On this day in history, Wednesday 10th September 1533, the 3 day old Princess Elizabeth Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was christened at the Church of Observant Friars in Greenwich.

You can read all about her christening, including a contemporary description, in my article “Elizabeth I’s Christening – 10th September 1533” over at The Elizabeth Files.

Her birth may have initially been a disappointment for her parents but this was a christening fit for a prince and heir and was a big statement from Henry and Anne.

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4 thoughts on “10 September 1533 – The Christening of Elizabeth I”
  1. It certainly was a ceromony fit for a “Prince” and not the dour event that Chapuys wrote about.

    Claire, I know this is nothing to do with this post, but I must ask, I have in the last couple of weeks been lucky enough to have found 3 books in charity shops concerning the tudor era, old ones, I was wondering if you, or the others on this site have heard of them. They are:-

    Anne Boleyn by Everlyn Anthony, no date in the book printed by London Museum Press ltd

    A Tudor Tragedy the life and times of Catherine Howard, by Lacey Baldwin-Smith, published 1961 by Richard Clay & Co.ltd.

    The Queen’s Garland, a collection of tudor poem in honour of Queen Elizabeth II 1953. Compiled by M.C.Bradbrook, published for The Royal Society of Literature by Geoffry Cumberlege, Oxford University Press.

    Now in this last book, which is probabley more suited, I guess to the Elizabeth Files contains over 50 verse dedicated to Elizabeth I. Among the writers are, Elizabeth her self, Robert Earl of Essex, Ralegh, Cramner, and Shakespear, and 25 others. There is one which is meant to have been written to celebrate one of her birthdays, and would have liked to have posted it to share with you and the others. What I need to know if in doing this would I be breaking any copyrite laws etc. I am sure you will be able to help with your extensive knowledge. Many thanks.

  2. I read Evelyn Anthony’s “Anne Boleyn”, but mine was published by the Thomas Crowell Co. in 1957. I found it enjoyable.

    1. Thanks Esther I looked again inside mine also says first printed by museum press 1957 then under neath printed by camelot press with no date, not reprinted, confusing… the book of poems still has original price on it 7shillings and sixpence,(37 1/2 pence), one of them is a love poem by Essex for Elizabeth, and visa versa.

  3. Esther,
    I can’t answer any of your questions but I think you had a good day when you found those items! Enjoy!

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