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This linen tea towel features a design by Tiffini Elektra X based on a vintage engraving of Anne Boleyn.

Classic neutral colours, pure fabric and simple design and styling make these linen towels timeless and functional.

Lint-free and absorbent, these fine linen towels are excellent for covering rising bread dough, drying pots and pans, shining glassware and flatware, dusting and cleaning. A perfect and stylish all-purpose working towel for the kitchen and throughout the home.

  • Soft, absorbent and superb quality, 100% linen tea towels.
  • Hemmed on all four sides with a handy hanging loop.
  • Linen tea towels become softer and more absorbent wash after wash due to their hollow fibres. Linen is also lint-free, so won't leave any bits of fluff on your glassware, and is 30% stronger than cotton, making it lovely and durable for use around the home.
  • Dimensions: measures approx. 42 x 75 cm (16.5" x 29.5"). These towels have not been pre-washed and will have a small amount of shrinkage on the first washing. This is the case with all pure linen.
  • Tartx linen towels continue to increase in absorbency and will become softer with use. They will also maintain their colour integrity wash after wash.
  • Towel Colours Available: White, Oatmeal and Natural linen.
  • Machine wash cold or warm up to 40°C , machine or line dry and iron when needed. Best to iron on the underside whilst damp.
  • Meticulously screen-printed with love by hand using non-toxic, eco-friendly water based textile inks that are soft to the touch and food safe.
  • Waterbased inks are not only better for the environment and for our health, they also get softer with every wash and will not crack over time.
  • Printed in Colorado, USA, and shipped worldwide.

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