May 8 – Vultures circling and war panic


On this day in Tudor history, 8th May 1536, during the fall of Anne Boleyn, courtiers were like vultures circling.

There was very distasteful behaviour being exhibited by some Tudors on this day in history.

What were they doing? What were they after?

Find out…

And on this day in 1539, war panic led to a show of strength in London – an 11-hour procession of beautifully dressed and armed men, crowded streets and the shooting of guns.

Why? What was this all about?

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One thought on “May 8 – Vultures circling and war panic”
  1. I have said this before, in the Tudor court it was a dog eat dog world, a scramble up the ladder a chilling disregard for the feelings of others, it was about climbing to the top, money and position and titles meant everything, these men had just been taken to the Tower on very flimsy evidence, in fact hearsay, they were resolutely denying all the charges they had not stood trial and been condemned, but it also shows frighteningly as well, the poor belief people had in Tudor justice that one night in the Tower meant doom, it was said rarely a man left it alive, but that does not excuse the appalling behaviour of these men who vied for the property and titles of those imprisoned, these men also were old acquaintances but personal feelings, decency and loyalty were swept aside, it shows how brutal the Tudor court really was.

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