John West
    his father

    Thomas West
    his father

    William West
    his father

    Thomas West, 3rd Baron de la Warre
    his father

    Anne Knollys, Baroness de la Warr
    his mother

    Catherine Carey, Chief Lady of the Bedchamber
    her mother

    Mary Boleyn, Mistress King Henry VIII
    her mother
    On my Maternal side ,I have King Henry the 1st ,2nd and 3rd:You

    Linda Kay Harder
    your mother

    Harold Farmer Harder
    her father

    Edward Julian Harder
    his father

    Louisiana Manning
    his mother

    James Manning
    her father

    DR. James Manning
    his father

    Joseph Manning
    his father

    Grace Fitz Randolph
    his mother

    Joseph Fitz Randolph
    her father

    John Fitzrandolph
    his father

    Edward Fitzrandolph, Jr.
    his father

    Edward Fitz Randolph, of Sutton-in-Ashfield
    his father

    Christopher Fitz Randolph, II
    his father

    Christopher Fitz Randolph
    his father

    John Fitz Randolph, II
    his father

    John Lord Spennithorne FitzRandolph
    his father

    Sir Ralph Fitz Randolph, Lord of Spennithorne
    his father

    Elizabeth de Holland
    his mother

    Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent
    her father

    Joan “The Fair Maid of Kent” Plantagenet
    his mother

    Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent
    her father

    Edward I “Longshanks”, King of England
    his father

    Henry III of England
    his father

    John Lackland, King of England
    his father

    Henry II, King of England
    his father
    So my tree is rather twisted and intertwined..I’d love to meet others who have the same ancestors

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Catherine iv a legitimate line of descent from Edward 1st thru his daughter Princess Joan and an illigetimate line of descent from Henry 1st Henry 11 and King John whose mistresses all had children, from whom I’m descended so we are very distant cousins, also I’m related to Anne Boleyn thru the De Welles connection.

    2. Christina says:

      My maiden name is West. Due to a brick wall, did DNA testing on a couisin. The halogroup matches the Governor of VA line. (This also is appearently a rare halogroup) My line involves the MD, VA, PA areas. Would love to talk to someone about this line please. The common male surnames seem to be John, Jacob, Charles, and William. Thank you in adavance, any help would be appreciated.

    3. Mary Ann West says:

      Catherine, we must be cousins! My 92-year-old father (John West) just completed the Y-DNA and we are waiting for more results. One thing that came out is: a relative Richard Tudor II 1629- 1684 and we already knew Mary Bolyln via Anne Carey & Thomas West 2nd Baron De La Ware. There is so much more research needed. On ethe U.S. side, he is a direct descendant of the Randolph’s of Virginia.

      Here is a posting I recently wrote:

  150. Frederick Marvin(Harrison)Harper says:

    Hello Catherine I’m a Noble Harrison through my father George Leraine Harrison who went by an alias of Ralph Leraine Harper,long story.For over a year now I have been fruitlessly trying to trace my self to Anne Boleyn and Henry 8th as a Grand-uncle and Aunt,I haven’t been able to get closer than 1st cousins and I trace through 5 Noble lines:Bernard/Burwell/Carter/Churchill and stringer.These are my tracings for both
    (000)FREDERICK M.HARPER(1964-
    (004)EPHRAIM HARRISON(1798-1864)2nd GGF
    (005)JUDGE,BAZEL CALVIN HARRISON(1771-1864)3rd GGF
    (010)BENJAMIN HARRISON III (1673-1710)6th GGF
    (011)COL,BENJAMIN HARRISON(JR) II (1645-1712)7th GGF
    (012)MARY SIDWAY STRINGER(1624-1688)8th GGM
    (013)MARGARET Le’SCROPE(1580-D)9th GGM
    (014)MARGARET Le’SCROPE”HOWARD”(1543-1591)10th GGM
    (015)HENRY HOWARD”EARL-SURREY”(1517-1547)11th GGF
    (016)THOMAS HOWARD”3rd DUKE-NORFOLK”(1473-1554)12th GGF
    (017)THOMAS HOWARD”2nd DUKE-NORFOLK)1443-1524)13th GGF
    (000)FREDERICK M,HARPER(1964-
    (004)EPHRAIM HARRISON(1798-1864)2nd GGF
    (005)JUDGE,BAZEL CALVIN HARRISON(1771-1864)3rd GGF
    (008)BENJAMIN HARRISON III (1673-1710)6th GGF
    (009)COL,BENJAMIN HARRISON(1645-1712)7th GGF
    (010)MARY SIDWAY STRINGER(1624-1688)8th GGM
    (011)MARGARET Le’SCROPE(1580-D)9th GGM
    (012)MARGARET Le’SCROPE”HOWARD”(1534-1591)10th GGM
    (013)HENRY HOWARD”EARL-SURREY(1517-1547)11th GGF
    (014)THOMAS HOWARD”3rd DUKE-NORFOLK(1473-1554)12th GGF
    (014)ANNE”YORK”PLANTAGENET(1475-1511)12th GGM
    (015)EDWARD IV”KING of ENGLAND”(1442-1483)13th GGF
    (017)HENRY VIII “KING of ENGLAND”(1491-1547)1st COUSIN 11X-REMOVED
    (000)FREDERICK H.M,HARPER(1964-
    (004)EPHRAIM HARRISON(1798-1864)2nd GGF
    (007)ANNE HARRISON CARTER(1704-1745)5th GGM
    (008)COL,ROBERT”KING”CARTER1663-1710)6th GGF
    (008)JUDITH CARTER ARMISTEAD(1665-1669)6th GGM
    (009)JUDITH ARMISTEAD ROBINSON(1645-1693)7th GGM
    (010)SIR,JOHN ROBINSON-KT(1615-1688)8th GGF
    (011)GEORGE DENT ROBINSON(1585-1634)9th GGF
    (012)REV,JOHN SAVAGE ROBINSON I (1550-1600)10th GGF
    (013)ANNE EMMOT SAVAGE(1512-1570)11th GGM
    (014)ELIZABETH De’BRERETON(1497-1545)12th GGM
    (015)ELIZABETH SOMERSET”BARONESS”(1476-1513)13th GGM
    (016)WILLIAM HERBERT”2nd EARL”(1460-1491)14th GGF
    (016)KATHERINE PLANTAGENET(1469-1487)14th GGM
    (017)RICHARD III “CROUCHBACK”(1452-1485)15th GGF
    (017)ANNE NEVILLE”QUEEN-CONSORT”(1456-1485)15th GGM
    (018)HENRY VI”KING of ENGLAND”(1421-1471)16th GGF
    (019)HENRY V”KING of ENGLAND”(1387-1422)17th GGF
    (020)HENRY IV”KING of ENGLAND”(1367-1413)18th GGF
    (021)JOHN GAUNT”DUKE-LANCASTER”(1340-1399)19th GGF
    (022)EDWARD III “KING of ENGLAND”(1312-1377)20th GGF
    (023)EDWARD II “KING of ENGLAND”(1284-1327)21st GGF
    (024)EDWARD I “KING of ENGLAND”(1239-1307)22nd GGF
    (025)HENRY III “KING of ENGLAND”(1207-1272)23rd GGF
    (026)JOHN LACKLAND”KING of ENGLAND”(1166-1216)24th GGF
    (027)HENRY II “KING of ENGLAND”(1133-1186))25th GGF
    (028)EMPRESS MATILDA”BEAUCLERC”(1102-1167)26th GGM
    (027)HENRY I “KING of ENGLAND”(1068-1135)27th GGF

    1. Jane says:

      Queen Anne Boleyn’s father’s name was Thomas. This is not the same as your relative. I think that is the case of many of here. They are related to A Anne Boleyn but not THE Anne Boleyn.

    2. Yonita Ward says:

      You can only do it through the Howards who were younger sons of one of the Kings, as far as I remember. Because the girls mother Elizabeth was sister to 3 Duke of Norfolk. That might help since you say you have them as GGF.

    3. Angela McCarthy says:

      Fascinated reading this, my sister and have just been working out our tree and we also trace back to the Harrisons. Benjamin Harrison V was our 9th great Grandfather we believe. .We have traced back too and thought that we were connected in some way to Anne and Catherine as 1sy cousins and Catherine Parr. 7th cousin Via Howards? and Carters?.We are newbies to this so please don’t judge too harshly if we have gone wrong somewhere with our findings.Would love to hear from anyone with the same line.

  151. Jacki Milbank says:

    Well I’m not related to any Boleyn and I’m very jealous of all of you who are !

    1. Jaimie says:

      Why be jealous though? Being a direct descendant or cousin of royals doesn’t change our stations in life. I’m pretty sure everyone posting on here is still a non-royal “commoner.” 🙂 It’s fun to find out that you’re related to such people, but it changes nothing.
      I descend from royals from all over Europe on multiple sides of my family. (Somewhat distant cousins married each other, it made for a VERY confusing family tree! Lol) I may be descended from Planatgenets, DeClares, DeSpencers, Russian Czars, Viking Kings, Spanish Kings, etc. But I’m still just an American Girl from Utah. Lol.

    2. Paul Weeks says:

      you may not be related to Boleyn but there are famous Milbanks, if not royal.

      Condensed milk
      1820 settlers to South Africa.

  152. Carla says:

    This is what my sister traced
    Im related I guess mostly throught the Gurneys’
    Geoffrey BOLEYN (1416 – 1470)
    is your 17th great grandfather
    Ann Boleyn (1436 – 1510)
    daughter of Geoffrey BOLEYN
    Ann Heydon (1469 – 1509)
    daughter of Ann Boleyn
    Anthony Gurney (1499 – 1556)
    son of Ann Heydon
    Francis Gurney (1521 – 1571)
    son of Anthony Gurney
    Henry Gurney (1548 – 1615)
    son of Francis Gurney
    Francis Gurney (1581 – 1630)
    son of Henry Gurney
    John Gurney (1603 – 1663)
    son of Francis Gurney
    Richard Gurney (1630 – 1719)
    son of John Gurney
    Benjamin Gurney (1676 – 1739)
    son of Richard Gurney
    Benjamin Gurney (1704 – 1771)
    son of Benjamin Gurney
    Benjamin Gurney (1730 – 1805)
    son of Benjamin Gurney
    Asa Gurney (1758 – 1837)
    son of Benjamin Gurney
    Soloman Reed Gurney (1788 – 1815)
    son of Asa Gurney
    Robert Martin Gurney (1814 – 1878)
    son of Soloman Reed Gurney
    Mary Rebekah Gurney (1860 – 1916)
    daughter of Robert Martin Gurney
    Edith Martha Rooke (1884 – 1967)
    daughter of Mary Rebekah Gurney
    CoraMae Ella Kardell (1918 – 2002)
    daughter of Edith Martha Rooke
    Bessie Rae Wheeler (1937 – 1996)
    daughter of CoraMae Ella Kardell
    Carla Jean Smith
    You are the daughter of Bessie Rae Wheeler – (not you?)

  153. David says:

    My god there is some absolute waffle mixed in with possibly substantiated paper trails, on this site !!!!

  154. Kathryn says:

    Most of the fallacies mentioned above have been addressed but I want to add that Katherine Parr doesn’t have any direct descendants. Her only child was from her marriage to Jane Seymore’s brother. Katherine, like her sister-in-law Queen Jane, died within days of the birth. (Ever wonder why so many women chose to enter the convent in those days?)

    Katherine’s husband was executed for treason soon afterwards and the little girl disappears from the records within a couple of years. She almost certainly died as
    a toddler. If you know something the rest of us don’t, it’s likely every historian in the UK would love to hear from you.

    For those who mentioned not knowing where to start, here are some tips.

    Firstly, do not accept any family tree or family data collection information found on It is rife with misinformation which spreads like wildfire when the next person comes along and copies it without question. (I’m speaking as one who fell in
    the trap even though I knew better.)

    My apologies to those of you across the pond for presuming to know your history. Feel free to correct any errors.

    I’m not saying it’s not valuable or not to use the site. It provides info which can be used
    in a search to prove or disprove its accuracy. There are also many primary source documents which can be used with confidence.

    I’m also in Virginia which is where most of my research has centered thus far. Census records are an excellent place to start. However, it wasn’t until 1840 that other names than the head of household were enumerated in all the states. Wills, and land, church and military records (baptism, marriage and burial) and such are acceptable documentation. has a Patriot Index with some invaluable info. Not all Rev War vets are listed, only those who’ve had a member join as a descendant. has a more comprehensive list but doesn’t list date or place of birth or death, or family members.
    Pension applications can be fascinating.

    If you’re questioning why the US research tips, it’s because in genealogy one always starts closest to “home” and works backwards. It’s essential to document every generation along the way. Don’t be surprised if you hit some brick walls along the way, especially with females. It can be virtually impossible to learn some maiden names.

    If your grandmother gave you an old one it’s also important to document it. At some point on your journey you may find a tree that meets an acceptable standard of proof which you can link with the work you’ve done.

    Those done by lineage societies and by old nobility are good bets.
    At least here in the US you need to be very cautious trees done by well meaning researchers in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. They didn’t have the resources available today. Still, their work is a gold mine because most is accurate and helps us know what to look for.

    I expect DNA sciencists will continue to make great strides but old fashioned
    genealogical research will always be necessary for those wanting to know.

    Wasn’t Queen Elizabeth reluctant to grant permission for DNA testing on Richard III.
    several years ago? I’m glad she did. It was compared to that of a direct male
    descendant whose family tradition was confirmed to be true.

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      As far as I remember the male descendant line was found not to be Plantagenet. The DNA line had been broken. He had had an affair with a Jane Hill. It was only the female line that was valid, although there was a brother to the female descendant. If you are interested there were many articles written at the time and one in The Guardian newspaper about that by someone called Kennedy.

  155. Emma says:

    I agree about the ancestry websites, you do need to double and triple check. Also people are not checking if there are two people in the same family with identical names, that’s where I’ve found problems… I just want to know why I’m related to so many heads of Europe over the years yet I’m as poor as a church mouse 🙂

  156. With reluctance and considerable annoyance I have to confirm that the website “ancestry” is full of fantasy and deliberate inaccuracy. It is such a shame and really spoils things for a serious researcher like myself. It only takes one fantasist to skew a whole slew of rubbish.But this is not new. 16thC heralds and stationers onwards,up to the present “find your family coat of arms” bucket-shops made much money out of false lineage. In particular,in 16thC new nobles were desperate to have their families connected with old nobility, and I have discovered,for example,a “lineage” connecting me with the ancient kings of Persis, another with the Saxon god Woden and another listing just about everybody you can think of ….. Wenceslas, Emperor Claudius and Old King Cole!! Even the reference to “records” is suspicious,due to forgeries that are hundreds of years old. BEWARE !!!

  157. Kayla says:

    I am Anne Boleyn 4th cousin 15 times removed Im related to every royal.
    Charles the Great is my 38th great grandfather
    Henry VIII 4th cousin 15 times removed
    Charles “the hammer’ Martel 40th great grandfather
    Queen Elizabeth the first (19th cousin, once removed)
    Queen Elizabeth the second 19th cousin

  158. The Hon Vivian says:


    I am also descendant from Anne Boleyn. It seems to me that alot of people claim to be a relation. But i would like to state my own relation. from her family tree I have descended from barons, lords, lady’s and I myself am as of my 18th birthday an honorable. I am part of a family called the Hussey-Vivian’s and am now solely Vivian. I find it so interesting how I might be connected to so many people and be completely oblivious to it. Simply amazing.

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      I had a friend called Vivian spelt with a y but I lost touch with her. She lived for a time on Cyprus. I wonder if there is any connection. At the time she was unmarried. If it rings any bells do write She had a friend called Carol with whom I had shared a flat.

    2. Jayne Parker says:

      You may be descended from someone named Ann Boleyn but you are definitely NOT descended from the Ann Boleyn who married Henry VIII as her only child did not have any children, so she has NO descendants.

  159. James Hall Davis, Jr. says:

    Mary Boleyn was my 15th great grandmother.
    The relationship comes from my maternal grandfather’s family, the Coates ( Coats).

    1. Yonita Ward says:

      I am looking for relations of Mary if her children with William Stafford lived. He then married into my family line. Do connect with me if you know anything or if anyone else has this connection. I do not necessarily think those two children died. In any case William Stafford was the step father of Katherine and Henry Carey I read. Do get in touch

  160. Brianna says:

    I am related to Anne boleyn

  161. Sara Smith says:

    I am 14th great granddaughter to King James V of Scotland. King Henry VIII is my 12th great uncle.
    The Stewart name is still alive and well in family.

  162. Suzanne Pfost Campbell says:

    Being that Mary Boleyn is my 15th Great-Grandmother and Queen Anne Boleyn my 15th Great Grand Aunt, I am delighted to be part of the “Boleyn blood that’s out there”. 🙂 It’s always a bit strange but wonderful to find websites devoted to my ancestors. I am just as pleased to see others here who’re undoubtedly relatives since we share some of the same ancestry. I am currently writing a book, my second, which includes Queen Anne Boleyn as one of it’s featured characters ; I sought to honor my ancestors by giving them “roles” in my book.
    I never believed Anne was the despicable home-wrecker she is often portrayed as , long before I knew my genetic connection to her. She was the consummate victim of circumstance, an unfortunate political pawn. Her prayer just prior to execution is poignant and precious, not at all the last minute contrition one might expect from someone as sullied & perverted as many claimed her to be.
    At any rate, I love this site and it is amazing to read comments from many who’re relatives of mine, however distant. Best Wishes to all my Cousins, Susi