10 March 1524 – Henry VIII’s First Jousting Accident

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On this day in history, 10th March 1524, King Henry VIII suffered a jousting accident after he forgot to lower his visor in a joust against Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. According to the records, “the duke struck the king on the brow right under the guard of the headpiece on the very skull cap or basinet piece”, splintering and sending splinters into the King’s helmet.

Fortunately the King survived the blow but a mortified Suffolk vowed that he would never joust against the King again. The King laughed it off, saying that it was no-one’s fault and that he and his sight were saved.

The joust had been organised to test out the King’s new armour, which was made to “his own design and fashion”. You can read the full account at 1524, King Henry VIII had a jousting accident

Obviously, this jousting accident was not as serious as the one Henry suffered on the 24th January 1536. That one gave Henry a severe blow to the head and, according to Chapuys, he went “two hours without speaking” – see 24 January 1536 – Henry VIII’s Jousting Accident.

12 thoughts on “10 March 1524 – Henry VIII’s First Jousting Accident”

  1. Sarah says:

    My goodness can Charles Brandon do no wrong?! Marries the King’s sister without permission, almost kills Henry but remains one of the King’s most beloved friends right to his death! Now that’s a man!

    1. Baroness Von Reis says:

      Sarah, I agree Henry must of really liked him,although the King was very upset with his sister when she married Brandon,behind the Kings back! That was a very gutsey move,but maybe Henry realized she loved Brandon, so he just wanted her happy. Also a hit to the head when jousting, 10 points in Brandons favor , Henry really liked this fellow. Regards Baroness Von Reis

  2. Cat says:

    I never thought I would enjoy watching jousting, but the history channel here in the states is now running a series called “Full Metal Jousting”. It is very interesting and I would love to see a tounament.

    1. Baroness Von Reis says:

      Cat, If you like jousting you can go to them in summer at the Renaissance Festival, if you live in the states ,alot of the men on Full Metal Jousting perform at the festival. It is so much fun ‘so if you get a chance go,also lots more tnings to do. Find out were the nearest one is. You can also go in full Renaissance dress as these Renn Fests are like a walk back in time. I never mis them go on line to find out the nearesr one by you. Baroness Von Reis

      1. Cat says:

        Thanks Baroness, for your suggestion! I haven’t been to a renaissance festival before. I live in Maryland and they do have one. I am looking forward to attending and also to putting together a period costume. The trick will be to get my husband to dress in one also.

        1. Baroness Von Reis says:

          Cat,Im sure theres a Renn Fest in Maryland,check on line for the one nearest toyou,your going to have so much fun!My husband the Baron had a hard time going in full dress now ,he loves to go back in time as I do. There are many sites to go to for gowns and they can be very pricey,Claire has some very nice gowns and mens atire,I think once your husband goes, he will have great fun as there are many men in full dress. At first the Baron was’nt crazy about dressing up,just tell him how hansome he looks i think he will go for it and many more years to come. The Baron and I go to the Queens court every year and to the jousting,you truely go back in time.If you need some help on preparing please feel free to contact me and will help you through it. So now is the time to get started,think of your title name ,for you and your husband as people will want pics and autos of you both. Find yourown as they take 3 to5 weeks to make and have your husband look at mens atire that he would want to where.Let me no how it goes and if you have any QsAs feel free to mail me,I have been doing this for years. King Regards Baroness Von Reis

      2. Cat says:

        Thank you Baroness Von Reis! I would love some guidance in getting started. We do have a Renn Fest in Maryland and there is also one in Eastern PA that is within driving distance. I’m excited to begin the journey back in time. Finding a name will be most interesting! I know that there are societies that also have events. Do you attend those also? If you don’t mind, I’ll give you my email. catwhitten@yahoo.com I do have questions, but don’t know how to contact you except through this board.
        Thank you again Baroness!

        1. Baroness Von Reis says:

          Hi Cat, I sent you email on Renn Fest, have not heard back??You can use both e-mail addresses as I have 2 computers,hope to here from you soon as you really should get started early Thank you Baroness Von Reis

  3. Dawn 1st says:

    It seems so contradictory that the King, who was so intent on leaving sons to inherit his throne and continue the Tudor dynasty, that he continued to place himself at such high risk of serious injury or death that this sport entailed, especially as by now that he and Katherine had suffered the loss of all their babies bar Mary, and the Queen was nearing the end of her child bearing days.
    But Henry was a man of many contradictions…

  4. Fiz says:

    henry was very lucky, especially when you consider what happened to Henri II in 1559.

  5. Ann Pierce says:

    Love “The Tudors”…I looked up Henry VIII resting place and noticed something at the bottom that was strange-I realized he was buried w/Jane Seymour but it also says “infant son of Queen Ann?” That must be the one she miscarried?

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