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4 September 1539 William, Duke of Cleves, promises his sister to Henry VIII

Posted By on September 4, 2015

Anne of Cleves On this day in history, 4th September 1539, William, Duke of Cleves, promised his sister Anne of Cleves in marriage to Henry VIII by signing a marriage treaty. The treaty was then sent to England, where it was ratified and concluded by early October.

Click here to read more about this and to read the treaty.

4 thoughts on “4 September 1539 William, Duke of Cleves, promises his sister to Henry VIII”

  1. Star says:

    Now Anne of Cleve’s begins her journey .

    1. Gail Marion says:

      Out of the boondocks and, after a short entanglement with Henry, onto an honourable and agreeable life in England.

  2. Christine says:

    If that is a true portrait of Anne Of Cleve’s I can understand Henrys aversion to her, she looks quite unattractive, her face looking decidedly witchy.

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