2020 Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar

December 4: London to

Today’s contribution is from Cassidy Cash, an expert on William Shakespeare…

When William Shakespeare travelled from Stratford Upon Avon to London, it was at least a two day journey on foot if you walked continuously for that time (according to Google Maps' estimation of the distance today). Which means, practically speaking it would have taken William Shakespeare 3-4 days for a quick trip, and he would have had to stop somewhere along the way for meals and to rest.

Using the text of Shakespeare's plays, and the inns he mentions by name, along with the history of specific inns which can prove they were in existence and established/popular stopping points for travellers along this route, I have put together a map of The Road To London for William Shakespeare. It is my best guess at a possible route he could have taken. As you can tell from the overlay, many roads and routes are possible and there's no reason to think Shakespeare went the exact same way every single time--so there's a lot of room for more research and education on this topic to determine, which makes this map a great starting point for discussion and helping you learn more!

This map features quotes from his plays where Shakespeare mentions specific inns along the Road to London (from Stratford Upon Avon) and also shares some history about each place, along with indicators that tell you how long it would have taken for Shakespeare to walk the route.

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Download a printable pdf version of this map for free right here https://www.cassidycash.com/InnMap