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This beautiful, unique and collectible bottle cap necklace features a collage by Tiffini Elektra of a lovely vintage coloured engraving from 1875 showing the costume of Anne Boleyn at the time.

  • The miniature photograph is protected by a durable, archival and flawless resin that safeguards the image from water damage and fading. Rendering the charms completely waterproof.
  • The back of the bottle cap is waterproof and specially printed with a Tudor Rose.
  • The inside of the bottle caps are decorated with gems and glitter.
  • Packaged with care in a lovely velvety gift box.
  • Dimensions: Bottle caps are 1 and 3/16 inch diameter. Made from unused vintage caps with the edges still flared so that they are not sharp.
  • Made in Colorado, USA, and shipped worldwide.
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