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Without Henry?
January 3, 2011
12:24 pm
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December 5, 2010
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I must admit, the Youtube 'Money, Money, Money' video inspired this, but if they hadn't married Henry, how do think each wife's life would be? If we just assume that Arthur hadn't died, and thus is king, so Henry is still around Court, do you still think he would have had his wives? Or if so, that they'd be the same women? The need for a male heir wouldn't be a problem too…

So, what do you think?

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January 3, 2011
2:44 pm
Georgia, US
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October 31, 2010
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Well, if Arthur had lived then KoA would never have married Henry so she would never have been Hank's first wife.  And KoA would never have submitted to having an affair with Henry so even that wouldn't even have been a possibility.  So the real question is:  Who would have been Henry's first wife?  Instead of a political alliance, he might have been able to find a woman who more keenly fit his tastes.  I doubt he would have been as tyrannical as he wouldn't have had that kind of power, and perhaps he would have been less obsessed with wanting to have a male child.  Although, I think for Henry having a son was the ultimate display of masculinity and he probably still would have wanted a son.  Since he met Anne at court, he may still have had a fling with Anne, though he would never have wielded the power to break from the Church and create his own annulment like he did, so unless he murdered his first wife (by some other means than beheading), then it would have been more difficult for him and Anne to ever marry–so no Elizabeth I and definitely no Mary I.  Since he preferred women who were attractive, Jane Seymour would probably never have caught his eye…so no Edward.  Katherine Howard would probably never have been brought to court to begin with.  Highly unlikely that Anne of Cleves would have even been in the picture.

If she hadn't met Henry, then perhaps Anne could have made the marriage to the Duke of Northumberland work (Henry Percy?  I can't remember his name). 

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January 3, 2011
4:23 pm
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August 2, 2010
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I agree but I definitely think he would have had lots of mistresses, and still would have had Mary and Anne Boleyn. But maybe he would have been married to a lesser Princess of France or somewhere else on the continent.And yes, I too think Anne would have made the marriage to Henry Percy…But KoA would be happily married to Arthur till their deaths, Jane Seymour would have married some lower-rank noble, Anne of Cleves would have stayed in Cleves, Katherine Howard would have also married a noble (and had affairs along the way–perhaps she would have even married Thomas Culpeper or another lover of hers), and Katherine Parr? Well, after her first two marriages I think she would have married Thomas Seymour.

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January 3, 2011
7:05 pm
La Belle Province
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November 18, 2010
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I read somewhere that Henry was destined for a life in the church. Like his great-great uncle Cardinal Beaufort, he propably would have been made a cardinal as an honour to his brother the king of England.


Given Henry's intelligence and charisma…could he have become Pope?? He would still have had lots of lady-freinds to comfort him though.


As for the ladies who became his wives….


KoA would have remained as Arthur's queen


AB  I would have liked her to marry Henry Percy.


JS probably would have married a local landowner though not of high nobility.


AoC would have married a German Lutheran prince.


KH would have married either Dereham or Culpepper as I can't see the Duke of Norfolk trying to find a better match for one of his more insignificant nieces.


KP …since she was left a rich widow, men would have been falling over themselves to marry her. She may well have married Thomas Seymour but there would have been other suitors as well.

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January 4, 2011
5:07 am
Boston, England
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November 23, 2010
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Anyanka said:

I read somewhere that Henry was destined for a life in the church. Like his great-great uncle Cardinal Beaufort, he propably would have been made a cardinal as an honour to his brother the king of England.


Yes i read that Henry was meant to be destined for a life in the church also, although i 'think' that i read somewhere that he was not keen on this idea as he liked court life much better.  I imagine he would as Anyanka said above that he would have eventually been made into a cardinal due to who his brother was. 

Just think that if Henry hadnt of made it to be King, how history would be different !!!  the mind boggles !!!

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January 5, 2011
6:38 am
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June 7, 2010
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Katherine of Aragon: the only one known to history. She would have been Queen. Whether her life would be happier is open to interpretation. I hope she would give Arthur a son and heir. Her position would be secure.

Anne Boleyn: married to a courtier, probably a footnote in history. I am not sure who she would have married, Henry Percy would have been a good choice.

Jane Seymour: married a local landowner or remained unmarried. Under Arthur, England probabaly would remain Catholic, so maybe Jane would enter a nunnery, as was the practice of many noble families.

Anne of Cleves: married a European, Protestant Prince, or remained unmarried.

Katherine Howard: who knows with her. Her life was without guidance or structure. She may have married Francis Dereham, or someone of her uncle's choosing. Although she was not from the prominent Howard line, so her life may have been difficult.

Katherine Parr: wealthy widow, who may have married for love. She would have been smart to remain single, since widows have their freedom of their own choosing.

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January 6, 2011
12:56 pm
Binghamton, NY
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February 24, 2010
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Hopefully Katherine would have stayed happily married for the rest of her life to Arthur.

Henry…Advisor to his brother. Don't know in what capacity..Chancellor maybe. I cannot see him in the Church. Lots of women.   Married to a foreign Princess.

Mary…would have come back from France and had an affair with Henry. Then she would have made a good marriage. Not sure if it would be Carey.

Anne…would not have had an affair with Henry. It just wasn't in her.  I think she would have married Percy.

Jane…I'm not sure that she would have married, but if she did, it would have been to landed gentry.

AoC…Maybe she would have been the one to marry Henry.  Or not!  A nice Protestant Prince, then?

KH…She's still a Howard.  Her Grandmother and Uncle would have seen to it she married someone in their league, provided she didn't marry Dereham first.

KP…After Latimer, she was quite wealthy.  Thomas would have been there.

There would be no Elizabeth, or Mary, or Edward.  It sure would have been different.  Though I'm not sure it would have been better.  I can't imagine the world not knowing Elizabeth.

June 12, 2011
7:34 pm
Mya Elise
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May 16, 2011
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Okay let's see……..

Katherine Of Aragon: Obviously would've remained married to Arthur. And since Arthur was a different Man than Henry, they as a couple may have had a son. Maybe daughters also. Arthur would have mistresses and who knows whether Mary Boleyn could've been a mistress(????)

Anne Boleyn: Probably would have married Percy. Maybe Wyatt? No not Wyatt, Percy definatley. She would've lived a longer and possibly happier life, might've had sons and daughters, no Elizabeth though sadly.


Jane Seymour: Umm i hardly know anything about Jane. Her father would've made her marry a noble man. I heard that Henry was friends with Jane's father back when they were in war so maybe Arthur would've still been friends with the Seymours and arranged for Jane to marry a really high man in favor. Maybe had Jane as a mistress(???)


AnneOfCleves: Married some German man. I honestly know nothing of Anne other than she was German and was married to Henry.


Katherine Howard: Who knows! She was a wild card so maybe she would've married Francis or Culpepper. She would of done whatever her family (cough Uncle!) told her to do so honestly i have no idea what little Katherine would've done other than not been beheaded!


Catherine Parr: I agree she might've married Thomas Seymour or stayed single.

• Grumble all you like, this is how it’s going to be.

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