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2 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn’s Love-life”

  1. Meagan McGuirt says:

    This report was very fascinating! I do love show you use actual primary sources to debunk “facts” most accept about AB. Please continue with your awesome research!

    1. Clare Shepherd says:

      I ha e been listening to the daily YouTube blog for some time. I have been a medieval buff for some time, but Claire has persuaded me to spend some time with the Tudors. I have read the Hilary Mantel trilogy, but I prefer my history unadulterated, even though Mantel is excellent, and has looked at Cromwell anew. However, Hd was manipulative and Henry could be manoeuvred. I’m interested in Anne Boleyn, since many historians seemed to have fallen for ghd kings version of events. Thanks so much for files. They are a great resource for anyone wishing to spend the extra home time we have at present improving their k knowledge of the Tudor

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