30 May 1533 – 18 men created Knights of the Bath

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Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, one of the Knights of the Bath.

Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, one of the Knights of the Bath.

On the night of 30th/31st May 1533, as part of the celebrations for Queen Anne Boleyn’s coronation, which was scheduled for 1st June, eighteen men were created Knights of the Bath.

Chronicler Edward Hall records:

“On Friday at dinner served the king all such as were appointed by his highness to be knights of the bath, which after dinner were brought to their chambers, and that night were bathed and shriven according to the old usage of England, and the next day in the morning the king dubbed them according to the ceremonies thereto belonging whose names ensueth.

The Marquess of Dorset. Sir William Windsor.

The Earl of Derby. Sir Frances Weston.

The Lord Clifford. Sir Thomas Arrundell.

The Lord Fitzwater. Sir John Huddelston.

The Lord Hastings. Sir Thomas Poynings.

The Lord Mountegle. Sir Henry Savile.

Sir John Mordaunt. Sir George Fitzwilliam.

The Lord Vaux. Sir John Tyndall.

Sir Henry Parker. Sir Thomas Germayne.”

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Notes and Sources

Image: Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, by Hans Holbein the Younger.

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