Love Letter 15

DARLING, Though I have
scant leisure, yet, remember-
ing my promise, I thought it con-
venient to certify you briefly in what
case our affairs stand. As touching
a lodging for you, we have got one
by my lord cardinal’s means, the like
whereof could not have been found
hereabouts for all causes, as this bearer
shall more show you. As touching our
other affairs, I assure you there can
be no more done, nor more diligence
used, nor all manner of dangers bet-
ter both foreseen and provided for, so
that I trust it shall be hereafter to both
our comforts, the specialities whereof
were both too long to be written, and
hardly by messenger to be declared.
Wherefore, till you repair hither, I
keep something in store, trusting it
shall not be long to; for I have caused
my lord, your father, to make his pro-
visions with speed; and thus for lack
of time, darling, I make an end of my
letter, written with the hand of him
which I would were yours.


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  1. Kat says:

    I’m writing an essay on the external factors that could have influenced religious change from 1509-1603, during henrys reign, would you say that Anne was a key source of influence that pushed Henry towards the reformation?

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