Love Letter 3

ALTHOUGH, my Mistress, it
has not pleased you to remem-
ber the promise you made me when I
was last with you — that is, to hear
good news from you, and to have an
answer to my last letter; yet it seems
to me that it belongs to a true servant
(seeing that otherwise he can know
nothing) to inquire the health of his
mistress, and to acquit myself of the
duty of a true servant, I send you this
letter, beseeching you to apprise me
of your welfare, which I pray to God
may continue as long as I desire mine
own. And to cause you yet oftener
to remember me, I send you, by the
bearer of this, a buck killed late last
night by my own hand, hoping that
when you eat of it you may think of
the hunter; and thus, for want of
room, I must end my letter, written
by the hand of your servant, who very
often wishes for you instead of your
brother. H. R.

7 Responses to “Love Letter 3”

  1. LizHamilton says:

    Claire, what does Henry mean by “who very often wishes for you instead of your brother???


    Claire Reply:

    Hi Liz,
    George was one of Henry VIII’s favoured courtiers and so spent a lot of time with the King socially. He was also the one who delivered the love letters to Anne. Hope that helps!


  2. Linda says:

    When I read this letter and other love letters that he sent her, I find it so hard to understand how Henry who waited so long,,(seven years at least) to finally be with Anne,he could of then treated her the way that he did and her brother as well, who was a favourite courtier…The lovely and brave Anne Boleyn was and always will be my favourite Queen of all time.. I have followed her life story for over 45 years and it still never fails to this day to give me a lump in my throat when I read about her…


    Lexi Reply:

    Henry was also a spoiled brat. Not getting what he wanted for so long made it even more important to him, but then when he finally got it, it wasn’t what he expected. He wanted Anne, after they married, to no longer be the bold woman she was during their courting days. He wanted her to suddenly be meek and obedient, to ignore his affairs and to give him a son. Or two. Or seven. She couldn’t do any of that – it wasn’t who se was (except for the son thing – idk why she couldn’t have a son), and so when he realized that, he discarded her like a piece of trash. God, I love Anne so much and her end was so tragic and extremely saddening. I wish she could have married Henry Percy and Katherine had been able to give Henry a boy. Wouldn’t the world have been a much better place? I believe so.
    Ok sorry for my rant. Lol. I love the Tudors. XD


  3. Jen says:

    I have always suspected that as a man and a hunter, Henry enjoyed the chase more than he enjoyed the catch. I think they spent so long building up In their heads what their relationship would be like, and when it finally happened it just wasn’t what he thought it would be.


    PHS Reply:

    Very well said, I think you’re right.


    Mia Reply:

    Yes, I think Henry was one of those people who was infatuated with infatuation who expected romantic love to always be passionate and exciting and once that started to fade, as it inevitably does, he became frustrated and started searching for that infatuation ‘hit’ again. I think the reason it lasted so long with Anne was not simply due to being infatuated or even just the chase of Anne herself, but it seems like as time went on, the obstacles in the way of their relationship, the long drawn out process of trying his marriage to Catherine etc, were part of what kept her attractive to him too. Idk, I just get the feeling he eventually got caught up in the drama and the battle of it all so that when it was over and there was nothing left to “fight” for, the reality didn’t seem as great as he’d built it up to be (confounded by Anne’s strong personality which, once infatuation had faded, probably became irritating to him).


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