Anne Boleyn Organic Cotton Market Tote Bag

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This fabulous hand sewn tote features a design by Tiffini Elektra based on a tableau of several vintage engravings to create a one of a kind Anne Boleyn tribute. The front features a vintage engraving of Anne Boleyn surrounded by a namesake banner and tudor roses. The reverse side features her iconic signature and a single Tudor rose.

  • 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Open main compartment with a zipper panel top.
  • Handsewn tucked 27″ handle length fabric straps making it easy to carry it on your shoulder.
  • Zipper closure pouch 9×9″ inside the tote.
  • Gusseted 7″ bottom will help the tote sit nicely flat when filled.
  • Separate by colour, machine wash cold, line dry. Iron if necessary.
  • Colour: Oyster (kind of light cream) or light blue with black ink.
  • Zipper at the top and on the inside is a natural colour on both tote colours.
  • Dimensions: 18″W x 17″H x 7″G
  • Screen Printed meticulously with care by hand in Colorado, USA.

Tiffini says: “This is a serious Go-to bag. We took a long time, experimented with several fabrics, and even more designs. We played with zippers, and pockets. This bag is a culmination of some serious, thoughtful consideration as to what makes a really great bag; useful for all kinds of occasions. It’s very sturdy,100% Organic Cotton, it’s meticulously screen printed with waterbased ink (no hand, better for the environment!) by hand in Colorado, very attractive 1 of a kind design, it’s washable, it has a zippered pouch built into the inside, it’s handsewn in the USA, it has a Gusseted bottom. I’m probably forgetting something but basically it looks as good as it performs.”

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Tote bag colour

Light blue, Natural oyster

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