Henry, Henry Henry Had So Many

Well, if you’re like me and you’ve got that Friday feeling, you might be in need of this video about Henry VIII and his six wives:-

I can’t get that song out of my head now!!

Another good one is the Horrible Histories “Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” song:-

Neither of them is 100% accurate (what’s with the axe with the Anne Boleyn bit in Horrible Histories), but I hope they’ve brightened up your day.

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29 thoughts on “Henry, Henry Henry Had So Many”
  1. LOVED THESE! The first one was my favorite-it was a little annoying with the small inaccuracies, but very creative! 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Claire,
    I loved both of these video’s. Look for the video on utube of Anne Boylen (Girl by the Beatles) It is well done also. Loved your latest two articles!

  3. Claire,

    I was having that “Friday feeling” today, so I really got a kick out of the “Henry, Henry, Henry” videos! Very cleverly done! I agree, that song keeps going round and round my head (think those are called “ear worms”)! Only thing was I found the comment balloons over the wives heads a bit hard to read-maybe it’s just me? Anyway, thanks for the video-it was great!


  4. Claire those are funny! I liked the first one very much, although it did get slighty annoying by the end. I loved the cartoon at the end of the second one.

    Courtier: ‘Henry’s looking for another wife!”
    Women: *scream, run and throw themselves through windows*

  5. I already knew the “Divorced, Beheaded and Died” video. I think that’s funny, although you can find some inaccuracies. But the other one I’ve never listened to that. So nice! Liked it a lot! Thanks, Claire!

  6. Both of the videos are hilarious!! I particularly liked the second one! I love the cartoon in the end and the movements Henry does when he says “died” and “survived”. Thank you Claire!!

  7. They are both so clever! Especially the ABBA one! I have always loved that song so now I will smile even more when i hear it.

    I always loved the Horrible History books growing up, fancy them as music videos! I was so into that one above i watched the others below in youtube links! hahaha, NERD!!

  8. Thanks for posting that Claire. After a 16 hour day (pulled a double shift — my own and daywork) I needed a smile…and now that darn Abba song’s going to be stuck in my head! LOL You know the inaccuracies had me rolling my eyes but the humor overrode all of that!
    Hey, does anyone know the building in the background of the Horrible Histories? It looks familiar, like I’ve been there before, but was seeing it from another angle. (I thought it might have been Hatfield).

  9. Thanks Claire! I’ve seen the horrible histories one, but not the other one. I quite enjoyed it.

    I am curious about one thing in the ABBA one, though. Why do we have C3PO and R2-D2 in the background during Anne of Cleves part?

  10. I feel inaccuracies are necessary to drag in the public and children, once they are reeled in like us they will explore and learn the truth!

  11. I’m glad i am not the only one who didn’t get the “Star Wars” reference! I don’t think Anne of Cleves came from a galaxy far far away.

  12. I liked it, except for the fact it called Katherine Parr the most kindly of wives because it really depends on what side you’re looking at of her.

  13. This song was really catchy! It was stuck in my head after the first chorus! Really funny and entertaining! “Henry, Henry, Henry, had so many, wives that had to die…”

  14. I can’t get Henry Henry Henry out of my head now. I liked it when Kathryn Howard got her head chopped out and then Anne said “It ain’t easy being queen.” and then Kathryn said “You said it sister” i thought it was funny.

    Thanks Claire!

  15. I found the Anne Boleyn and the axe really annoying, I started screaming at my laptop… The Tudors song is good on Horrible Histories. ‘We’re Tudors and ruder than Simon Cowell…’ So funny

  16. Good news! There’s an entire musical about the six wives and Anne gets her own song! Highly recommend it. The music is wonderful!

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