Win an Anne Boleyn Portrait Pendant!

Posted By on July 4, 2017

The talented, and very kind, Tiffini, who makes our beautiful sterling silver portrait jewellery, is offering Anne Boleyn Files visitors the chance to win an Anne Boleyn Grandioso Pendant – thank you, Tiffini!

This grandioso pendant features an image from a stunning collage by Tiffini Elektra of the famous Hever Castle Anne Boleyn portrait. It shows Anne Boleyn holding the Tudor Rose with pieces of antique anemone botanical and ornamental papers and bookplates. One of the symbolic meanings of the anemone flower is “forsaken”. The pendant is sterling silver and the image is printed with archival inks and materials, and then protected by a clear, waterproof, flawless and archival resin. The pendant is approximately 1 and 3/16 inches in diameter (30mm) and comes in a lovely gift box. I have one and it’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this stunning pendant is to leave a comment below saying what your favourite thing about the Anne Boleyn Files website is. Leave your comment by midnight on 11th July 2017. One lucky comment will be picked at random and the winner contacted for their details. The pendant is shipped from Colorado, USA, and the giveaway is open internationally.

If you don’t win, or can’t wait, then we do of course sell the pendant in our online shop – see our Contemporary Jewellery section.

117 thoughts on “Win an Anne Boleyn Portrait Pendant!”

  1. Lorna Hunter says:

    I have been interested in Anne Boleyn for over fifty years. I love the Anne Boleyn files as it full of information that I have not always read in the many books that I have read,

  2. Linda Wardlaw says:

    This pendant is my fafavourite thing about this site! X

  3. Perihan Bozkurt says:

    Learning about her as a real person and the people she knew. Seeing her portrayed more positively.

  4. Claire Jackson says:

    I love that The Anne Boleyn Files writes articles that are written in the search of truth, and helps many people connect to such an important part of history.

  5. Danielle C. says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite thing about Anne but I guess I’d have to say her strength of will. In our generation, it’s very difficult to avoid what Anne did in terms of giving the king what he wanted and I imagine it was even harder back then…I mean, he was king after all! I admire the fact that despite the idea of temporary riches and jewels was dangled in front of her, she didn’t falter and held her ground; her purity was worth more than becoming a king’s mistress and it’s something many women nowadays don’t prize or they don’t have that confidence in themselves. Everyone needs to feel, what I believe, the self love she felt. All women need to set higher standards for themselves like she did and know that we all deserve the absolute best, not just to settle – Anne would do no such thing!

  6. Sarah Campbell says:

    I love reading the different stories, facts and rumours about Anne and the debating about their truthfulness.

  7. Danielle C. says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite thing about Anne but I guess I’d have to say her strength of will. In our generation, it’s very difficult to avoid what Anne did in terms of giving the king what he wanted and I imagine it was even harder back then…I mean, he was king after all! I admire the fact that despite the idea of temporary riches and jewels was dangled in front of her, she didn’t falter and held her ground; her purity was worth more than becoming a king’s mistress and it’s something many women nowadays don’t prize or they don’t have that confidence in themselves. Everyone needs to feel, what I believe, the self love she felt. All women need to set higher standards for themselves like she did and know that we all deserve the absolute best, not just to settle – Anne would do no such thing!

  8. Lisa Miller says:

    I enjoy reading The Anne Boleyn Files because I can learn historical tidbits I haven’t encountered elsewhere…and know they are fact, rather than the fiction about Anne Boleyn that unfortunately runs rampant elsewhere.

  9. Linda Given says:

    I enjoy all the facts that the website publishes. I enjoy all these small details because it shows that they experience life just like an ordinary person in the end.

  10. Rachel says:

    What I love the most about this site is getting to interact with likeminded people and be confident that I’m not alone in my Tudor fixation. Others might think it bizarre but to me, it’s a relief to be able to grieve over Anne with others every May 19th. I’ve learnt so much more about her character and life as well and I’m grateful for that.

  11. Laura Roy says:

    I love The Anne Boleyn Files because it gives me so much information on Tudor history in one place. The blog always makes me want to know more, and I end up furiously Googling for more information because of things I read about on the posts. Reading The Anne Boleyn Files always sends me down a Tudor rabbit-hole of fascinating history.

  12. Vicky says:

    My favourite thing about this site is a sense of belonging and being able to converse with people who have the same passion as myself xx

  13. Eleanor Woolf says:

    Such a beautiful piece of jewellery, real craftsmanship.
    Anne Boleyn is such a fascinating character, probably the most intriguing queen consort in British history. Your website gives wonderful glimpses to her life and times, thank you so much.

  14. Rachel says:

    My absolute favorite thing about this website is the passion you feel from Claire and her love of Anne. Not only do I not feel alone in my Tudor history love, but I learn so much everyday!!

  15. Aurora M says:

    Omg!! I love soooo much about this site but as a history major I adore when you set the record straight, too many people believe the tv shows? Glad to know they start loving history but equally happy to know they have this site to tell the real history story.

  16. Karen Stanfield says:

    My lifelong interest in all things Tudor has given me a source of Great reading and learning pleasure. Anne has always been such a fascinating person and one of the things I so enjoy about the Anne Boleyn files is that I am constantly learning new bits of information about her and the people who surrounded her during that period of history. Please keep up the good work. I look forward to reading it everyday..


  17. Ana Gómez says:

    Beautiful ! I would love to have one but live too far away !

    1. Claire says:

      Ana, the giveaway is open internationally.

      1. Mary the Quene says:

        My favourite thing about The Anne Boleyn Files is that Claire always responds beautifully to all commenters. She gently sets them straight, answers their questions, and does all of that whilst providing an incredible, utterly cost-free historical resource.

        1. Lisa H says:

          ^This, for sure. 🙂

        2. Shawdian says:

          Here here! Quite agree. Clair is an absolute darling and we should all raise our glass, be it water, wine, barley or whatever Tudor drink you prefer . Clair spreads her passion of Anne and the Tudors worldwide no matter who we are or where we are and does her PASSION PROUD. Thank you Claire

  18. Christine says:

    My favourite thing is the comments it’s so interesting to read other people’s points of view.

  19. Megan says:

    I love all the information in the Anne Boleyn Files- learning things I’ve never read about and helping me form my own opinion

  20. Agnes says:

    The articles, the community, the comments, and of course you, Claire! 🙂

  21. Peyton R says:

    I love seeing the stories from the period that aren’t as well known and the interviews with other Tudor history authors.

  22. Caro says:

    I love the information saying what happened on this date . Anne Boleyn fascinates me and this is a fabulous way of finding out about her. Some of the articles are brilliant and without coming here I wouldn’t have found the 2 volume books Le Temps Viendra and many other interesting books.
    Everything is easy to find and well presented
    By the way the necklace is stunning

  23. Rachael Simmons says:

    I love the on this day bits. Reminds me of things i may already know, but gives me tidbits of new things to research!

  24. Violet Yates says:

    I enjoy The Anne Boleyn Files for the clarity it brings to Anne’s history. There has been so much misinformation out there that it’s nice to access a website dedicated to the truth, as far as one can get. I have enjoyed reading many articles on this site.

  25. Tara says:

    This was the very first site I found that looked at the HISTORICAL facts concerning Anne, and didn’t rely on stories, false rumor, or ridiculous speculation. I love the snippets of interesting Tudor life facts (On This Day), as well as the flow of fascinating views presented here on the lives of those I would have loved to have met. <3

  26. Rebecca Goddard says:

    I have been facinated by the Tudors and Anne Boleyn since I first picked up a bood about them when I was 12. I was first drawn to this site because it offered a different take on the true nation of a woman much maligned by history. I love this site because it gives facts not easy to find from my armchair and gives us always facinating articles about all subjects Tudor. Thank you Claire and all the guest writers!

  27. Alexandra Gömöri says:

    I really like this Side because I find Always what I search about Anne and her family. And I really like the In this day posts too

  28. kevina pender says:

    I love to read all the information from the website. Anne has been a fasination of mine for years. The website is so informative…i feel like i am there in court with all the courtiers … So fascinating

  29. Jeanette Baker says:

    Anne herself, there is so much info in one place! Im constantly finding new info on this site.

  30. Laura says:

    I have been interested in the Tudors since I studied them at school and the Anne Boleyn Files offers a fascinating perspective on Anne and life in Tudor England. Anne was such a complex character. The articles on this site are so well informed with facts and different views and the perspective offers a sympathetic approach of a lady who is assumed to be a certain type or person.

  31. Betty Dunlap says:

    Anne Boleyn has always been a fascinating person to me. She tried to live life on her own terms and that took guts!!!

  32. annie says:

    My favorite part of the website is the Anne Boleyn Day activities on May 19th.

  33. Kathryn E Berry says:

    My favorite thing about the Anne Boleyn Files is that it digs deeper into the life of Anne and her relationships than other resource material. It really gives life to her and her world.

  34. Dawn Whitesel says:

    I love the Anne Boleyn files for all of the different topics and opinions on Anne. It’s great seeing what others believe and feel
    About Anne!

  35. Jennifer Moore says:

    I love the Anne Boleyn files, especially the bios which are so easy to follow and informative. I love to go down rabbits holes of information and the bios always bring me back to what I really want to know or refresh my memory on.

  36. Melissa says:

    I love the Anne Boleyn files not only for all the great articles, but because it also gives me the opportunity to discuss Anne and her life with a greater number of people. This gives me the opportunity to see the different milestones in Anne’s life from perspectives other than my own.

  37. Margarita Ratcliff says:

    My favorite thing about Anne Boleyn is her fierceness. Her ability to tell the King no and stand her ground while being fiercely steadfast in her mind and didn’t waver. And how when even at the scaffold, remaining strong and eloquent and so much a Queen. I can only admire such a woman.

  38. Teresa Evans says:

    I’ve been fascinated by Anne Boleyn for many years. I’ve read many of the books related to her and the history behind her existence as Queen of England. What fascinates me about her is that she was way ahead of her time and such an interesting character in history. The most fascinating book I’ve read on her is the book, “The Anne Boylen Collection”. This really opened my eyes to facts not really explained or looked at as in-depth. I relate so strongly with Anne, and would love to win the pendant as a keepsake I’d cherish in my collection.

  39. Tina says:

    The anniversary of Annes death on the Anne Boleyn files is such a beautiful testimony to her life as a Queen, and mother of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth, her struggle with love and a man who turned against her. The whole day is full of amazing information, competitions, extracts from history books, a log of her final hours, Annes bravery as she walked to the scaffold and breathed her last. The whole experience every year is so moving and I love it. I think Claire works so hard to offer the spirit of Anne depth, and life despite her death being centuries ago!
    The spirit of Anne is very much alive within the Anne Boleyn files, her energy is tangible.

  40. Christen Purpura says:

    I love your site. I have been obsessed with Anne Boleyn since I could read. I love all of the articles you post they are so informative. Thank you for your dedication.

  41. Anne Barnhill says:

    I love the Abbe Boleyn Files for lots of reasons: fascinating and well researched articles; fun stuff; Claire’s intelligent charm; and the sense of community.

  42. Barbara Orr says:

    I really enjoy the Anne Boleyn files! It is filled with fascinating information on all of the Tudor players. I happily go off to research them further. I feel the deeper knowledge of research which Is so important, not the fictional stories. Anne was a true and anointed queen and should not have been beheaded.

  43. Margaret McMahon says:

    I googled Ann Boleyn after watching the episode of Wolf Hall last night in which she was executed. A couple decades ago I saw the movie ‘Ann of the Thousand Days’ about Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII. I was seeking factual information about her life and execution. I came upon this site, and watched a couple videos. I think there is well researched information on this site, as well as many resources.

  44. Robyn says:

    My favorite thing about the Anne Boleyn Files is the academic detail that you bring to your articles. I learned so much from Ives about Anne Boleyn at the beginning, but you’ve expanded wonderfully upon what Ives gave us.

  45. Penney Thorne says:

    I love The Anne Boleyn Files because it breaks down information about the people, places, and events in Anne’s life that always brings a deeper understanding of what her life was like. I also enjoy that no matter where you are on the spectrum of knowledge, there is something for everyone here, and questions are encouraged. It is a warm community of people who share a passion for this Queen.

  46. Debbi Przyblo says:

    My favourite thing(s) about The Anne Boleyn Files (as if I could choose just one!) is the wealth of information about Anne and the Tudors as well as the reformation and renaissance period. This is not a ‘one note’ collection of information but the whole experience of ‘Being Anne Boleyn”.
    Thank you, Claire, for your time and thoughtful effort.

  47. Viktoria Boel says:

    I enjoy the information, comments and the forum on this site.

  48. Diane Yule says:

    Hello from Iowa USA ! I really enjoy this FB page! I’ve been interested in the monarchy for years! Claire’s posts are a daily pleasure for me and I also enjoy interacting with other ladies around the world! Thank you!


    I love reading the Anne Boleyn files daily. I have learned so much about history just reading about this time in history. The site opens my mind to how people lived and thought then and how times have changed. I love the detail the files provide of this era. . I would love to win this gorgeous pendant. Please add me to the drawing. Thankyou!

  50. Estie says:

    I Love how you explain the way that they lived and that there are many different opinions on Anne and that you chose to share them all with us.

  51. Thomas Ramsey-Broad says:

    As Anne Boleyn is one of the most fascinating historical figures of all time yet so many aspects of her life are unknown the Anne Boleyn files is great because it approaches the subject and her life from so many different angles from covering specific aspects of her life such as her children (or failure to provide a live son) to mentioning events on the anniversary of their occurrence to addressing media that covers her life or her time period it is overall a great well rounded look at an intriguing figure keep up the good work 🙂

  52. Regina says:

    I have been interested in Anne Boleyn since I read a 6 wives of Henry VIII book in Jr High in Indiana USA 40 years ago. This site is most interesting as it deals with all aspects of interactions of Anne and the Tudor court. Claire is delightful, diligent & passionate about presenting Anne as intelligent & steadfast in her beliefs. I also love the comments from a variety of people to learn different perspectives and the articles are very informative.

  53. Renita Peeler says:

    I am an English professor and I love the accurate, interesting, and informative articles and information on The Anne Boleyn Files. I use this website in my class, and encourage my students to access it for their research projects as well

  54. Boglarka Balogh says:

    Anne Boleyn is a very interesting person to learn about, because she was an important participant of the renessaince and the reformation. Her power knew no limits and her knowledge allowed her to take controll over not just a man but the king himself. I admire her endurance and envy her knowledge.

  55. Hana says:

    I love The Anne Boleyn Files because it is such an interesting site and offers so many information about Anne Boleyn. There are many pieces of information about Anne on the internet and you can’t really be certain what is true or not. But this page tells it as it truly was. I already know much about Anne but I still learn something new every time.

  56. Danuta Chlebek says:

    The Anne Boleyn Files website is unique because it is always under continuous development. d. Claire could have gone the easy way and used the same information that was published a year ago. Instead, not only does she change the information to make it as interesting and refreshing to read but she also seeks out all different types of readers by adding articles, videos, and other sources of multimedia to appeal to the learning styles of various individuals.. I also love the fact that though it is called the Anne Boleyn Files, there are many topics concerning Tudor England which gives the reader an insight into the world that Anne was brought into and the world that she left behind for her daughter.

  57. Darlene kreutzkamp says:

    I love the way you tell the truth about these historical people

  58. Susan Slattery says:

    First of all I want to say ” Thank you Claire” for this wonderful and very informative website. I felt like I found a pot of gold when I found it as I’ve been addicted to Tudor history for years. You have brought new facts to life and have expelled some misconceptions about Anne. I’ve found more information here, than from the many books I’ve read.

  59. She lived like many “Ahead of her times”.. yet was cautious and kind and “aware” of that fact. Like many she had fits of conscience with succumbing to the red lines in front of her. What I can and will remember is her “duty of death”. She went free to be humble and recognize the king when others expected less of her. Noble like a true queen which many did not expect. Anne certainly could have more than proclaimed her innocence but left us this part of history which makes her the woman that “outlived” him in spirit and “A True Queen” in the time of her death. Blaming no one but embracing “Her Lord”. Jesus and naming his majesty as his servant. In ways that is very revealing.

  60. Robin M. Woods says:

    The thing I like most about the Anne Boleyn Files is (are) the “60 second history”. Claire presents that after much care and concern for her subjects. This pendant would declare my obsession with Anne to those who don’t know this about me.

  61. Kate Rodgers says:

    Hello! My favourite thing about the Anne Boleyn Files is how it keeps the memory of Anne alive and educates the reader on all aspects of her life. Rarely a day passes when I don’t pop on here to learn something new.

  62. Kathleen says:

    I love the today in history updates!!!!

  63. michelle says:

    I can’t pick just one!
    I love getting the emails and finding out all the bits of history.

  64. Minerva says:

    Dear Claire,

    I’m a mexican english teacher and a big fan of English history, specially the Tudors time. I love the way your website mixes the ancient facts with the current influence of Anne and her daughter Elizabeth I in the world…these women live forever in history and beyond the borders of England!. I would love to travel to your beautiful country one day and join your “experience tours”, particularly I would like to visit Anne’s grave.
    Greetings from Latin America.

  65. Roger Bailey says:

    We are so lucky to actually live in the village of Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire where Katherine of Aregon passed away in Kimbolton Castle which we can see from our cottage. Also my Regimental Headquarters is The Tower Of London and if ever any of our group want to visit then please let me know. I have been following the Tudor History since a child and have visited Hever Castle, Anne’s family home many times.

  66. Cyn Schoenbrun says:

    Finding this website has been wonderful. It’s not easy to find other people interested and passionate about the Tudors, people who want to learn about and share every aspect. I really appreciate all of the sourced backgound research, as well as the breadth of the available biographies, background culture, history, and society. What do I appreciate most aboutTheAnneBoleynFiles is that it exists, is accessible, and is frequently updated with ne Information!

  67. George Tynan Crowley says:

    I like the “latest” revelations we get on the site…and I’m always hoping that someday an archeologist will come upon the trial transcripts, notes from George Wyatt’s research, the lifestory of Katherine Parr’s daughter, etc. And I’d hope to find them posted here first. (My play sbout Anne Bolen, a 3-character full-length spotlighting Mary Boleyn, Thomas Wyatt, and of course Anne, encompasses her story from return to court from France until her death. Title: MOST HAPPY. First produced 2005 in New York City.

  68. nicole walsh says:

    All the great info! Such a great resource on all things Anne and Tudor England!

  69. Daniela says:

    What a great website for all sorts of interesting, fascinating and many times unheard of facts about Anne Boleyn and all things Tudor.. What a great prize to win!!

  70. Liz says:

    Your Anne Boleyn Files are factual, informative and entertaining. Plus it feeds my hunger for all things Tudor!

  71. Lisa H says:

    It’s very hard to pick just one favorite thing about this site. I love the discussion that is often spirited but respectful. I love the give and take in how we educate each other as well as soak in all the wonderful things Claire has provided so well. I love how Claire and other authors who “guest” here are careful to delineate between fact and speculation.

    But most of all, I love that the subjects are not limited to just Anne Boleyn. No man – or woman – is an island, and every person Anne encountered (as well as many she never met) had an impact on her life and times. To know her, we must examine them as well, and the Anne Boleyn Files gives us as complete a picture as possible without a time machine. I’ll always be glad I found it!

  72. What I enjoy most about this site is all the new information which is avaible just by clicking on it. Your emails are a fantastic way of letting us know when something new has been posted,,written and released. I have been able to find numerous items which I purchased from this site, and was not able to even have known about them..with out your site. I love it, and visit it often.
    Just wanted to thank everyone who works so hard to bring all of the fans, like myself, the quality news amd collectable items you offer.
    Thanks to All!

  73. Heather Larsen says:

    My favorite thing is that it gives me a dose of my favorite things when I am having a difficult week at work.

  74. Angela Hartley says:

    We never studied the Tudor dynasty when I was in school in the early 1970s. I recently came across this and subscribed and read every thing I can get my hands on!! It absolutely fascinates me!!!

  75. Cora says:

    My favourite thing about thre Anne Boleyn files has to be Claire Ridgeway. Her research her knowledge is wonderful. She tells it like it is and with an accuracy she fully believes in. She stands by her writings. I do love the short videos as well that give novices a little insight on the treasures that come with this site that are more informative and full of history.

  76. Maureen King says:

    i love ❤️ this site because it reaffirms the power of the feminine, and how historical portrayal of strong females has often failed to tell the truth, falling back on stale stereotypes and subjective reporting

  77. Dorayne demoore says:

    I was always interested in Anne. Always admired her courage, not only at the end, but in the way she managed the situation when destiny came calling. I love this site because I have learned so much nd I so enjoy interacting with people who share my interest. The moderators are always so kind and helpful also.

  78. Dawn 1st says:

    In a nutshell…A Friendly Site Expertly Reaseached and Presented.

  79. Regenia Mayne says:

    I really enjoy the “this date in history” feature. It continually reminds me how brief her gaudy hour on stage really was. Plus the dates encompass so much more than Anne’s life, revealing fascinating snippets of the lives that were entwined with hers.

  80. DB says:

    You engage interested readers from all over the world and their comments are so well thought out and engaging I look forward to everything from your 60-second spots to your husband’s pancake cooking lesson. I think that my favorite feature is your scholarly bios of lesser known players in Tudor history. Thank you!

  81. Margie B. says:

    I love reading about the Tudors, the email arrives each Friday and I have several friends I forward it too.

  82. Deborah says:

    I love this site and love learning more about Anne Boleyn and the Tudor dynasty!

  83. Nancy Jaroniewski-Joseph says:

    I love all the actual facts on Ann and her family.

  84. Marion Arnott says:

    I love the information about all the people who inhabited Anne ”s world.
    .They she’d light on how people thought then and on Anne herself.

  85. Caren Watson says:

    I appreciate that you challenge so called established facts about Anne. I think many are looking at the preconceived notions about her and it’s about time!

  86. Barbara Wadsworth says:

    My favourite thing about the Anne Boleyn Files is a combination of the wonderful stories and the insightful, well thought our comments. It is refreshing to be on a site where people engage in spirited debate in a respectful way, sometimes agreeing to disagree but never being insulting. I look forward to visiting here.

  87. Sharon Gillette says:


    I have always loved royal history and Queen Anne was always my most favorite Queen.In fact she is the reason I want to be a historian.

  88. Jackie Lambert says:

    I’ve been fascinated with Ann’s story since college. When I open my email and see Ann Boleyn file it really brightens my day. Thank you Claire.

  89. Banditqueen says:

    My favourite things about this website because one doesn’t do it justice are how well researched the articles are, the references and ability to have access to a lot of beautiful sources, the open and honest debate and the evolution of knowledge over the years and the shared experience.

    My favourite thing about Anne Boleyn was her motto stating that this was how things were going to be, let people grumble, hard luck.

  90. S Taylor says:

    My favourite thing about Anne Boleyn Files is the wonderful stimulation of news and history around Anne Boleyn . It makes history real for me and is a wonderful site to escape modern day life and dwell for a moment in the past.

  91. Ashley says:

    My favorite thing besides Anne herself, is being able to share my interest in her life and all things Tudor with people who are open minded and so appreciate of an era which I find so near to my heart! I love this site !!

  92. Lorraine Byrne. Bth. says:

    I have always had a soft spot for Anne Boleyn and I admire her very much for her

    courage and tenacity to stand up to her accusers. So i would consider it a privilege to

    be able to wear this pendant of her.

  93. pat becker says:

    I have always been fascinated with the tudor family and this website is a great addition to my favorite, most interesting Anne Boleyn. I have seen every movie about her and have read as many books as i can. This website is a terrific wealth of knowledge and i thank all that are involved in feeding my “queen anne addiction”

  94. Nikki Brown says:

    I like how there is clearly good research. All questions are discussed looking at all the evidence with explanations of why one piece of evidence is likely to be more reliable than others.

  95. Amanda Kelley says:

    I have admired Anne Boleyn my entire life. My favorite part of the site is the painstakingly researched detail.

  96. Bev Christopher says:

    I enjoy the information you provide on Anne Boleyn, her life and times. The related articles in connection with the people who lived around her and had an influence on her life are brilliant. It helps to set her in time and place.
    Please keep up the good work !!

  97. Carol Thomas says:

    I love the Anne Boleyn File and always look forward to reading it .I have a soft spot in my heart for Anne because of her untimely death and murder by Henry VIII. The website provides interesting information about her and the all the people she knew. The “File” is always a joy to read and a wonderful place to check references– a way to gain more knowledge about our favorite Queen.

  98. Roxanne Jones says:

    I’m a newby to all this. Your site has a wealth of information, and I haven’t hardly begun to delve into it all yet. But I know I will enjoy all. Recently finding I have an ancestral line to royalty in England and France has sparked the interest in learning more. There’s so much to it all.

  99. mrsfiennes says:

    Where else can you get the truth(or as close to it as you can) and latest developments in the Tudor world but here?I have followed this site for a number of years and I’m always surprised by how deeply the learning can go.Claire is very helpful and supportive about anything you want to know and she does an amazing job.

  100. Caroline says:

    I discovered the webpage from “The Lost Boleyns – Thomas and Henry Boleyn” youtube video. I admired the video’s research and enjoyed what I felt was an undertone of amusement- you and the other lady having caught out some whitewashing of history by the mentioned authors. Since then my favourite section have been the “Anne- Impact on history” articles.

    Quote: “Anne, I feel, has managed to make an impact on history, simply because she was someone who was and is, that little bit too close for comfort to our own wants, needs and desires and, in so being we can relate to each and every move she made though it were ourselves, but given the security of time and distance.”

    Anne and her story make me feel very reflective. Part of me wishes I had an all consuming passion (such as writing a webpage and sticking with it- I think I’ve around three now dormant blogging domains) but primarily to have the passion and bravery to go for it and have an all out love affair such as Anne experienced with Henry. Hundreds of years later and perfectly safe in the 21st century and I still think “ohh, I’d would have left well alone there. I’d be embarrassed at all the fuss” and hence why my name will never grace the history pages or have a couple of hundred people writing for my picture in a pendant.

  101. Guna Lindmaa says:

    Very nice!

  102. Annika Tuomi says:

    I love The Anne Boleyn Files because you can find articles about basically all important Tudor women, and important events in Anne’s life. It’s also great that Claire takes the time to get to the bottom of different myths and misconceptions, and discusses the facts also with people that are of different opinions. Thank you for a wonderful and interesting site!!

  103. Sharon Atkins says:

    This is Anne, beautiful and human despite her flaws, and The Anne Boleyn Files captures this wonderfully with historical facts and amazing “what ifs”. I just love this site.

  104. Chris Hammond says:

    I love this website…it is the go to place for information on the Boleyn family! I’ve always been fascinated with Anne Boleyn and her family. My ancestors, the Hamond/Hammond family are believed to have lived around Kent at one point.

  105. Agi says:

    I love this website because of Anne – of course.
    And Claire and her passion make this blog special and unique. Thanks for it!

  106. Kimberly Finney says:

    It is so hard to write just one thing I love about The Anne Boleyn Files. The website, articles, videos, and newsletter are awesome! I feel like the site gives an impartial view of history and is very open in presenting the facts to the readers. Claire’s passion for readers and history come through. Her work is wonderful. I love her books and course on !

  107. Diane Howe says:

    I love to read various opinions abut topics relating to Anne Boelyn. Very interesting and intriging.

  108. rebecca veron says:

    I have enjoyed reading about the various people and events of Tudor times. The necklace looks lovely.

  109. Josephine Stimpson says:

    The insight into the life and times of Anne Boleyn brings to light. the history and times that everyday people would never hear of. Imagination plays a big part into what
    we read but reading the Anne Boleyn files. brings the colour into the picture and youir own imagination does the rest. Long may The Anne Boleyn Files reign

  110. Brenda says:

    She was resilient and her own woman.

  111. Peggy Hill says:

    I Love anything to do with Anne. She was spirited, driven and far more intelligent than most women of her time. I have always believed in her innocence and if I was given the chance to meet with anyone from history…it would be Anne.

  112. Julia McInnes says:

    Like minds we are that twin the time between
    Of an instant before and after a king and Queen
    A place where we can all meet to read what is declared,
    From young girls’ dream, to marchioness, to queen so fair
    “My time will come…” and now her story is all undone
    But in the minds of us who find her story a burning beacon locked in time.

    My favourite thing is a place we can come together to share a common interest in history.

  113. juha says:

    Iam making paintin of Anne using Holbeins picture and 3d program as a help.Today I sent the premilinary picture to be printed in canvas and next phase is doing some paint work.
    I ve been reading about Anne from Eric Ives book which is in my opinion the best description about Anne T.juha

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