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This all-purpose, comfortable Sheer Jersey cotton scarf features on one end a design by Tiffini Elektra X based on a vintage engraving of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII and on the other end a selection from a love note from Henry to Anne. He wrote "H. aultre A. B. ne cherse R." drawing her intials inside a heart, meaning "Henry seeks AB, no other".

  • 100% sheer jersey cotton, super soft and stretchy unisex scarf.
  • This scarf has raw unfinished edges.
  • Pre-shrunk and laundered. 100% cotton sheer jersey is combed for softness and comfort.
  • Color: Olive Green or Baby Blue color with black ink.
  • Dimensions: 93" x 16" (236cm x 41cm)
  • Screen Printed meticulously with love by hand in Colorado, USA.

Handmade by Tiffini in Colorado, USA, and shipped worldwide.

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