Anne arrived looking stunning at Hampton Court. Her flowing white ballgown was to die for. The gown was silky and had dark purple embellishments and pearls around her small hips. As everyone bowed at her she gently smiled.
As the king appeared she quietly said “ Your majesty.”They walked to a large round table. The table was decorated with lovely holly plants and a variety of different candles. To the side of the table was a large Christmas tree with red and white shimmering ornaments. The rosy gold crown on Anne’s head shined like the morning sun. The servants brought out a large turkey and chicken. Also mashed potatoes with gravy.
“So Anne how is your first Christmas here?” The king said.
“ It is actually going pretty well but his grace is … odd” Anne said.
“ Do you mean… Wolsey?” The king asked.
“ Well… yes your grace” Anne exclaimed.
The king stared at Cardinal Wolsey and back at Anne. Dinner continued and Anne and Henry had an announcement. “ Everyone I would like to make toast, to my lovely wife,Anne”Henry said as he smiled.
“ Thank you and happy Christmas your grace”Anne said cheerfully. Anne smoothed out her dress and sat back down. Anne’s eyes drooped like a dogs mouth. Anne opened up a present that was presented by the king to her. “ Wow! I love them!” Anne shouted. She stared at the perfect purple shoes with pearl detailing. They matched her dress perfectly. She carefully slipped off her old red heels and slid on her new shoes. They held hands and let go to eat a bite of turkey. The sound of the trumpets being played made the holidays even more cozier than they were. The servants made a fire in the fireplace. It felt like the best day ever. As Anne looked out the window it began to fall,the light,white,puffy snow fell from the high sky. They crossed the final day on the advent calender off. As the snow sprinkles began to stick to the ground it become more and more beautiful. The rump rump rump of the drums filled the banquet hall with joy and laughter.
“I will return Anne,” Henry whispered.
“Alright,” Anne replied in a whisper. Henry crept out of his chair and made his way toward Wolsey. A clear path led him to nowhere. Out of the crowed Henry grabbed Wolsey and took him outside.”I advise you to leave, her majesty does not wish you to be here. I will see you in court in three days after the holiday has ended.” Henry said loud enough for Wolsey to hear.
“ Yes your grace, I’m sorry.” Wolsey said and and left in a carriage. Henry walked back through the crowed of bowing people,and made his way to the the round table. “Wolsey has left.”Henry said.
“Thank goodness!” Anne exclaimed. Henry thought why does Anne dislike Wolsey?He let the idea slip away in his mind of many thoughts. The party has been going on for six hours and no one has left but Wolsey. The dessert has come out,it was yummy gooey chocolate cheesecake and lemon sorbet. Anne had took a large bite of the scrumptious chocolate cheesecake and smiled the whole time.”mmmm…. this is amazing!” Anne shouted. The cheesecake had chocolate fudge dripping smoothly and carefully like a river to the plate. The lemon sorbet was tangy and super sweet. The sweet desserts went perfectly with the savory supper.
The thin blanket of snow across the lawn has gotten thicker and taller as the moments pass. The tree limbs had a light dusting of snow. Anne sat on a bench watching the snow slowly fall from the gorgeous winter night sky. She slowly took sips from her goblet full of pure water. She shifted views to see the wonderful snow fall from the dark black sky. Henry slowly walked over to the window and sat with Anne. He slowly handed her another piece of yummy cheesecake. She slowly took a bite and half smiled. Henry rapped his arm around Anne’s shoulder and smiled. They looked out to see the snow land on the ground.
“Happy holidays Anne,” Henry said.
“ Happy Holidays,” Anne replied as the continued to gaze out at the snowing night sky.