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    Anne Boleyn B Necklace

    A handmade replica of Anne Boleyn’s famous B necklace.

    • Made with 8mm glass faux pearls – These are smooth and do not scratch like plastic ones.
    • The length of the necklace is 17 and a half inches.
    • The necklace string is hand-knotted between each pearl for strength and security.
    • 14K gold-plated (on pewter) B pendant – It is about 1 and a half inches long (not including bottom 3 pearls) and 2 inches long including the drop pearls. It is just over an inch wide.
    • Handmade to order in the USA by Sonja and shipped worldwide.
    • Each necklace comes in a pretty drawstring bag.
    • Available in the following options: standard white glass pearl B necklace, hematite (grey coloured) glass pearl B necklace, B pendant only (no necklace) with white or hematite glass drop pearls.

    See “More Details” for photo gallery of options.

    We also have a freshwater pearl edition available – click here for details.

    Please choose carefully from the drop-down menu options.

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    Anne Boleyn B Necklace – Freshwater Pearl edition

    This version of Anne Boleyn’s famous B necklace is handmade with real 8mm freshwater pearls.

    There are two choices of pearls – C grade pearls have a medium lustre and some surface abnormalities. B grade pearls are more round, with a higher lustre and very few surface abnormalities.

    The pearls Sonja uses are hand selected for the least amount of surface abnormalities, and the strand is hand-knotted for strength and security.

    The necklace measures 17 and a half inches in length but can extend to about 20 inches in length using the chain extender. The B pendant is 14K gold-plated pewter and measures 1 and a half inches in length (not including the bottom teardrop pearls), and 2 inches in length when the bottom pearls are included. It is just over an inch wide.
    Freshwater pearls are ordered on receipt of payment (to allow for best quality) and the necklace will typically be sent out about a week after being ordered.

    Because these are real pearls, extra care must be taken with this necklace. Please do not swim or bathe in this necklace. Some perfumes or hair dyes may cause real pearls to look less than their best over time.

    See “More Details” for photos.

    We also offer a faux glass pearl B necklace – click here to details.

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    Price: from $50.00

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