A dream imaginable has become my faith,I’m looking to the sky for the last time. I’m feeling the sweet breeze, which causes me even more pain for the loss of my life within some minutes.As I’m looking, Elizabeth’s face comes all over my mind, my poor girl, she will soon be motherless with a future unknown and probably not the one I have always dreamt of.”Queen Elizabeth” I whisper and an instant smile appears to my face!I want to cry but I keep walking with pride without showing my true unhappy emotions. We’re almost there,my eyes just caught the sight of the scaffold, my heart in my chest keeps kicking uncontrollably. I hear the ladies behind me saying ”oh Lord, have mercy on her soul, give her strength to bear this”.

There are people around,waiting to see me for the last time,to see the first execution of a queen. They always hated me, putting the blame on me for Catherine’s downfall. No, it was not my fault, I’ve done nothing wrong for falling in love with Henry and he with me and fighting to keep my dignity till the end! Wait! Did Henry truly fall in love with me? Where is he now…?

Surprisingly, no one in the crowd called me Anne Boleyn the king’s wh*re as they used to! On the contrary, I see and hear them pray for me, they even try to touch me. I take my steps up to the scaffold. Master Kingston looks at me with eyes full of sadness. Even though his family members were always Catherine’s supporters this man never seemed to hate me all these days.

The executioner keeps staring at my neck, my legs are trembling, my eyes are wet, this is it I’m going to die. Am I that ready? For a second, I think of falling on my knees begging for my lfe and crying loudly almost screaming, at that instant second my tongue creates its’ first words!

”Good Christian People,I have come here to die.I am not accusing the King for his decision but I accuse myself for ever accepting to become his Queen and wife. I do not say that he did not respect me, cause he did with the most perfect ways. He raised me from a simple unworthy girl to become his Queen consort. The least I could do for his kindness was to give him a promise, a promise that today leads me to death. I promised a male heir, an heir that your previous Queen did not give him.

While mentioning Catherine of Aragon, I want to say right in front of you all that I neither wished her death nor her daughter’s. I admit that I was jealous of her, cause you never loved me as you loved her, but instead you believe that I have bewitched your king and that I am a wh*re. In this time we live in a woman’s place is the place that her father gives her and then her husband. I could not stand this, it’s just my nature. I even have the courage to admit that I did not love his majesty at first, I was scared and alone. In the longterm, while he kept pushing me into his arms my heart could not resist. I loved him sincerely. I wanted to be he’s lawful wife. And so we were married, I was his. Happy days followed till the day I gave birth to my little girl. Then everyday I was more and more abandoned. Loved by no one. I do not know if it’s too late, but I want to ask humbly an apologise of Princess Mary, I know I was not a very good step mother for her but….. I tried, perhaps I should have tried more! Think that I do not say all these words in the hope that you pitty me or in the hope that will get against the king.On the contrary, we should all pray for the King’s life so that he will have the strength and the knowledge to reign over you. As my time approaches I would like all of you to pray also for me…Anne Boleyn..”

My ladies approach me, removing my jewels and my english hood. The executioner asks for my forgiveness,I give him his purse.
I kneel, I close my eyes and without really wanting to, I keep staring behind my back.

”Jesus Christ recieve my soul, oh Lord God have pitty on my sould, to Christ I commend my soul…”

As I keep praying I hear ” Boy bring my sword” I look up to the sky for the last time and I say : Henry, I forgive you!