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What do you like and dislike about the Six Wives?
August 14, 2011
1:17 pm
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August 6, 2011
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I was wondering, what are your favorite traits of the six wives? And with that, what are your favorite traits that they possessed? This came to my head when I posted on the “Least Favorite Wife” thread and I bashed Jane Seymour. After that, I thought to myself, “Well, even if she wasn't the sweet little dove she pretended to be, at least she managed to keep that mask on and was beloved by most!” 


Katherine of Aragon – She was extremely brave and courageous and she never backed down. I love that she fought for her daughter's rights and that she stood up to Henry! And even though she was a foreign princess, she did win that hearts of the English people!……… But, what I don't like is her stubbornness. I feel that is she had signed the divorce paper/agreed to the annulment that her daughter's life would've been easier.  

Anne Boleyn – Anne is a tough one, but I'd have to say her intelligence and wit. I like that even though she wasn't a typical English Rose, that she managed to make H8 fall in love with her. Also, she was so brave during her imprisonment and at her execution, too. (Even Chapuys admitted that she was brave!) Anne Boleyn seemed like a person that is hard to put into words!……But I totally and completely dislike the way she treated Mary and Catherine of Aragon, but it was just her temper speaking. Still, I digress.

Jane Seymour – Now, she not my particular favorite of the six wives, but she did play the king like a fiddle and got away with it (Not that that's exactly a good thing, but she managed to keep her head/not get divorced!) She also won the affection of Mary, which seems like a hard thing to do! Also, and it kills me to admit this, she played the same game as Anne, but played it better…. My least favorite trait of Jane's would be that she stepped over Anne's dead, headless, body to get her crown. 

Anne of ClevesAoC seems like she was treated unfairly by Henry and history. She wasn't ugly (or is that just my own opinion?) she probably just wasn't Henry's vision of beauty or an English Rose. Anne managed to make the best of her situation and although she seems so sweet! I imagine she would've made a good queen, if she had been on the throne longer. I admire her survival instinct, and that she accepted the divorce……. I do not really have a least favorite trait for AoC, probably because I do not know too much about her character other than she was reserved and introverted.

Catherine Howard –  Although I admit, she was too young to make a good Queen or wife, she seemed like a kind (I do believe she tried to befriend Elizabeth) and passionate person. I cannot blame her for having an affair and being played by the men at court. I feel more pity for her than admiration, but she was so young and died in such a sad way!……..What I don't like about Kitty is that she fell into the trap's of court and she actually had an affair, but she was young, so I cannot entirely blame her. 

Katherine Parr – She was one of the most intelligent women of her time, and was a published author! That's quite an accomplishment! I love that she was kind to all her step-children and became a mother-like figure to them. She also showed great tenacity during the whole Thomas Seymour/Elizabeth scandal…..But despite her tenaciousness, she did sort of endorse the flirtatious behavior between her husband and her step-daughter, (The gown-slashing incident!)

What do all of you think?

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August 14, 2011
9:55 pm
Mya Elise
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May 16, 2011
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Okay, let's see.

Catherine of Aragon – I did admire how she stayed true to herself even when she was constantly being bullied around. She also fought for her child, Catherine didn't want to see her only surviving child dubbed a bastard. Despite that though, i agree that if she had backed down maybe Mary's would have been easier.

Anne Boleyn – I love love love her odd sense of humor. I liked that she was intelligent also. And the fact that she fought for what she thought was right. I really admire her when she died with dignity despite her knowing she was dying for no reason. I also agree that some of her actions towards Mary & Catherine were harsh and not needed.

Jane S – My least favorite wife…ahhh what nice to say? ; ) Um i liked that she got Mary in good graces w/Henry, and Elizabeth too. I'd also wanna say congrats to her for not living long enough for the King to turn on her.

Anna of Cleves – I agree she was treated unfairly. I'm glad she survived Henry and lived peacefully.

K Howard – All Kathryn wanted was to be young,wild,& be pampered. Becoming Queen from nothing at her age was a big mistake. She didn't know the seriousness of her role. I blame Culpepper and who ever put Kathryn in the King's way.

Catherine Parr – I loved how she managed to put her step daughters into the line of succesion. She was very kind to the old, grumpy, and hurt King too. I also am proud she became an author too…very impressive.

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August 15, 2011
5:38 am
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June 7, 2010
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KOA: great lady, respected and beloved of her people, kind, deeply passionate about her family and beliefs. Stood up for what she believed in and did not back down in the face of opposition… She could be too proud and haughty, but that probably came from being a princess.

AB: intelligent and witty. She took on a King and court. She was unafraid in the face of her enemies. She loved her family above all others and did what she could to protect them before death… I cannot defend her treatment of Mary, and she seems at times unncessarly cruel and callous.

JS: kind, brave, and successfully brought Mary back into Henry's affection. She played the best game of Henry's wives and won. I cannot hate her or fault her… I believe there is more to Jane than meets the eye, and she was a power hungry as her brothers.

AC: I love this woman. She seemed kind, considerate, beloved of all Henry's children, and won the affection of Henry, too….I cannot find anything I dislike about this woman.

CH: I like her love of life, easygoing manner, and her passionate nature… I dislike her nativity, immaturity, and lack of forethought.

CP: passionate, intelligent, and kind. She created a real family unit of H8 when he needed it the most… I dislike her complicity is Seymour's treatment of the young E. She was Elizabeth's guardian and she should have protected her.

"By daily proof you shall find me to be to you both loving and kind" Anne Boleyn

February 18, 2012
2:40 pm
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May 7, 2010
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Katherine – I admire her strength of character. She was treated badly when Arthur died but she weathered all she had to suffer. She had her time in the spotlight and was loved by the people. She was dutiful, for example her 'ease' in loving Henry when he became her husband when originally she had come to England to 'love' Arthur. Basically she 'loved' where she was told. She took up the baton and ran with it. She tried ocntinually to do her duty as both she and Henry saw it, to provide an heir even when her body must have been tired and weary. I agree that her refusal to be written off damaged her daughter and sadly for a woman who was so devoted to her religion it was her actions which actually brought about the changes she would never have imagined or been able to live with.

Anne – I think there is much we do not know about Anne. (Well there is much we do not know about all the characters of the time obviously) but I mean there was/is more to Anne, Anne and Henry, her rise and fall. We have been fed the story of a great love affair which she may not have been wholeheartedly involved in initially but which she did eventually embrace fully. I think there is more to know still and that she was an incredible woman of her time. Of all the wives she is the one I would want to socialise with, talk with, share with. Her only failing I can see would be her temper. I think if I could ever have given her any advice it would have been the old chestnut about being careful who you kick on the way up etcetera

Jane – IMO got in over her head very quickly. She thought to bring Henry back to the church and to Katherine then found herself being brought into the limelight. I do not believe it was ever her aim, or that of her family initially, to gain the crown. I think she meant to be a channel for Henry's good, to bring him back to Mary, to show him how blessed he was. I think she was a nurturing type of female who suddenly found herself misunderstood by the King and next thing she knows she is in the great bed with this rather, by then, unattractive man. Her only hope being to provide and heir. Jane was a doormat really who should have thought things through more before she jumped.

Anne of Cleves – Did better than any of the others. She escaped an unhappy home life, domineering brother etc. She was so lucky that she did not tickle Henry's fancy but at that time I don't think anyone would have. He had gone through a devoted and truly regal wife, a hot headed, exciting bit of stuff who came nearest to treating him like an equal in many ways and a calm housewife type who shut her mouth when told and gave him the desired male child. By the time Anne arrived in her outlandish outfit he didn't really know what he wanted, he was jaded. I like Anne and love the fact she survived it all and had a good relationship with Henry and his children to the end. My only criticism of her is that she should have sensed immediately on seeing the ladies who met her from the court when she arrived here that her clothes were not going to do it and had at least a couple of more acceptable outfits in her wardrobe immediately – but then things may not have gone so well for her…

Katheryn Howard – I feel sorry she died. I feel sorry she was used by others who cared little for her. I do not feel sorry for her because of her age. She was not a poor young thing. Yes she was young compared to Henry but many girls of her age were married, were mothers, were running households. I do not think her age excuses her the stupidity she showed as she 'played' at being queen with pretty gowns and bright jewels.

Catherine Parr – an intelligent woman but one who always had her eye on the main chance I think. Being a woman may have given her few choices but once a widow she could make some decisions for herself. She married Henry because it would she felt give her some power to push her religious ideals. I do not subscribe to the 'was in love with Thomas Seymour and he with her' train of thought. I think she was a woman who needed to be married and if Thomas had wed someone else whilst she was with the king she would have had another husband without much mourning. Intelligent yes but a needy woman who liked to be a bit of a martyr I always feel.

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