Just dropping an email to inform you that I have received the earrings! And they are gorgeous! 🙂 Michelle, Singapore

I ordered the Anne Boleyn Classic Filigree and Pearl necklace and I love it. The craftsmanship and quality exceeded my expectations. I also bought the Anne Boleyn tassel necklace as a gift for my mom and she loves it. Trisha, Utah

Claire, I received the brooch yesterday in the mail. It’s beautiful! My friend is going to love it, I know. Joanne, Oregon

I received the necklace yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! please tell Daniela I said thank you and she did a wonderful job on it! I can’t wait to wear it today!! =] Lara, California

I just wanted to let you know I got the first order and it is better than I ever anticipated. Whoever makes your jewelry is super. Janice, New Jersey

OH MY GAWD SHE’S HERE AND SO TINY AND PERFECT AND SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you so much for the special order! Lisa, Ohio, ordered a custom felt doll from Deri.

OMG I got “the” necklace yesterday and it is fabulous!!!! I am thrilled!! The workmanship is wonderful…the earrings are wonderful. The pearls have a luster to rival real pearls!!! Thanks to all of you for this great workmanship. Karen, Massachusetts

I got the ruby and pearl drop earrings today and they are exquisite, no other word for them. Daniela does a fabulous work of art. Thank you! Karen, Massachusetts

I received the pink necklace and earrings that Daniela made for me and I just love them, so pretty! Karen, Florida

Thank Daniela for the beautiful work, as always. I look forward to ordering more from you guys. Abegail, Australia

I just got my latest ABF jewellery order last week and once again am completely thrilled with all of the pieces I have received. These are the most beautiful, unique and well-made items of jewellery I own – I always get compliments when I wear them. I think my little silver ship pendant is my favourite – I love wearing something that reminds me of Henry and Anne’s love story. Thanks again for such personal service and stunning products. All the best, to the whole team.
Fantastic work as always. Hannah, London

The necklace and earrings are beautiful! Beautiful work!! I will be ordering more! Jane D, Ontario, Canada

I just opened the box with the B pin in it……I LOVE it……it is just what I thought it should look like, and the pearls are lovely!!!! I will wear it proudly. Berneda J, Missouri

To anyone considering buying something from ABF – I ordered the Golden World set, Emerald set, Catherine Parr set, among others – and each one was done to a high standard and are really beautiful. Thanks so much for the great customer service, quality and beautiful items. 🙂 Andrea O, London, UK

I just received my tiara and I am THRILLED!!! Susan K, Michigan

Today I got some beautiful pieces made by Daniela and I love them so much. I got the beautiful golden world set and Katherine Howard pearl drop earrings. Kayleigh G, New Hampshire

My mom ordered the Gold Pearl Spike headband and the Pearl hair chain for me. They arrived the other day and they’re absolutely stunning! I love them, and I can’t wait to wear them out. =) Daniela did a fantastic job, her craftsmanship is absolutely amazing! Amanda, New York

I’m in love with the wonderful earrings I received, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials used. I’ve already received a huge amounts of compliments wearing them – Thank you so much!
The headband is lovely too. I am a very satisfied customer, just wanted to let you know that 🙂 Inge, Holland

I just come to receive the necklace, it is simply magnificent!!! Thank you again, I am sure that this present is going to please my friend!! Congratulations to the artist!!! Anne-Laure, France

I am absolutely thrilled with all of the pieces Daniela has made – she is a genius! The earrings are stunning and I’ve already had compliments when I’ve worn them. These replicas are just so wearable – they look as magnificent in the 21st century as they do in Showtime’s version of the sixteenth. Thanks ever so much, I’m sure you’ll pass on my comments to Daniela also. I’m currently picking out what I want to order next – its too difficult! Hannah B, Kent, UK

I received the jewellery yesterday, it’s again very beautiful! Victoria, Spain

Just to let you know that my necklace and earrings have arrived, and they were so worth the wait! Sarah R, UK

Just wanted to let you know I got the earrings and she really loved them. Thank you for your efforts in getting it here quick and thank her for making them so beautiful it was worth seeing my friends smile. Ryan G, New York

The necklace arrived today and my wife loves it very very much!  It is beautiful and goes very well with her Catherine Parr earrings. She has already gotten many compliments on them and they look beautiful! She wanted me to thank you for having such beautiful jewelry. David T, Washington

Just to let you know that I received my Jane Seymour locket. It’s so very pretty 🙂 Keep up the good work! Hannah C, Australia

My Henry VIII and wives bracelet has just arrived, and I absolutely love it! Please thank Tiffini for the beautiful workmanship.
On a recent visit to the Tower of London, I looked for a piece of jewellery with a historical theme, but I couldn’t find anything. Thank goodness I found your website! Hopefully I’ll be buying more from you! Margaret T, Australia

I had an awesome surprise when I got to the post office and both my dresses were there! And I have to tell you, I am absolutely speechless, I am totally blown away, I knew from looking at your website they would be great but I didn’t imagine they would be this incredible! I am literally blown away! I just wanted to let you know I got them and they’re truly the most amazing dresses I’ve ever seen! Even better than on the show honestly! Kris is just amazingly talented! Thank you so so much for everything! Lindsay M, Canada

I just received my Amethyst Tear Drop Earrings! They are so pretty and the shipping was super quick.Thanks. Hannah C, Australia

I just received my moonstone Anne earrings. They are so pretty and even nicer than in the picture. Thank you Daniela. Kate A, Australia

I have just received my Anne Boleyn Cream hood and my Catherine/Mary crescent and am delighted with them both. They are stunning, and I am so pleased that they arrived in less than two weeks, given they were coming to Australia. Kris, you are very talented and have definitely found a repeat customer here!! xx to you all!! Emilie R, Australia

I just received my package of earring today and I have to say that they’re beyond beautiful and how I imagined them to be like. Thank you so, so much. And because I’m so happy about them I just placed an order about your necklaces.
Thank you again so much. Ann-Christin, Germany

Just received the Pearl Scroll Set and the topaz drape necklace and matching earrings. Really exquisite – Daniela did a fantastic job! Thanks again! Rachel F, Australia

It is beautiful! Thank you so much! I am so pleased that there are people out there that take artistry and craftsmanship to heart. And to receive it so soon was amazing. Thanks for working with me. Dealing with on line companies can be so unpredictable, and I can say, this was pleasantly so. Michelle B, California

I just wanted to say again my necklace just came in and it was beautiful great craftsmanship, I can’t wait to order my 2 others and the earrings. Daniela is a great artist. Thanks again to Anne Boleyn Files – 5 star website for me!!!! Michelle C, North Carolina

My cream velvet french hood came in yesterday! It is beyond gorgeous. I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is amazing. Can’t wait to show it off on Saturday. Thank you! Venus G, New York

I have three pairs of earrings from Daniela, and they are all gorgeous! The craftsmanship and design is superb, and you feel like you are wearing something really unique, thank you! Lauren M, Australia

I received my order (Anne Boleyn Figure of 8 Earrings, Anne Boleyn Small Diamond Amethyst Earrings) earlier this week and am more than thrilled! Daniela, your work is absolutely gorgeous! Jen, Virginia

Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace, it tied in perfectly with my tudor rose invites and the lovely tudor hall we married in. I received lots of compliments on it and my Dad even mentioned it in his speech!! Its now a precious keepsake that will always remind me of such a special day – and a little Boleyn magic! So thrilled! Eve, UK

I just want to mention that for anyone considering any of the Anne Boleyn files gowns may do so confidently. I have the Pembroke gown in addition to several other items made by Kris and the finest craftsmanship is employed. These gowns are made with high quality material and a “sturdy stitch”. ALSO, to order any of these custom Tudor-style gowns from other sites who offer them will easily run you $500 to $600 US dollars. I praise this very well-rounded online resource for an honest view of Tudor life during the 16th century and for offering such a treasure trove of merchandise. Thank you Thank you 🙂 Tiffaney K, Michigan

Thanks so much for your time in sending the earrings and necklace, my daughter looked beautiful , just like a queen. She recieved many compliments on the jewelry, her wedding was this past Saturday and you made her day very special, keep up the beautiful work. Debbie G, Massachusetts

I just got my necklace in the mail today and i am wow-ed!!! It is so pretty and it looks exactly like the one on the show!!!!!!! Daniela did such a great job i cant even find a word to describe how beautiful it is!!!!! I also want to say thank you again for all your help with this order and how great your site it. Taylor, New Jersey

I received my order for the White and Silver Pearl Earrings and the Emerald Earrings and I adore them both! I have already worn the White and Silver Pearl earrings twice and they make whatever I’m wearing look even more beautiful. The Emerald Earrings are also gorgeous, and will look especially nice at Christmas. I have since placed two orders for more earrings and the Pearl headband, and expect to be ordering more in the future. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my jewelry and how impressed I am with the site in general. Carrie, North Carolina

Thank you!!! It is beautiful. Mayra, Florida

The earrings are just beautiful, and I can’t thank you enough. I will most definitely be ordering something else in the future. Tina, Kentucky

I received my earring and I love them! I have got many compliments at work and in other places! So many people ask me where they can buy them. Kelly, Massachusetts

The necklace has arrived and it is perfect! Eve, UK

I just wanted to let you know that I ended up wearing the Anne Boleyn Ornate Ruby pearldrop necklace yesterday at my prom and I got more compliments on it then my dress! I had to laugh when one of my friends even said that I had the “Queens Jewels!” So, job well done, and thank you for an awesome site! Will you tell Daniela(or as I like to think of her, “The royal jewelry maker of awesomeness and splendor”) that her jewelry was well received? Thanks!:D – Katherine, Texas

I have received my order from Daniela, and I am just delighted. Everything is so beautiful. I especially love the topaz cross, it is even prettier than I expected! – Judy C, Missouri

I have received my Anne Boleyn B Necklace, and I absolutely love it! It is just beautiful. So well made, and it looks great. I will have to order another one for my daughter, as she too is fascinated with Anne. – Judy C, Missouri

OMG !!!
I just received my order!!!!! I ordered : Catherine of Aragon Black Pearl Earrings, Amethyst Renaissance Set, Silver Onyx Set and the Anne Boleyn White and Silver Pearl Drop Earrings. I LOVE THEM ALL!! Thank you SO much!! Beautiful job! I can’t wait to wear them! I am having problems deciding which of all these pieces I a wearing tomorrow! Lol. Thank you very much Daniela and thank you very much Claire! I will be ordering more beautiful pieces! – Natalia C, Canada

Just wanted you to know I got the earrings today and I love each pair – wonderful!!! The dragons have turned out to be the favorite – I feel fierce!! – Susan C, Idaho

Yay!! I received the Anne Boleyn Siam Crystal Earrings today. The earrings are beautiful – Julia P, Chicago

I got my set and it is beauuuuuuuuuutifulllllllllllll I love it you did an amazing wonderful job!!! Thanks so much for your hard work :))) – Jill Ann, Las Vegas

I just got the necklace it’s beautiful like everything Daniela makes – Jeanette M, New York

I got my Pembroke and Execution dresses on Saturday and they are beautiful! The French hoods that came with them are equally beautiful. – Nancy S, New Jersey

The ring I’ve got is so beautiful. I just love this ring! – Lea, Germany

Would like to say thank-you very much for the B necklace. It arrived this morning and is absolutely beautiful. Steve does great work. I will be wearing the necklace when I visit Hever Castle next week. Thanks again for your wonderful service. – Lisa N, UK

Thank you so much for the gorgeous French Hood! It’s truly lovely. It’s a wonderful addition to our collection. – Alan Ayers, PA

Just received the Anne Boleyn Pearl Barrette. It is beautiful! So many compliments today at work. I will be ordering more. Thanks! 🙂 Rachel W, Washington

You can see photos of customers wearing our products at our Customer Photos page.

I just received my tiara and I am THRILLED!!!
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