Why am I here? I did not do anything wrong. People of England, please let me go. Henry will still be my husband, he always will be. Not a single person can change our relationship.

George is already gone. He was special to me, like my prized possession. He was treated like an opening act. Well, that is what he was to you. Why would you people want to kill him?

And here I stand, first queen of England to be beheaded. Why so? I did not commit treason. My heart belongs to the king. Why would I do that?

I am dying, leaving behind a three year old daughter. Who will take care of her? Is she going to sent to the country away from Court?

Henry is not trusting me right now, at this minute. Why not? I am a great and loving wife. My way is to help England, not commit crimes. Does everyone hate me? I was just like you people once. Henry treated me well. Then we got married We had our child and had a happy life. Now I stand in front of you people saying I committed treason. Once again, I tell you, I did not do it.

Everyone should be equal in England. I have been sitting and waiting in the tower. I will be resting in the cold hard ground. No one to comfort me. Every single thing in life was perfectly fine, but everything got lost in the very back of my mind. Things such as watching tennis and jousting are not in my head. I can only think of Henry. May God bless me. May Everyone be blessed unlike me. After today, I shall be some sort of name lost in time and history. Once again may God bless me.