Contains themes of an adult nature

Hever Castle
Hever Castle

“Enough “yelled King Henry. I know what I want. It is up to you, my counsel to get it. Now I do not care, just do it! With that he stood and walked away from his counsel.

When he entered the great hall, he was greeted by all. As he moved threw the crowd, people bowed. He nodded to Thomas Boleyn and his son. His eyes were searching for her. Where could she be? Henry wanted only to see her.
As if his prayers were answered, there she was. Smiling up to him as she bowed. She was wearing a golden dress with jerwery across her breast. Her long black hair was pulled back into a bun. She was wearing her favourite necklace with pearls and a golden B. Just looking at her took his breath away.

Henry held out his hand for her to take. He guided her away from the crowd. They reached an alcove and he pressed her up against the wall. He looked at her passionaly and whispered “Anne, please Anne“. “Oh your majesty, you know that I can not,” replied Anne. At this Henry grabbed her by both her arms and pushed her into the wall with force. “Anne I could take you right here and no one would come to your aid. You are mine“, whispered Henry. “Not until we are married,” whispered Anne as she pushed passed him giggling.

Anne moved swiftly across the room to where her Father and Brother stood. Thomas looked at his daughter and spoke, “Anne you must keep the Kings favour. He could find any willing maid.” Anne looked at her father with disgust, “The King loves me and no other.” He has told me himself. Father you worry to much Anne said.

The next morning Anne left for Hever Castle, home of the Boleyn’s. She arrived by mid day. She ran into the front hall to have her Step- Mother and her Sister waiting for her. “How could you Anne? The King is very upset. Your father sent a pigeon first thing this morning. The King has order you back to court, spoke her Step-Mother.

Anne’s Sister Mary quickly took Anne by the arm and led her to her apartments. “Anne,” Mary said “you don’t know the King like I do. He is an evil man. You must get away from him. No good will come of this.” Before she could continue a maid came running into the room yelling “the King is on his way. He has been spotted, and he will be here within the hour.” Anne looked at her sister and begged for her to help. “I must look my best.” Anne ran from the room looking for the perfect dress to wear when the King arrived.

They were waiting for him when he entered the room. He stormed over to Anne and grabbed her. He looked at her Step-Mother and Sister with disgust. “Madam, you must teach your daughter better manners,” With that said he moved Anne so their conversation could not be heard. “Madam you left court without my permission. I could have you sent to the tower for this behaviour.” “Your Majesty I thought you did not want me at your court,” she replied.
He stood trying to calm himself, he could feel the anger, turn his face crimson. “Anne why would you think I would not want you near me?” He asked. “The council is against me,” she whispered. Henry looked at her with love. “Anne you know I will have you as my wife. It does not matter what they say. You will return to court with me in the morning,” and with that, he turned to everyone and asked, “Thomas I hear that the hunt is good here. For all knew that the King was an ad vide hunter.

With that everyone ran to do his bidding. The hunt was on its way within the hour. The King was now in an excited mood, he even commented about the beautiful lands Hever Castle rested upon. They chatted most of the day. The hunt was a success with getting two stags himself, his mood continued to only get better.

When Anne returned back to court, she was moved into the royal apartments. She now had a sitting room with windows looking towards the garden. Her bedroom had a large bed with its own separate sitting room, and there were four ladies waiting to do her every bidding. She felt like she was queen in all, but name.

The next few months went by quickly. Sitting with her ladies, she received people daily. Some came for favours, others to be noticed. Anne and her ladies were taking turns with reading from Anne s pray book when her father walked into the room. He walked right up to Anne and bowed. When he looked up she could see the excitement on his face. He stood up and backed away from her. “Anne I’m here to inform you that Katherine died this morning.” Anne looked at her father and calmly asked if the King knew. “Yes he does,” he replied. Anne stood and said “I must go to the King,” and then she quickly left to find him.

The King was in his private chambers when Anne arrived. He was sitting in a chair looking out the window in a daze. Anne went to him with her arms open. Henry went in to her arms right away and began to cry. Anne held him until his crying stopped. He looked up at her ans spoke. “We are free to marry my love. The fight is over.”

The next day Henry and Anne wore bright yellow clothes. They acted like nothing had happened. Plans for the wedding had begun in earnest. The date was set. Everything was going as planned. A couple of nights later Anne was awaken by one of her ladies. She dressed quickly and went into the sitting area. There stood her Father, Step-Mother, The King and even her brother George.

They walked threw the empty hallways quickly. No one spoke in fear of being heard. They stopped in front of the chapel door. Henry put Anne’s hand into her Fathers and opened the door. The chapel was lit by hundreds of candles. Anne knew right away what was about the happen. Her Step-Mother handed her some flowers and smiled. She never heard the Revend speak. It was like a dream coming true. She acted without thought. It was all over before she knew it.
They walked to the Kings chambers and drank and toasted to a long life of happiness, and there were toasts for many children. Anne was still in shock. She was now the Queen of England. As the sky started to show some colour everyone started to depart. The King kissed Anne, he smiled and told her to go get some rest as she would need it for tomorrow night. For tomorrow there would be no sleeping.

When Anne awoke she knew instantly that things had changed. She had three more ladies in waiting, so in total six ladies. Also her ladies now called her your Majesty. Anne went to the King as soon as she could. When she walked into the room his face lit up with joy. “My dearest Anne,” said the King “I would like you to get rest today, as I told you, you will not get any sleep tonight.“ Anne Bowed to the King and ran all the way back to her apartments. When she arrived she stated to her ladies that there would be no visitors today. I must rest like the King says.

It was not long before Anne’s Father came into the room. He told Anne’s ladies to leave. They would be called if they were needed. He waited until all the ladies had left before he began. “Anne,” her Father said, “I’m very proud of you. You have raised your Families rank, all you have to do now is bear the King a son.” and with saying that, he turned and left the room. Leaving Anne to her private thoughts.

Anne worked all day to make things perfect for with the King’s arrival. The sheets were changed, the mattress was aired. More candles were brought in and placed just right. Anne and her ladies picked out the perfect night gown.
She was standing in front of the window when he walked in. Henry looked at Anne, and his lust was rising. The moonlight along with the glow of the candlelight shown over her body. He could see her skin under the night gown. Anne turned from the window and let her gown fall to the floor. Henry held out his hand for hers. As soon as their hands touched, Anne knew that tonight she would become the Mother of a King.

He led her to the bed where he took off his robe. He stood a moment so she could see all of him. Her eyes looked at his chest, which was strong and his hair covered right down to his male member. Anne only got a quick look before he climbed into the bed to join her. Henry turned and enclosed her. He kissed her passionately. The kissing seemed to go on for forever. His hands began to caress her like butterflies. He took each breast into his hands. Squeezing and moulding her breast. Not knowing what to do Anne started to move away from him. He gently pulled her back towards him. His hands moving down her stomach.

Anne started feeling restless as the wanting was overcoming her. She did not know what she wanted, all she knew is that she wanted it now and that Henry was going to give it to her. He moved between her legs and gently moved himself into place. He could feel the heat from within her and it aroused him greatly. Henry thought to himself that he had been waiting a long time for this. Henry whispered to her not to move as he started to push into her. She grasped with the pressure of him, she tried to move away again and Henry whispered to her that it would be alright. He started to fill her completely. He moved very slowly at first making sure that he would not hurt her, until he knew she was ready for him. He moved faster and faster as she cried out in pleasure. She seen lights before her eyes and a feeling that over came her body. Henry filled her womb with his seed. When she awoke he was kissing her.

“Your majesty,” said Anne; we have made a great leader tonight. He held her until she fell asleep once again, thinking that this was right. He would be a father soon. Then he joined her and allowed the sleep to overwhelm him, with a final thought of what the future would hold for them. Anything would be possible with his sweet Anne.

By Kim Gignac