19 January 1547 – Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, is executed

Posted By on January 19, 2017

On this day in history, 19th January 1547, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Tudor poet, courtier and soldier, was executed by beheading on Tower Hill.

Surrey was the son of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, and so was the cousin of Queens Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. He was laid to rest at All Hallows-by-the-Tower (All Hallows Barking), but then moved by his son, Henry, Earl of Northampton, in 1614 to a tomb in the family church, St Michael’s at Framlingham.

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Two weeks until The Life of Anne Boleyn course launches

Posted By on January 16, 2017

And now for a shameless plug – it is my blog after all! My new online course “The Life of Anne Boleyn” launches on 30th January, in just two weeks!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently on this blog and social media because I’ve been busy recording the video lessons for the course. It’s quite a challenge when you have pets. Our kittens keep trying to get their 15 seconds of fame by walking across the camera and then our dogs will suddenly bark at something or decide that they want some attention too! Then there are the fits of giggles I sometimes have or all of the saliva suddenly disappearing from my mouth and leaving me unable to get a word out! I’m getting there, though!

“The Life of Anne Boleyn” is completely online. It comprises video lessons with downloadable audio and transcripts, quizzes after each module, a bibliography and further reading list, and resources which I think will be helpful for you. It is open internationally, and participants have lifetime access so you can start it and finish it whenever you like. It’s available to purchase now from MedievalCourses.com at a special pre-order price of $35 (RRP $75), and each participant receives the audiobook version of my book The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown.

There may actually be more than 15 video lessons as I just can’t stop talking about Anne Boleyn! The late historian Eric Ives once said at a talk that he could talk about Anne Boleyn “until the cows come home” and I’m exactly like that. You just can’t shut me up! I’m enjoying them so much, and I hope you do too. You can find out more about the course at https://medievalcourses.com/overview/life-anne-boleyn-mc06/ and you can use discount code ABPRE to sign up for $35.

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New history books on queens and queenship

As if we haven’t already got enough on our “to read lists, 2016 ended and 2017 began with the releases of more books that look as if they are must-reads for anyone interested in the lives of medieval and Tudor queens. I suppose there are worse ways to ‘go’ than being drowned by books! Huge […]

15 January 1559 – Elizabeth I is crowned

On this day in history, 15th January 1559, Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was crowned queen by Owen Oglethorpe, Bishop of Carlisle, at Westminster Abbey. Diarist Henry Machyn recorded: “The xv day was the crounasyon [coronation] of quen Elsabeth at Westmynster abbay, and theyr all the trumpettes, and knyghtes, and […]

Friday 13th

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9 January 1514 – Death of Anne of Brittany

9 January 1514 – Death of Anne of Brittany

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Epiphany and a royal wedding

Epiphany and a royal wedding

Today, 6th January, is Epiphany, the feast day celebrating the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child, and a day which brought the Twelve Days of Christmas to a close in medieval and Tudor England. Epiphany at the royal court was celebrated with feasting and pageantry, and you can find out all about it […]