It breaks my heart to think that Elizabeth knew so little about her mother. Is there any evidence that Anne left a letter for her daughter before she was executed? I know she asked Cranmer and one of her ladies (Kat) to watch over the child. Thanks for the Anne Boleyn Files. I just joined!

There is no evidence that Anne wrote Elizabeth a letter but it is thought that Elizabeth was given some of Anne's jewellery as Elizabeth is wearing an A Necklace in the Whitehall family portrait which can be seen at Hampton Court Palace.

It was her chaplain, Matthew Parker, who Anne asked to watch over Elizabeth - see - and what is amazing about this is that Parker was a member of the Cambridge set of influential and intelligent men like William Cecil, Cranmer, John Dee etc., men who helped Elizabeth become the woman and monarch she became. I've read of Anne asking Kat Ashley to watch over Elizabeth in fiction but have found no evidence of that actually happening.


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