Did Mary of Scots try to kill Elizabeth I?

That's a tricky one to answer because some believe that she did and others believe that she was framed. I, personally, believe that she did plot against Elizabeth and that she walked into a trap set by Cecil and Walsingham - see http://www.elizabethfiles.com/the-trial-of-mary-queen-of-scots/4373/


4 thoughts on “Did Mary of Scots try to kill Elizabeth I?”

  1. Anne says:

    Elizabeth wanted badly to spare Mary Queen of Scots from execution.

    Rumors suggest that Mary had “plotted” from prison several times, and Elizabeth herself visited her and asked her to stop plotting or she would have no choice but to execute her.

    Mary was obstinate, and even when she was tried did not admit or deny anything, but merely stated that she was not an English subject and therefore did not have to follow their laws.

    People in court wanted Mary (and the threat she presented) gone. I believe Elizabeth’s advisors (Cecil and Walsingham) set several traps to “catch” Mary in the act and finally succeeded. At that point, having Mary’s name in print with an assassination plot, Elizabeth’s hands were tied. Even so, she did not immediately sign a death warrant.

    Some historians suggest that Elizabeth wasn’t even made aware Mary had been executed until after the fact.
    Yes, I believe Mary was guilty and desperate to leave England or else be made Queen.

    1. Noah says:

      Elizabeth and Mary never met, so no she didn’t say anything to her. Lol.

  2. Tidus says:

    I don’t think Mary tried to Elizabeth. Having said that, after what Elizabeth did to her and all those years in prison, I couldn’t blame her if she did.

  3. Tidus says:

    I don’t think Mary tried to “kill” Elizabeth.
    Why can’t I edit my own comment ?

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