May 2 – Queen Anne Boleyn and her brother, Lord Rochford, are arrested, a Protestant is burnt, and Mary, Queen of Scots escapes

Posted By on May 2, 2022

On this day in Tudor history, 2nd May 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn was called before the king’s council at Greenwich Palace, arrested and taken to the Tower of London.

On that very same day, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, Anne’s brother, was arrested at Whitehall and also taken to the Tower.

Let me tell you exactly what happened on this day in 1536, including a meeting King Henry VIII had with his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy…

And on this day in 1550, Anabaptist, Joan Bocher, was burnt to death at Smithfield for her belief in Christ’s celestial flesh.

But how did a Protestant end up being executed in Edward VI’s reign and what did she mean by Christ having celestial flesh?

Find out more about Joan Bocher, or Joan of Kent, her beliefs and her links to Protestant martyr Anne Askew…

And on this day in 1568, Mary, Queen of Scots, who had recently been forced to abdicate in favour of her son, King James VI, successfully escaped from Lochleven Castle.

How did she end up a prisoner at Lochleven? How did she escape? And what happened next?

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