24 October 1537 – Queen Jane Seymour dies at Hampton Court Palace

On this day in history, 24th October 1537, Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, died at Hampton Court Palace. She had given birth to a baby boy, the future King Edward VI, on 12th October 1537 after a long and difficult labour, but had been taken ill shortly after Edward’s christening on 15th October.

In Letters and Papers, there is a record of the arrangements made following Jane Seymour’s death:

“A remembrance of the interment of Queen Jane, mother of Edward VI., who died at Hampton Court, 24 Oct., on Wednesday about 12 p.m., in child-bed, 29 Henry VIII.

Immediately upon this heavy news the King ordained the duke of Norfolk, High Marshal, and Sir Wm. Pawlet, Treasurer of the Household, to see to her burial; and he himself retired to a solitary place to pass his sorrows. The aforesaid councillors then sent for Garter and other of the Office of Arms to show precedents. First the wax-chandler did his office, taking out the entrails “with searing, balming, spicing, and trammeling in cloth,” then the plumber leaded, soldered, and chested; and her entrails were honourably interred in the chapel.” (LP xii. ii. 1260)

So Jane’s heart and entrails were buried in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace. The record then goes on to give details of the burial of Jane’s corpse in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 13th November 1537. Jane’s step-daughter, the Lady Mary, acted as chief mourner.

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