2020 Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar

December 13: Queen Anne Boleyn FREE COLOURING PAGE!

Our special treat today is from Rebecca Monet, author and illustrator of “Queen Anne Boleyn Paper Doll” book. A big thank you to Rebecca for sharing this information and the lovely colouring page.<6

Over to Rebecca…

A true labour of love, the “Queen Anne Boleyn Paper Doll” book was born of a desire to offer continued agency to one of England’s most remarkable queens. With a forward by Dr. Owen Emmerson, the supervisor at Hever Castle, it is more than a traditional paper doll. In fact, it is actually an in-depth historical narrative which Professor Suzannah Lipscomb confirms when she notes:

What is unexpectedly joyful about it is how elegantly and intelligently the commentaries are written, how scholarly the research that underpins them, and what empathy and imagination they show. This can be given to any true history lover, knowing that their hands, hearts, and minds will be fully engaged.

It began when I came across the documentary, “The Last Days of Anne Boleyn” and it continued with books, documentaries, podcasts and videos such as Claire Ridgway’s vlog (a full bibliography and resource guide can be found in the book). To work on such a deeply rich project during the pandemic was a godsend and Claire’s vlog was practically Pavlovian in nature (I would instantly relax when I watched them or listened to Natalie Grueninger’s “Talking Tudors” podcasts).

I especially love Claire’s video on Anne’s Books of Hours where she is accompanied by Dr. Emmerson at Hever Castle. She not only gives the history of the books along with Dr. Emmerson, but she holds them—which was a real thrill for us, her viewers.

In addition to the narrative and commentaries, the “Queen Anne Boleyn Paper Doll Book,” is designed to be a lovely table top display with historical quotes. Each page features a dress and quote from ten key events in Anne’s life. It is available on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/atelierbisoux/ and a video can be found here:


If you type “I’m a meddler” in the comment section of your order on Etsy, I will include a free “Fan Art” page which can be used to change the original face (inspired by Holbein and the “Moost Happi Portrait Medal” by Lucy Churchill) into the visage of Natalie Dormer or Geneviève Bujold.

In gratitude to Claire—who offered this spot on her delightful advent calendar (and who has given me many hours of joy with her vlog!)—I have created a printable download featuring her favorite Anne Boleyn (in films): Geneviève Bujold. It could be printed on card stock and be made into an ornament. The wreath in the image captures the Bay, Holly and Rosemary leaves often found in the boughs and wreaths used during the Tudor period ( “thank you” to Lucy Worsley and her special, “12 Days of Tudor Christmas”).

And thank YOU, Claire! A Merry Christmas to you and to everyone at the Anne Boleyn Files!


Rebecca Monet