Where did Anne and Henry get married?

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII got married in the King's private chapel at Whitehall Palace on the 25th January 1533. It was a secret and private ceremony - see https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/8155/henry-viii-marries-anne-boleyn-25th-january-1533/

The Tudor chronicler, Edward Hall, wrote that the couple actually got married on Thursday 14th November 1532, St Erkenwald’s Day:-
“The kyng, after his returne [from Calais] maried priuily[privily] the lady Anne Bulleyn on sainet Erkenwaldes daie, whiche mariage was kept so secrete, that very fewe knewe it, til she was greate with child, at Easter after.”
So they may well have got betrothed or secretly married in Kent on arrival in England after their trip to Calais.


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