Hever Castle Photos

Here is a video of photos of  Hever Castle that I found on YouTube, for those of you who love looking at photos of historic places or who want to see what is on offer at the castle.

3 thoughts on “Hever Castle Photos”

  1. Rosina says:

    When can I move in?? Soooo beautiful and alluring…speaks of an era of romance and grandeur…no cell phones, computers, ipods, etc. very enticing, indeed! Great video…needs better music,

  2. Joy says:

    Lovely video. Lovely castle and grounds .Music reminds me of Ann Bolen’s
    last 1000 days. Sad time for Ann’s whole family. Sad time in history.

  3. Marie Crossland says:

    My friend arranged for my 50th birthday a weekend at Heaver Castle, such a
    lovely surprise, the rooms at the castle hotel were fantastic and the staff warm
    welcoming and friendly, inside the castle the staff were very informative and
    helpful on the history of it.
    Anne Boleyn is my favorite wife of Henry so this was marvelous to see where
    she grew up.

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