Lady Jane Grey and Queen Mary I – who was the usurper?

| February 20, 2017

With it having been the anniversary of the birth of Queen Mary I on 18th February, there have been lots of discussions on blogs and social media regarding Mary, her reign and also her accession. Mary I became queen on 19th July 1553 after she successfully deposed her first cousin once removed, Lady Jane Grey, […]

21 June 1553 – Lady Jane Grey Chosen as Edward VI’s Heir

| June 21, 2014

On 21st June 1553, letters patent were issued changing Edward VI’s heir from his half-sister Mary to Lady Jane Grey, the eldest daughter of Edward’s cousin Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk. The following is taken from The chronicle of Queen Jane, and of two years of Queen Mary, and especially of the rebellion of Sir […]

6 July 1553 – Death of Edward VI

| July 6, 2011

Between 8 and 9pm on the 6th July 1553 King Edward VI lay dying at Greenwich Palace. Historian Chris Skidmore writes of how he prayed: “Lord God, deliver me out of this miserable and wretched life, and take me among thy chosen: howbeit not my will, but thy will be done. Lord I commit my […]