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Inspired by Holbein's amazingly detailed portrait of Jane Seymour, Deri has tried to capture the details of the richness and layers of this highest echelon of Tudor fashion in this miniature felt doll.

Over an underskirt of silver felt and a layer of satin ribbon trimmed with beads and pearls bordering the neckline, her red felt gown is decorated with golden stitching on the neckline and skirt guards. Her bodice jewel is made from a piece of black felt accented with golden stitching and pearls.

Her sleeves have many layers and start with organza ribbon, ruffled at the cuffs and stitched in black thread to suggest the intricate blackwork shown in the portrait. The false sleeves are slashed with organza pulled through and accented with bead buttons. The rest of her sleeves are made from a layer made of red felt with the sleeve turnbacks decorated with golden stitching.
Her gabled hood was a fun engineering challenge. The base is made with knife pleated ribbon shaped to fit her head. Next is a white felt cap sewn into the characteristic box shape with a row of beads and pearls for decoration. Over that is satin ribbon trimmed with golden ribbon following the contour for the hood’s frame. And lastly, the black felt veil which is folded, shaped and sewn to the top.
Her jewelry consists of a girdle and a necklace, both made of beads and pearls.

Made by Deri in Portugal and shipped worldwide. Each doll is lovingly hand crafted from start to finish including cutting of fabric to the meticulous hand stitching. Deri rarely uses patterns which results in slight natural variations from doll to doll which do not detract from the quality.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from the time you order until the doll is shipped as each is made completely by hand.
All of Deri's creations come from a smoke-free but pet-friendly home and are not suitable for small children.

Please contact us if you would like your dolls customised in some way -

Shipping times - Europe: 5-10 days, Canada, Australia, New Zealand: 10 days to 2 weeks, USA: about 2 weeks, Rest of World: Around 2 weeks.

Price: $56.00

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