How to forget the first day we both met,
with you in my arms watching your smiley face.
My baby of course, my sweet little child.
Playing with me near the hearth.

We are so happy, you say all the time
And yet I’m not near you at night.
At Whitehall I am, cooking for the king
Where else I can get you a feast?

At forest we were, crossing a path
while Henry was out for a hunt.
Yet was not the horse, the weapons or gold
that caught my attention and nose.

I smelled meat; it ought to taste so sweet.
But from afar, we just dreamed about that.
My little boy, my little child
He recalls every night, such splendorous pie.

But who owned such delight, we wanted to know
I only could think, it could fit for a king.
Thought certainly is for a royal or lord.
Who else can afford a goose, a goat or a pork.

Then I promised my child, with all my heart,
one day he would taste the sweet flavours of meat.
They wanted help for all holy days.
At court of course, for it is the King’s home.

At kitchen they say
meats are needed indeed.
Because our great king
Ask a magnificent feast.

Helping with meals, peeling all meats,
watching the roast or frying a duck.
We prepare the main course and after he eats,
He says “more wine if you please”.

At Holydays season they work the most,
because baby Jesus was born.
So we have to prepare the finest of meals
Filling the pies with all sorts of meats.

The work is so hard and they don’t pay much.
But at least I can take the bits left behind.
Is not much I know, and home is not close
But we all can eat, as much as the king.

I have seen not much, how the court is.
But I have seen the king’s massive shirts.
And I have touched a beautiful gown
In golden silk and so soft as the queen.

At kitchen I see, everyone is so nice,
giving support if someone grows tire.
While flaming and cutting we love to talk,
about our children or all we dream of.

I always speak of my little boy,
while Annie speaks of her loving dog.
We all laugh when Tom says hello,
because he has done another fine joke.

But my goal gets harder as just I have learned.
The king eats all pies, and he does not share,
not even with Suffolk who is his close friend.
Yet I blame him not, I certainly would do the same.

Ten days before Christmas, time’s running out.
I need a plan, the brightest of all.
How would you steal the king’s favourite meal?
What if I hide some under my bag?

Bad Idea, the guards watches always the bags.
Is for Whitehall protection, as they reply.
I can’t take an ingredient, they measure it all
Is five days for Christmas, Can I cook a cat?

I promised my baby as well my mama,
I will give you some pies after the Christmas mass.
Once more I think. I’m squeezing my wits.
I need a new plan, the Brightest of all.

Three days for Christmas, its turning late.
I am so nervous, that is my mistake.
I think about Matt, my loving late husband
He wanted to be, the best of all dads.

He died at France, and our child not yet born.
“I will buy you a house, as soon I return.
We shall win the war, I will not be long”
But it was long, and he died at Boulogne.

I hate to cry, but I do it right now.
I will go to my child, who needs me this night.
It is Christmas’s eve, everyone dances and sings
Yet I want to smile when I’m back to my child.

I did not keep my promise, I still need to cry.
I pray god for my husband and my child,
when I see two children playing and laughing.
“Why do you cry in the middle of night?”
A red haired girl kindly takes my hand.
“I cry because I’m far from my child”
A small boy kisses my cheek, he’s blonde I see.
“Then go back home, he has a mum and we don’t”

Poor little children, I hug them tight
“I want to there, but we have nothing to eat”
No!! ! I speak without thinking
“Please forget what I said, I just miss my family”

The girl looked at the boy, the boy looked at me.
“Wait here if you please I have a plan”
He ran away, singing and whistling.
“Don’t worry for him, he knows all the ways”

That sweet girl danced under the snow
“My mama died when I was so young”
We danced and laughed, forgetting all sorrows,
Once he returned, he gave me a box.

“For you and your child, kiss him for us”
A guardian passed by while they ran away.
Back home I kissed my sweet boy.
We played near the hearth, just as the old days.

I opened the box, and there was a card
“Papa eats them all, but no one will realized”
I did not believe it, I worked very hard
Yet there I had a dozen of mince pies for dinner tonight.

We eat them slowly, enjoying every bite.
We celebrated Christmas just as king does
Though our stomachs were full of sweet pies
Our hearts were full with all love and hope.

That is why we are here, remember this Matt:
Our son is just as we hoped he would be,
With a good heart and so full of life.
It is Christmas but you are with us at last.