Lady Rochford

Lady RochfordThis account is from the viewpoint of Lady Jane Rochford, George Boleyn’s wife:-

I stood shrouded in black, a few rows back from where she was to die. My visage was obscured by a veil of lace, so I would not be recognized, for this was not a time I wished attention drawn to me.

I HAD to see my sister-in-law, Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, leave this world, as her brother, my husband George, Viscount Rochford, had done a few days prior. All their lives, George had chosen her over me, his wedded wife, and finally, within the hour, I was to see her depart this world forever, in disgrace. She took everything from me, and it was the least I deserved.

The very least, but it was all I had left: to witness her death. She had taken my husband, my honor, my money, my position at Court. No husband, no status, no wealth, lands, beauty or youth to ensnare another one, so no children. Yes, indeed, it was the least I deserved, seeing her die.

I watched the French executioner as he struck the single blow, and watched her head separate from her body… I surveyed the bloody scaffold, I realized my hands were shaking, and my mouth opened in a scream, although no sound came out.. SHE would be with him! I would NEVER be rid of her!

Left behind, yet again, so brother and sister would finally have nothing–or no one– to come between them. It was the very least I deserved.

By Camille Green